BY: Jenny T. Liu, MA


Alicia is a sophisticated, attractive and eligible woman. One would never guess that she is still single and in her mid- thirties. She enjoys her career, makes a good income, drives a nice car and lives comfortably. However, she has no luck in romance and is lonely without a partner in life. Her relationships never last very long. She has tried very hard to find a husband without any result. At the end of her rope, she wonders if her house's feng shui has anything to do with it. She asks me if feng shui affects love and if there are houses that create loneliness.

A house's feng shui can influence its resident's love relationships. However, the effects vary in different houses. Nonetheless, there are some general characteristics that create single or lonely people such as life long bachelors and bachelorettes or widows and widowers.

Houses that sit on a slope where the left hand and right hand sides are not even causes an imbalance of masculine (yang) and feminine (yin) energies respectively. When the masculine side is lower, these energies tend to descend or have nothing to contain it. This balances the energies in favor of the feminine side or the female of the house. The results of the residents are stronger females who are dominant and weaker males who find it hard to excel here. Vice-versa. Similarly, living in a house located on a hill top, in a basin, at the end of an alley, or in a high-rise, all lack yin and yang energies. This makes for short relationships and loneliness.

Also, depending on what year you are born, your house or bedroom may "sit" in a certain direction that places you in a frequency that causes difficulty attracting the opposite sex and getting married. For example, if you are born in the year of the ox and your house or bedroom "sits" in the "ying" direction (between 52 to 67 degrees of north); or if you are a dragon and your house or bedroom "sits" in the "si" direction (between 142 to 157 degrees north); or if you are a sheep and your house or bedroom "sits" in the "shen" direction (between 232 to 247 degrees north), being in these frequencies may be causing you difficulty in finding a mate.

We must look at a person's birth chart. Sometimes, it is their own frequencies that are not compatible with the opposite sex so that it is hard for them to have relationships. The Chinese birth chart or "ba zi" (literally translates to mean eight numbers) is a statistical record calculated from the eight numbers from the day, month year and time of your birth. It is similar to an astrological chart that tells you what position the stars and planets are in at your specific time of birth and how their energies affect your life cycle. The information is highly accurate for those who know how to read it. However, the effect it has on you is minimal because it is still only one of the 30 factors that influence your life. It may be your personality, your background, your culture, your career, your attitude or your health that makes it hard for you in finding a partner. So, it is important for us to look at as many factors as possible in both the person and their environment.

Usually a person settles down in a place where they feel most comfortable and secure, where the house's energies or chi is similar to their own. Very often, it is the person, who by nature have difficulty with relationships that live in a house where the feng shui creates loneliness or singularity. Also, most of us do not realize that the house can affect our love life and we do not select our houses according to feng shui.

Alicias's birth chart indicates that her connection with men is weak. Although men do pursue her, it is usually very superficial. She is innately a strong-minded and independent person. Because of this nature, it is not surprising that she finds herself most comfortable in a house that sits on a hillside where the left side is lower than the right side, where male energies are weak. She also sleeps in a direction that aligns her with frequencies that are very positive for career. Thus, her energies are focused and stronger for her career than her love life.

Consequently, being beautiful and wealthy do not always guarantee that one will have love in their life and easily find a spouse. Sometimes, successful relationships also depend on how well you understand the type of energies you possess and how the energies of your environment affect you. Then, you can realize how to best adjust yourself or you feng shui to create frequencies that are conducive to love.

Feng Shui is passed down from generation to generation. As daughter and disciple of Master Liu Chi Jen, Jenny has grown up being exposed to feng shui at a very young age. Working alongside her father and learning from Chinese texts, she has first-hand experience in feng shui. Together they have more than twenty years of experience in consulting. Jenny has a BA degree in Environmental Design from UC Berkeley and a MA in Architecture from UCLA. Having done her master's thesis on feng shui, she is currently writing a book on the subject to promote this natural way of living for the benefit of mankind.

If you would like to learn more, contact Jenny at (818) 282- 9829 or write to 300 N. Marengo Ave., Alhambra, CA 91801. Or, send her an E-MAIL

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