Pele’s Wish:
An Interview with Sondra Ray
By Donna Strong



Sondra Ray has been working at the forefront of consciousness since she began with the rebirthing movement in the 1970’s. Acclaimed for her expertise in working with birth trauma, she is adept in using the power of the breath to facilitate profound change. Applying ancient wisdom in modern settings, she is a remarkable bridge between worlds. Sondra has produced fifteen books of inspired wisdom and led workshops and group tours around the globe.

Awareness: To begin, your newest book is called “Pele’s Wish; Secrets of the Hawaiian Masters and Eternal Life.” This wonderful book is about ancient powers, principles and practices. Can you identify what a kahuna is, to start us off?

Sondra: A kahuna is a Hawaiian spiritual master. My original teacher is a kahuna by the name of Morrnah Simeona. A kahuna is first chosen by the elders when a small child, then trained to become a healer or to develop some other unique ability. They grow up to be incredible beings with amazing powers. The original kahunas knew the power to heal someone instantly, including setting bones with their hands. Kahunas also know how to control the elements, such as the weather, and how to keep sharks from biting people! They can perform what we would call magic.

Kahuna means ‘guardian of the secret’ and they know the secret to life: Thought is creative. All thoughts create results. In the old days, they didn’t feel like the masses were ready to handle this much power. But now, we all need to be kahunas. We all need to understand this. So they asked me to spread this knowledge, and I feel very honored.

Awareness: From the experiences in the book, it must have been mesmerizing to see what the kahunas are capable of and to see the potential that is within us...

Sondra: Yes, starting from the beginning of this assignment. It came as a miracle. I was in Hawaii, and was told I was going to write a book that would ‘rock’ the world. So I decided I had better go where the rocks are being formed, to the big island. This is the source — the  volcano is going off and as the lava flows into the water it forms rocks. You can’t get much closer to real creation of land than that.

On the way there, I stopped in Maui and visited a kahuna I had studied with, Auntie Pua. When I told her where I was headed, she said that she was going as well. “Wow! You would go with me?”  She replied, “Oh yes, I have to properly introduce you to the volcano.” We went to the island and ended up in what is known as the Vagina Cave on the Hilo side of the island. Huge and amazing, it is shaped like the female system, with a uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes. It even has the vulva, all perfectly carved out by Madame Pele herself — the goddess of volcanos. To go into this cave was one of the thrills of my life.

Inside the Vagina Cave, Auntie Pua began to see visions of all the elders, and when she told me, I started crying, because they asked me to be the ambassador of aloha. What an honor. It took me two weeks to recover from being in that cave and receiving that assignment.

Awareness: I can feel the potency of it. In the book, you write about effective prayer, can you tell us what that is?

Sondra: In the kahuna tradition, they believe there are three selves; the higher self (father or super conscious), the conscious self (mother) and unconscious (child). From their perspective, until you link up all three, prayer won’t really work. In their understanding, the child or unconscious aspect is often sabotaging prayer. So this is why you have to link up the three selves through breathing. This brings the three selves into agreement and then prayer is effective. It works.

In rebirthing, we are like modern day kahunas, because we are working on what the sabotaging thought is in the subconscious that keeps someone from getting what they want. We are able to locate it and breath it out. The two systems are similar in some ways, only the breathing patterns are different. We breath in a circular, smooth rhythm with no holding at the top or the bottom. The kahunas breathe in on seven counts and hold seven counts, exhale on seven counts and hold seven counts. During that time the three selves are linked up.

They do a wonderful, wonderful prayer called, Ho’oponopono, which is a long prayer. The purpose of this prayer is a correction, to make right, to disconnect aka cords, or psychic attachments you have to people, places and things. If you have these cords, then you are attached and not liberated. We are attached to people we have unresolved problems with, like our ex’s; past lovers, husbands, and wives for example. This bogs us down. Another reason prayers don’t work is because of  guilt, and the burden of past mistakes that we carry. The Ho’oponopono is such a wonderful spiritual discipline because it corrects mistakes. I’ve known how to do it for years, but since I wrote the book, I have been doing it almost every day. It’s so powerful, I’m doing it even more.

Awareness: When I read the book, I felt very drawn to it.

Sondra: A lot of it is about forgiveness, which has been taught forever, yet somehow the way they put this together, it works better because it combines the breathing and the forgiveness all together. When we do it we write down all of the issues with people, business, our bodies, and emotional patterns that we want cleared.

Awareness: In the book you write about ‘love, safety and certainty,’ and define it as true power. How do you access this?

Sondra: A lot of people are confused about what real power is, thinking it is about control and manipulation. That’s the old false power that doesn’t work. People are afraid of their own power and they don’t know what it really is. But true spiritual power is love, safety and certainty. The more you give up your negative thoughts, the more you experience real love. You are love and it’s always there, but it gets covered up by negative thoughts.

Safety means giving up anger. With certainty, it means knowing we are one with God, which is the truth and then we are connected with the source. When you are connected with God, it is easy to manifest things.

That’s another thing, the ka-hunas can manifest miracles and they can manifest change, because they are connected to the source. The kahunas start out teaching metaphysics. They teach that thoughts create results. They explain it very clearly. This same idea is even in the Bible. ‘As a man thinketh, so is he.’ People forget that their subconscious also creates results. Since a lot of the subconscious thoughts are not positive, we get negative results and don’t know why. A person who is really powerful can manifest things, but they have to really watch their thoughts. If you have a lot of negative thoughts you’ll manifest negative things. Negative thoughts telepathically attract negative results and negative people.

We have to stay in a positive state. The kahuna tradition is so positive, they have hardly any negative words in their language, and none in their music! They are always speaking as if they are giving a blessing.

Awareness: When you talk about kahunas and describe the Hawaiian language, it reminds me of a conversation with a Peruvian man, about his own language; that it is a vessel for positive creative energy to flow more abundantly.

Sondra: Exactly. Their language is very scientific and it works. They have been very careful with their language. In contrast, we have so many negative words we have accumulated and we’re so careless about how we use them. You can see why we don’t create magic in our lives, because we are not speaking or thinking positively as we should be. We should have learned in kindergarten about the power of our thoughts and how to use this as part of daily life. This is kahuna understanding we need to adopt.

People have no idea how words alter reality. They are not thinking or concentrating about what they are saying. You need to think and speak positive thoughts if you really want to be like a kahuna.

Awareness: I feel so much agreement with this, there are so many things that people should have learned at an early age as a foundation in life. We should be growing up this way rather than having to take the initiative to retrieve ourselves in our later years.

Sondra: I know a lot of people have heard about positive thinking, but they don’t understand that they have to clean out their subconscious. It has its own ability to create results, such as to make people sick. They are not aware that their subconscious thoughts are creating this havoc. That is why I am so happy we have rebirthing, which is a version of what the kahunas do, by breathing an entire hour straight to purify our subconscious.

Awareness: Most of us have had some experience with ‘aloha’ as a warm Hawaiian greeting. Give us an example of how language focuses our consciousness, in terms of the huna wisdom tradition of aloha.

Sondra: Aloha. It is such a beautiful word with so many meanings. It is basically ‘love,’ or ‘I acknowledge the God within you.’ One of my favorite aloha definitions is, ‘the eternal spark, forever between us.’ Isn’t that beautiful?

Awareness: Awe-inspiring!  That could juice somebody up for quite a while. Talk about awakening...

Sondra: I know. The people in Hawaii still maintain that aloha spirit, they make it so you feel it when you go there. Hawaiians are so lovely and they take care of the land. It is a central part of their spiritual path. Part of the aloha consciousness also involves a service to the community, to take care of others. I think it’s part of the reason so many people love to go to Hawaii, not just because of the natural beauty, but because they feel the aloha spirit that’s in the Hawaiian tradition.

Awareness: What could we do to bring the aloha spirit of the Hawaiians home?

Sondra: That’s a good question. Is it possible to live the aloha life wherever you are? Take Hawaii with you, the sense of relaxation and making everything beautiful, of taking care of the land and the people in your community and your surroundings. To do this is to apply aloha as a living tradition.

Awareness: Yes, then we honor the continuity of wisdom and keep it alive.
As we begin to wrap our time up, I wanted to ask you to comment on a line from your book about an experience that “...demonstrated the living revelation of life force, downloading the kingdom of God in your apartment.” I was really riveted by this statement.

Sondra: (Chuckling in recognition) Even that is an under-statement... it is no exaggeration of what it is like to experience the real presence of the mana, which is the spiritual force in something ... The kahunas do their best to protect and maintain the mana within. They are very careful not to dilute the mana. What I have noticed about my spiritual masters, Babaji, Ammachi and the kahunas is their spiritual force is not diluted in any way. The spiritual force coming through them is so immense, that you can also feel the bliss roaring through everyone around them as well. In meeting my first kahuna, she was so powerful that everybody was prostrating in her presence. She has the mana, and it is not diluted by negative eating or negative thinking. It is just there all the time.

Awareness: So it is diluted by moving away from unity, then, in whatever way...

Sondra: Right, people dilute their mana by moving away from source, feeling disconnected and separate. That is why it is so exciting to be around these beings like the kahunas. Their energy is so high you feel the mana in their presence.

Awareness: And as the earlier quote indicates, the life force takes you where it wants to go, because it has its own direction and intelligence.

Sondra: When you’re in the flow of the highest frequency, that is bliss. People should focus their attention on the highest possible frequency, notice what brings that down and avoid it. When you’re connected to a master, you feel it, or in nature, you can feel connected to the source. As a way of life, we need to go for the highest frequency in these times of change.

Because the kahunas want us to know our real and positive power, they are making themselves available to everyone. If you go to Hawaii, you can meet Auntie Pua. She’s my guide, she’s beautiful, and she’s there in Maui. You can have a personal experience, or you can contact them the way you do ascended masters, because the kahunas are available in all dimensions.

Awareness: In the book you make reference to a way of acting when things don’t work out, and there’s a possibility of feeling hurt or victimized. How do you work with it?

Sondra: Oh, yes, if there is a result I don’t like, I don’t go into blame. I don’t think, somebody did it to me, or my mother caused this, or the universe. I look at what thought I might have in my subconscious that created the result I don’t like, then I change it. So in a way, results are your guru and that’s totally in alignment with what the kahunas say. Find out what the thought is and apply some form of spiritual practice to change it. Breathing, Cranio-Sacral work or Ho’oponopono are good examples. Chanting or meditation are practices I would do to correct it and stop creating the bad result.

Awareness: You’re right, there are too many people just doing what they know...

Sondra: A lot of people don’t think they can change their reality, someone is doing something to them or they are unlucky.

Awareness: That’s right, it’s outside of them, as you were saying. The way you said it was so clean and clear.

Sondra: And that’s something I like about the huna tradition, its clean and clear.

Awareness: The book is called “Pele’s Wish,” based on an amazing goddess. What would you like us to know about her as a central element in this work?

Sondra: In Hawaii they take her very seriously and believe there is a goddess of volcanoes. Even in pictures of the volcano, sometimes a woman’s face shows up. I call it the divine mother or the feminine aspect of God. This is also called the original spark or creation, or the life force itself. Seeing the volcano in Hawaii, you know some spiritual force is in action. The kahunas would say Madame Pele is the goddess of that force. Madame Pele’s wish is that we be all that we can be and that realize we are on the path of being masters and are masters. This is her wish, that we take responsibility for our thoughts and actions — we create everything and we become spiritual kahunas ourselves.

Donna Strong’s first book, “Coming Home to Calm,” will be published later this year. She can be reached through her website:

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