(A Handbook for Young EcoHeroes)
By Steve "Trash"
"Steve 'Trash'? His name is really Trash?" Chris asked with great expression.
"Yes, it is really his name," I answered.
"Cool," Chris was impressed.
Chris was introduced to the wonderful world of magic by our own mike Rhodes two years ago. He has been an enthusiastic environmentalist since age 3. He has now found a hero. Steve Trash.

Steve has given his life to inform and educate kids to care for their Mother - Mother Earth that is. He does this through his unique style and MAGIC. He has traveled worldwide performing magic and talking about ecology and the environment. His magic acts have as their center - trash. Even his clothes sport the wonderful treasures, of the dumpster! And he has brought this wonderful information to the printed page.

Through his manual Chris has learned many of the magic tricks that Steve uses. Chris is able to understand most of the instructions (the book is written for older children). By using illustrations, good humor and wit, kids learn intricate magical tricks. They also learn about recycling and ecology.

What more could Chris ask for in a role model? He is hooked. Steve's book hasn't left Chris' side for quite a while. He is practicing each magic act to its perfection. (Perfection by 7 year old standards!) His props are easily found in recycling bins, junk drawers, and at home, especially in his bedroom!

Steve helps to build the self confidence of these impressionable kids by sharing this very special talent with them. They now have a fun way of sharing their knowledge and respect of our planet. They also have a new guru. A tall man with long blonde hair who wears an old top hat and tails with his torn jeans and junkyard treasures pinned to any place that is pinable!

Contact Steve to have him perform for your school district or local fairs and events. Do it for your kids and do it for our planet. Hopefully Steve will be out in Southern California again soon. Chris, his biggest fan, wants to meet him.

To order "The Magic of Ecology"or for more information, call Steve at (310) 692-1193, or write to: The Trash Factory, 975 Old Dirt Road, Spruce Pine, Alabama 35585


Starring Dennis Quaid and Sean Connery
We drove up to Chris' house to pick him up for the show. Not only was this a movie he really wanted to see, it was to be his first movie review.

He was out on the sidewalk - pacing back and forth. He was dressed in a "Dragonheart" t-shirt and shorts. As I pulled up, he ran to the car, waving a piece of cardboard. "Look Grandma, I have the knight's oath."

The review in Chris' own words:
This movie is about the last dragon. Draco is really cool. He is a good dragon that tries to help people. Most people were afraid because dragons are so big and breathe fire. The king was mean and told lies. When the king was dying, Draco gave him half of his own heart so he would live. Draco thought the king would then be good. But he wasn't good. He killed people and didn't care about anyone. I wouldn't want to live back then, even though I like dragons. I like living now because of the King of the Bible.

This movie helps you to see, not to judge people, before you get to know them. I don't know if there were dragons for real. Maybe they are real if you believe hard enough.

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