Christo’s Indigenous Drums
Create Communities with ‘Good Vibrations’!
By Kay Walburger



Ecstatic feelings of bliss vibrate around the group experiencing Christo’s mystical and magical indigenous drums! Christo says, “Gathering people together to share a fun musical experience is powerful. Something uplifting happens when we come together in a sense of community ... _expression through drumming and rhythm. We create a special type of magic when communicating through a rhythm language, compelling us to tune into each other in a new exciting manner. This collaboration re-powers us to unify our individual talents.”

My Soul Path began Early in My Childhood!
“When I was a kid we lived really far into the country and we didn’t have music stores around for me to explore. Nevertheless, I developed a great interest in drumming from hearing my brothers playing Rock n Roll records like Elvis, Fats Domino, and Little Richard. I got really into the drum thing!” remembers, Christo.

“One day I decided to go into the woods and carve two drum sticks out of tree branches. I then created a really great coffee can, pots, and pans drum kit! It was really ‘cool!’ I had lids suspended and cans filled with different stuff to make a variety of sounds and tones. I was about nine years old at that time. For several years I mystified my mom with my obsession with drumming. I could not tell her that it was something primitive in my soul and I had to do it!

“At age 12 I decided to buy a ‘real’ drum set, so I got a paper route and took four years to pay it off, but I still have the drums to this day! I started to study with a man who had a “drum and bugle core” in our area. My brother-in-law was taking guitar lessons in a music shop near my teacher and we drove almost 40 miles for our lessons.

“I was a quick learner and after only one year my teaches invited me to join his elite Drum & Bugle Core, but my heart belonged to Rock ‘n Roll! At that time Garage Bands were the coolest things in the world!

“I jumped into playing rock ‘n roll at age 13 at school dances and parties. By age 16, I was playing bigger events and continued my career touring all through my college days at Penn State. There I got involved with The Folklore Society and played the coffeehouse circuit. I was often producing my own events as well, and events are still my thing to this day.

“After finishing school I toured for awhile and ended up in Washington, DC playing in country bands, as well as other kinds of bands and styles of music. I came to California next, and got on the circuit here where I became ‘A Rock ‘n Roll Star’ playing drums for Air Supply! I was their touring drummer for a couple of years on a World Rock Concert Trek!

“My spirit was calling me to something more. Never stuck in one style of drumming, my interests took me into hand drumming ethnic rhythms — playing on Congas, Djembe, Doumbecs, Darbukas, Tabla, Udu, and other hand instruments. I studied well enough to authenticate each style and started to create my own rhythms.

“I felt I was being guided to transcend the so-called ‘bag’ of traditional stuff and to blend a new sound from all cultures — New Cross Rhythm. I have tremendous respect and reverence for the energy of all rhythms and styles of drums and drumming, yet I feel the excitement of a new inspirited blending of these great styles which create a multi-cultural and compassionate space for all humanity to enjoy!”

Partial List of Groups Creating Community with Christo’s Assistance

The Rhythmic Arts Project is meant to enhance existing therapeutic modalities. By integrating drums and percussion into proven methods of healing and teaching, this innovation has spawned a new and enjoyable learning curve. A fresh way to help people with disabilities and recovery.

We utilize a series of group experiential activities involving Tama-DoTM Vibrational Healing, Drumming, Movement, Vocal Overtoning, Breathing and Meditation, Color, and Rhythm Awareness exercises. Participants experience powerful bio-resonating sounds from crystal and seven metal singing bowls, gongs, tuning forks, and the Monochorde, which enhance personal and group awareness of vibrational energies transformation.

Our programs allow an opportunity for people to learn effective and fun ways to communicate, express feelings, dissolve stress, and resolve conflict in working toward a shared desired outcome.

Young people love to express themselves with rhythm instruments and songs. Our programs promote self-esteem, mutual respect, and team spirit. We encourage and facilitate an interactive, supportive atmosphere, and promote sharing and FUN! Hand percussion instruments are provided for all participants. Programs can be held during or after school.

Heart Rhythms
Outreach Programs
Heart Rhythms, in affiliation with Hearts Giving Hope, organized a holiday Hearts & Crafts Faire sponsored by the Nehemiah Project, a collaborative of inner-city Lutheran churches providing resources to at-risk youth. An upcoming fundraiser to provide music education and resources for the benefit of children at the Orangewood Children’s Home will be held on September in Irvine, CA
We are continuing our efforts to organize and produce events in our communities that transcend race, culture, faith, and age. We want to be more involved with at-risk youth programs and to develop an on-going newsletter to share links to seminars, conferences and other resources.

Are you interested in donating food, or volunteering? E-mail

For more information and a schedule of Programs, Festivals, Classes, Concerts, Personal Per-formances, CD’s, and Healing Modalities: visit his website at or call (310) 578-5174. You may also write to: Earth & Sky Performing Arts Center, 5521 Grosvenor, Los Angeles 9006. For an on-line class with CEU’S available, please see www.magicofhealing

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