By David B. Bolen, II
World renowned David Bolen continues to share his insights with us in his latest book, "How You See It, How You Don't." Fresh on the heels of "The Essence of Living," Bolen takes us further along the road to personal development, spirituality, and self actualization.

In his work with people throughout the world, David has found a common denominator keeping people from creating the life they want. The essential factor is belief. This is compounded when our beliefs are conflicting. The result of this conflict is self sabotage. Bolen states that the most difficult challenge in life is letting go of our attachments to those things that often bring us discomfort or pain. He goes on to say that it is our individual responsibility to exploit the power of our intellect to produce the emotional results we want.

Once we have learned which of our beliefs work for us and which make our life more difficult, we have the opportunity to fulfill our life's purpose. When we acknowledge our own possibilities, our lives will become enriched. Our rewards come when we focus on the beliefs that help us.

The journey Bolen invites us on is attainable. The road does not have to be difficult and lengthy. Somewhere in your life a miracle waits patiently for your next belief!"

Published by Nevm Verity Publishing, this book is available for $11.95 at your local bookstore, or by calling (800) 683-7489.


By Frederick S. Brown
When it comes to money, could you use a new perspective? Are your finances part of what is out of balance in your life? If you can answer yes, then you will find some unique solutions in "Money and Spirit."

Fred Brown has a strong background in finance. He was following in his father's footsteps on the road to Wall Street. When his father died as a result of the lifestyle of a stockbroker, Fred's perspective on money quickly changed. He studied the writings of Edgar Cayce, which lead him on a spiritual quest that gave him a whole new direction in perceiving money.

"Money and Spirit" is Fred's approach to making the money and spirit connection. He believes the most effective way to change people's negative attitudes is to have them examine their fears and finances in light of their higher purposes. In a step by step guide, he gives details on every aspect of finances in a person's life from management, savings, spending, insurance, taxes, etc. He does this through explanation, case examples and directed exercises. "Money and Spirit" is a resource and workbook. The end result is for you to be the one in control of your financial situation.

Published by A.Pe.E. Press (International), this book is available at $12.95 by writing to P.0. Box 656, Virginia Peach, VA 23451-0656.


Angelic Self Help
By E.A. Terry
Former pharmacist and executive advertiser, E.A. Terry, has had a very special call literally. Her years of spirituality and meditation led her to a state of consciousness that put her in contact with angels. Although there has been a multitude of reports of angel incidents and phenomena, Terry's is unique.

Many people have called out help. The angels have called back. In fact 72 of them have appeared to the author. In "Call An Angel" we are introduced to each of them. We are given their names, functions and even beautiful art work showing how each looks.

Terry tells us that the angels do hear our silent cries. And they are able to respond. We are told how to contact them and how to know when they have intervened or answered. She tells us of the gifts and the messages to humanity that each of the 72 angels has for us.

I found myself fascinated and drawn in as I read of each angel. I could almost feel a wisp of angel wings caress my cheek as I lightly ran my finger over the lovely illustrations. This book seems to have a magic power of its own.

If you would like to call a friend who will care and help, you now have a direct line. Call an angel.

Published by: In The Company of Angels, this book is available for $23.95 from New Leaf Distributing, 109 Oxford Drive, #1, Branson, MO 65616-3455, or call (800) 994-5652


A Zen Master's Lessons: in Living A Life that Matters
By Bernard Glassman & Rick Fields
Bernard Glassman is one of the most noted figures in American Buddhism. He is the founder of Greyston Foundation. The people involved with this foundation have the common mission of transforming their community by empowering individuals to lead lives of self sufficiency. His wisdom works.

"Instructions to the Cook" caught me off guard. I expected the other world, spiritual dimension, and the heck with material life kind of book. What I received was a down to earth, bottom line, and feet on the ground hope and encouragement for myself and for society.

Glassman writes in metaphor style. He utilizes the steps and attitudes embraced by Zen cooks. Like a good cook, we learn to make a wonderful meal out of our lives by using the raw materials we have on hand. This takes us from change in attitude all the way to founding and operating major business endeavors.

The concept of creating businesses that employ and train the currently unemployed and homeless is an undisputed desire of most people. The jobs elevate the community. The people elevate their own opinions of their self worth. Everyone wins. If the book just presented a hypothetical circumstance, we could easily write it off as idealistic.

True to his character, Glassman has written these concepts after the fact. Greyston Bakery is a 3.5 million dollar industry providing employment for more than 200 impoverished people. Greyston family Inn provides housing, child care and career and drug counseling to homeless families. Greyston Health Services is an AIDS hospice scheduled to open in 1997.

I am encouraged. Social action has a manual. It is called "Instructions to the Cook."

Published by Bell Tower Publications, this book is available for $20.00 at your local bookstore.


The Secrets of Staying Young
By Nina Anderson and Howard Peiper
Illustrated by Richard Vail
We of the Boomer Generation are turning 50! I don't like to think about it. So I have spent the last five years reading up on how to stay healthy. Naturally when "Over 50 Looking 30" arrived, the title got my immediate attention. Then one particular sentence jumped out at me. Passing time does not mean you have to be old.

To effectively reach the boomers, a concept has to get our attention, make sense and most importantly, be doable. The authors have met all the requirements. We are hit with the simple knowledge that our own choices are responsible for what is building us up or tearing us down. The good news is - we have a choice!

Your own needs may be as simple as needing a few mineral supplements, or as great as needing an entire lifestyle change. Wherever you are on the health and aging continuum, you will find answers in this book. Put into practice, we need never fear "50" again .

Published by Safe Goods, this book is available at your local bookstores, or by calling (800) 903-3837.


Living, teaming and Healing
By Heidi von Beltz
with Peter Copeland
Heidi von Beltz, at age 25, was a person that men and women admired - confident, successful, intelligent, healthy, fit and beautiful. She was a stunt double for Farrah Fawcett filming the movie, Cannonball Run. A stunt gone wrong (caused by negli- gence on the part of the studio) changed her life forever. The force of the impact drove her arm into her neck shattering two vertebrae. Her head flopped heavily onto her back. She felt her entire body shut down, then lost consciousness.

"My Soul Purpose" is not a story of tragedy. It is a witty, profound and humorous look into the life of someone who has and continues to make life work. Heidi is a whole person in every sense of the word. She name drops, gossips, struggles, laughs and cries through the pages. We are along for the ride. Heidi is in the driver's seat.

After I read the book, I saw Heidi being interviewed on the AT channel. I was pleased to see that the strong person portrayed in the book is real. Her presence on camera is something that cannot be ignored. She speaks with conviction and empathy. Her current cause is to bring awareness of the treatment for spinal injury recovery. The medical profession would have had her believe that life was over. They told her she had nothing to look forward to except death. With the support of her family, friends and health practitioners, she proved the medical profession wrong. She firmly believes others can also progress. You can't argue with living proof!

If you would like the inspiration to overcome anything in your life, especially those things that seen hopeless and impossible, read "My Soul Purpose." If someone out there reading this is a movie producer, my suggestion would be to take a break from the sensationalistic trash that we don't need to watch, and make this book into a movie. It is real courage with a real message. Our society needs to see it.

Her struggle has been long and hard. Now she is a 37 year old person whom men and women admire - confident, successful, intelligent, healthy, fit and beautiful.

Published by Random House, this book is available for X24.00 at your local bookstore.


Your Guide to A Clear Mind - Optimum Energy -
A Deep Sense of Inner WellBeing
By Roger Wendorf

When I flipped through this Ups of "Moment by Moment," I knew ahead of time that the sight of the few words per page was purposefully written. It is a writing style that only works when the content is worthy of the technique. "Moment by Moment" is worthy.

Roger Wendorf is an educated, successful person. His success did not hinder his pursuit of a lifelong dream to seek a path of "inner happiness". An 81/2 by 11 black and white photo of Roger was included in the public relations packet sent to me. This is a common practice, which I appreciate. In Roger's case, if it were the only item in the packet, it would have been enough. I saw a human being with intensity and commitment etched in every cell of his face. His being resonates with the power and majesty of the natural surroundings behind him. You can read this picture. It is no wonder that when you read his book, you can hear his words.

It is hard to pick out a small portion to quote. His writing penetrates your mind, heart soul. Here is a small example:

"A little worry
some depression
and before you know it
you've let your
greatest treasure
pass by
The moments of your life. "

Today most medical, health and spiritual professionals are encouraging people to practice daily meditation. "Moment by Moment" offers a guide to a 20 minute meditation that is a pearl of great price. It is a meditation that incorporates mind, body, spirit into a process of release and change. It does more than quiet your mind and relax your body. It effects a t profound change in the core of your being.,

Roger Wendorf is working on a second book, as well as a lecture tour. Watch for him I know I am going to.

Published by Heaven on Earth Publishing, this book is available for $12.95 by writing to P.O. Box 433, Santa Barbara, CA 93102.

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