The Heart of Mary Magdalene
By Estara



Since the age of 11, when I first discovered sacred dance, I have been called to the service of the Goddess. Through the years, as I danced my way around the world, She has awakened within me a capacity all women share — to channel the divine creative fire of the Sacred Feminine and balance the energies on Earth.

Last summer, after giving a presentation on the Sacred Feminine at the Parliament of the World’s Religions in Barcelona, I felt called to visit Rennes-le-Chateau, a small mountaintop village in Southern France.

The church of Rennes-le-Chateau was originally built to honor Mary Magdalene — one of the primary incarnations of the Divine Mother in the Isis archetype. In the late 1800s, the priest Bér-enger Saunière, mentioned in The Da Vinci Code, financed renovations of the church and in the process discovered the famed documents that reveal the true identity of Mary Magdalene and the sacredness of the feminine. He later built the Tor Magdala in her honor.

In visiting the area, I went to the Restaurant la Table de L’Abbe and met owner, Jean-Luc Robin. For more than ten years Jean-Luc has lived in Sauniere’s house and there wrote his soon-to-be-published book, “Rennes-le-Chateau, the Priest Sauniere and the Secret of the Habsbourgs.” The forward for his book was written by Henry Lincoln, author of the best-selling book, “Holy Blood, Holy Grail,” which served as a major source for Dan Brown.

Encountering the Dark
I met another man at the restaurant, as well — a fellow named Thomas. He told me he had vast knowledge of the mysteries of Rennes-le-Chateau, including the Knights Templar.

I spoke to him of some of the qualities of the feminine such as the transcendence of duality through unconditional love and acceptance. Then, when I spoke of the male domination over the female that has occurred for centuries on this planet — and my belief that it is time for the feminine energy to rise and come into balance with the male energy as co-creators — he flipped into another personality that was anything but friendly.

He glared at me and his tone became confrontational. “I know why you are here,” he said. “I was expecting you.” He called me a witch and insinuated my powers of the feminine were no match for the powers with which he was aligned.

The Night of Mary Magdalene
July 22nd is the one day of the year dedicated to Mary Magdalene. I spent the day in meditation, prayer and receptive presence, preparing for the special ceremony I felt guided to do on the mountain top that evening.

That day I had another encounter with Thomas. He saw me walking across the lawn and beckoned me over. He said under no circumstances would I accomplish my mission that night, that I had better beware, as he was on duty to summon all the forces, and I should heed his warning for my own sake as he would make sure that neither I, nor the feminine would prevail.

I expressed to Jean-Luc the importance of the prayers this particular Night of Mary Magdalene and asked him to stay with me.

It was nearly midnight when I headed to a holy spot outside the church accompanied by Jean-Luc. Just as we made it to the spot we froze as we heard Thomas trudging towards us. His cane was dragging and his breathing was heavy and loud. We both felt the dark forces emanating from all around him.

I asked Jean-Luc to pray to Mary Magdalene just as he had earlier that day when she had answered his prayers. As we sat in this holy spot at the top of the mountain, well after midnight, with such danger present, I knew I mustn’t feel any fear. In that moment I chose to embody trust and surrendered through my body and heart into the unconditional love of the Divine Mother.

I could feel the holiness of Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene flowing through my body. I embodied love, surrender, acceptance, trust, forgiveness and protection. In receptivity and prayer, I sat on a stone bench above a cistern, holding open an energetic doorway of freedom and protection of the feminine, reclaiming her right to be honored, holy, and equal.

Thomas kept trying to come closer but was unable to penetrate the energy field that was surrounding Jean-Luc and me. My energy didn’t waver, even as the dark forces in Thomas began to spew their rage in a final inarticulate outpouring of grotesque energies.

After a long period of sitting in silent prayer I felt guided to go to the garden. Although we could still feel the dark energy and Thomas’ presence nearby, we cautiously walked to the garden.

Upon entering the garden, I spontaneously walked a few feet away from Jean-Luc. I was deeply in touch with the blood of Creation and surrendered into what was to be accomplished. I then dropped into a trance state and started moving and shaking. Embodying the energy of Mary Magdalene I let out a cry of centuries of the pain endured by the feminine. I cried and screamed and wailed, freeing the _expression. My sounds cut through the darkness. Then blood flowed out of my womb. I let the blood drop to the earth.

Jean-Luc was shaken by my screams, never having witnessed anything like it. I assured him it was over. And in that moment we realized the energy had shifted. Transformation had occurred.

The garden felt like a Garden of Eden. The dark foreboding energy was gone and everything was sparkling, bright, alive, fresh and new — the trees, the grass, the Earth, herself. Jean-Luc and I looked at each other in wonderment. The change was palpable. It was a victory.

A Night Ordained By The Stars
This miraculous night was ordained by the stars as cosmic forces aligned. The Star Pentagram — the sacred symbol of the feminine — was in process of activation in the heavens, activating the Star Pentagram portal on the Earth at Rennes-le-Chateau. Venus, the planet of love that rules the feminine energy was in direct opposition to Pluto, the planet of transformation.

According to astrologer and spiritual science teacher Pearl Foster, “This opposition demanded change in the religious dogma that has held the feminine in suppression. It heralded a new time for the feminine to be recognized, and infused the feminine with the courage to stand for her truth in the eye of battle to give birth to a higher state of being for humanity.”

Our planet is in preparation now for a Sacred Marriage between the feminine and masculine. This new unity will heal the core wound caused by the illusion of separation. In going to sacred sites like Rennes-le-Chateau, we can reclaim access to our divine knowledge of the feminine. The next Venus transit will happen in June 2012, which is believed to mark the beginning of the Sacred Marriage. Get ready for Divine Union.

Estara is an internationally acclaimed teacher and performer of Sacred Dance, Sound Healing, Yogic Breath and Movement, and Shamanic Spiritual Practices. She gives presentations at conferences and leads Trainings and Women’s Retreats on how to activate and embody the Divine Feminine. She has been featured on CBS TV “Eye On America.” From October 1st-14th, she will be leading a women’s tour of sacred feminine sites in Turkey including the temple of Isis, Aphrodite, and the House of Mother Mary. See
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