By Lyda Whiting



Written by Kathleen A. Killion
Illustrated by Gary M. Lang
This book follows a young girl’s quest to find true love. The girl has a colorful glass heart glowing with an inner light, which she offers to a handsome young prince. When he rejects her heart as not precious enough, the girl trades it to a glassblower for a new, jewel-encrusted heart. But the new heart proves to be a burden, and those she tries to share it with are careless with it. After many adventures, the girl returns to the glassblower and discovers the beauty of her own true heart. As she continues her journey, now secure in her belief in her own self-worth, she is finally ready for true love.

This book encourages children to celebrate the beauty of their own heart, and to cherish their unique self. The beautiful watercolor illustrations allow the read-er to enter the magic of the story. The writer and illustrator made a conscious decision not to picture the girl or to show physical attributes of the characters, so that children can use their imaginations and get lost in the journey.

Share this book with the children in your life, and encourage them to talk about the meaning of the story. Children can also draw pictures of their own unique hearts, as author Kathleen Killion has been inviting children to do as she visits schools to share her book. (An exhibition of children’s heart art is planned for display at the St. Louis Science Center on Valentine’s Day 2006.)  This book, and the discussion it will foster, is a wonderful way to celebrate the beauty of your children’s hearts. Highly recommended.

Published by Imagine That Enterprises, L.C., this book is available at your local bookstore or


Written by Terri Cohlene
Illustrated by Doug Keith
A little frog finds a mysterious gift outside his home. What can this “something special” be?  What can be small or big, silent or loud, sugary or sticky?  What is never used up, and no good until you give it away? Travel along with this curious frog as he finds out all that this special gift can be, and see if you can guess the answer to the puzzle before he does.

Children will enjoy this imaginative mystery and the chance to see this magical kingdom from a frog’s point of view. The frog explores the sea in a tiny boat with a leaf for a sail, practices with bow and arrows in the forest, and marches with knights and horses. He and his animal friends share a surprise cake, complete with green icing and flies, as well as a lively snowball fight.

The illustrations are fun and original, evoking the world of fairy tales and legends in a fresh and engaging way. The animals are realistically drawn, yet with almost human expressions, they bring this fairy tale world to life. Recommended for ages 3-8.

Published by Illumination Arts Publishing Company, Inc., this book is available at your local bookstore or on the website


By Wai Lana
This DVD is packed with activities for your little yogi. The animated video is a guided head-to-toe relaxation session with colorful cartoon characters and soothing music. It could make naptime a pleasure instead of a struggle for very young children and their parents (it even put my cat to sleep). It would also be useful in a daycare setting, as even the children who do not fall asleep will be resting and relaxing quietly while watching.

The DVD also includes games that young children can play, and a fun feature to allow them to get to know each of the animated characters better. They can select their favorite songs to play again. You can select subtitles in English or Spanish.

This DVD is a companion to Wai Lana’s Daydream CD, and is another addition to Wai Lana’s popular Little Yogis line of exercise DVDs, mats, games, and activity books. Wai Lana, host of the long-running PBS series Wai Lana Yoga, has also created yoga DVDs and books for adults. Recommended for very young children.

Published by Wai Lana Productions, this DVD is available at your bookstore or at the website 

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