The Ho' omaka (initiate) had been laid out on a long solid block of lava rock. All around the lava rock were kukai nut oil lamps that provided light for the five Kahuna to do their work. As the initiate lay there, the Kahuna massaged him for what seemed like days. As they worked, their chants reverberated into the night:

"Kau ka halia, i ka manuawa,
He hiamue kou. Ho ala ana oe, o oe,
a O halua lani o hua ka lei
He me manu e, e knai nei . . . "

As the initiation continued, the images came flooding back. He remembered a time long ago. He remembered!

The days of The Order of lo had come to an end. The soldiers of Pa'ao had arrived, and were hunting everyone of the old order and burning their temples. In this time, as he remembered, was a young Kahuna, and as he hid, he sensed his doom. Even though the soldiers of Pa'ao were all around, he managed to survive through the night. As the sun rose, the Pohaku O Kane (the stone images of the Creator of the universe) had laid themselves down. None were broken or damaged. And as he remembered, the sadness came flooding back, then the tears. The perfect time, that idyllic time of love, peace and happiness was over.

The Ho 'omaka awoke to the face of the kindly old Kahuna smiling down on him. She said, "Welcome back." He said, "We weren't the first. I remembered when we were here before. It was a time when we all lived in harmony. " "Yes, in the ancient times it was so. Those times are gone now, but they will return," she said. "Why did it end?" he asked. "Everything moves in cycles. The time of balance was over long ago. We are now in a time of imbalance, a time of extremes. But the balanced times will return. It is predicted. They will return."

Huna is as old as 35,000 years, and is the original art and science of healing and spiritual development of the Hawaiian people. All that remains of the ancient continent are the mountain peaks that now form Hawaii. It is believed that the continent disappeared long after the original teachings of the peoples of the earth were codified and were spread out all over the world. For a long time prior to 750 A.D., there flourished a system of personal development, healing, and spiritual discipline that was known by "everyone." The information was so prominent that it wasn't organized or formally taught, and just formed the background of "how it was" in the world.

In Hawaii, this teaching was originally called Ho'omana, "to make Mana or life force energy." The people who practiced these teachings and techniques of empowerment knew that all power and all life force emanated from the One, the source of all - all life - all energy - which in Hawaii was called 'lo'. The purpose of the original teaching was, and is to learn the ways to increase life force energy.

Around the world today only remnants of this system survive. A wave began to sweep around the planet several thousands of years B.C., in an attempt to destroy the balanced systems - to destroy and eradicate the original teachings. In Hawaii, the original teachings were hidden in the chants and Hula of the Ancient Ones. During this period, they went underground and have waited, hidden, for a long, long time.

Change began in 1979 with me passing of the Native American Religious Freedoms Act. It wasn't until 1989 that we believe the final law against the practice of the ancient ways was repealed. But it was predicted that this would happen. Today, the entire planet is experiencing a revival of the old teachings, where once again we will experience the return of the balanced systems of teachings.

Any teaching or training in esoteric studies should increase positive character traits in the student. Above all, it should bring increasing balance of body, mind and spirit. The result of any esoteric study should then bring into balance physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects to produce the stability that comes from having symmetry and harmony in life. Huna offers several teachings and techniques to assist and guide the initiate.

Throughout the world, the ancient teachings agree any Kahuna, Shamanistic or magical discipline requires that the Kahuna be able to enter an altered state rapidely at will. In Hawaiian, the word Na means "quiet, calm, centered." This ability is necessary, but it is just the first step.

The Kahuna lived in a state of active meditation called Hakalau. One meaning of Hakalau is "to stare at, as in meditation, and to allow to spread out." This is a real eye opened Try it.

Hakalau is the means in the Hawaiian system for entering a rapid trance state at will. In our Huna Intersive Trainings, we suggest to the Haumana (students) that they use this technique inside and outside of class, all the time, until it becomes automatic. This is the state you can be in as you go from place to place, in all of your activities. And as you do it more and more, you will also find that it is impossible to hold a negative state in consciousness when you are in peripheral vision.

Learning the ways of the ancient ones holds much promise for healing, harmony and happiness in modern times. Huna offers several methods to clear and heal intrapersonally and interpersonally. It offers ways to renew, maintain and direct "Mana" or life force energy. Huna also offers guidance to connect with and live your purpose, your magnificence, and the elemental forces of nature while living in harmony with the environment and other living things. We encourage your continued curiosity, study and discovery of all the richness that this ancient wisdom offers. Techniques for modern application are available today for easy integration into everyday life. We invite you to be a part of this healing resurgence that is sweeping the planet.

Tad lames, M.S., Ph.D., and Ardie James are two of the most knowledgeable and dynamic international teachers in the field of Accelerated Human Change Technology. Tad is a Certified Master Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) - creator of Time Line Therapy (tm) techniques, President of the American Institute of Hypnotherapy, and Director of Training and Research for Advanced Neuro Dynamics, Inc. Ardie is a Certified NLP Trainer and President of the Time Line Therapy Association. Together, they are accomplished authors and respected teachers of the healing and Shamanistic science of Hawaiian Huna.

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