The Miracle of Forgiveness
By Dr. Scott & Shannon Peck



Would you like to lift a weight from yourself? Even a weight you didn’t know was  there? Start moving into forgiveness and you will immediately start to feel better.

At a recent gathering, we listed the benefits of forgiveness. It read like a miracle drug! Beginning with greater relaxation, freedom from stress, and increased inner peace, the benefits were astounding! The list continued with benefits of creating unity verses separation, surrender, and a return to harmony and oneness with love. Actually, the list of benefits was so rich that you would wonder why we don’t move into forgiveness every single day. So, why don’t we?

Forgiveness implies that someone may have done something wrong, even ourselves, and that there is a grievance against it. After all, we all make mistakes. Most mistakes arise out of ignorance and are not intentional. Yet, we all know the struggle to recover from the times someone, intentionally or not, created suffering for us. Maybe it began in childhood and continued to now or maybe it was more recent. Perhaps the problem occurred in an intimate relationship, or with a business partner, a friend, or family member. As the list grows, you can see the collection of grievances that gather, just as a result of living!

How can we most easily move away from grievances and into forgiveness, the land of miracles?

Forgiveness is an inside job. It begins with you, with a desire to start feeling better, not only about yourself but also about people you feel have harmed you. Forgiveness is also a decision to be willing to cancel a grudge and this creates an openness to greater happiness for yourself.

It helps to realize that it is the work of the ego to have grievances. Grievances do not represent your highest self. By releasing the ego and its claim on grievances, you begin to move back to your true self. In a sense, you are taking back what belongs to you.

Forgiveness has far less to do with the actions of others, and far more with the way you choose to live, free of pain and anger. There is healing in disallowing negative emotions to take us for a ride as they review the past, causing us to continue in hurt.

Allow Love to guide you towards forgiveness. Love leads to greater understanding in viewing those who you feel were hurtful. If their action was out of anger or revenge, rather than ignorance, then they are the ones who are most suffering from their actions. Acting from hate, revenge, and violence is most sad for the person who is the actor. You need not be penalized for the gross or insensitive actions of others. They need not drag you into their grievances. By rising above the place of suffering, you can rise towards the light for both of you.

This means you will have a higher regard for them than they have given you reason to accept. This is a place for champion forgivers! Who wins? You do! Seeing innocence in yourself and others is a way of being that creates inner peace. Staying in the light, regardless of the behavior of others, is truly a place of perpetual love and healing.

You are removed from being a victim, rehearsing grievances, anger, and negative emotions. You experience greater inner balance, power, and centeredness. Forgiveness is a gift to the person who forgives. You deserve to forgive everyone and everything! You deserve to live in the miracle of sweet forgiveness!

What about self forgiveness? Can you allow yourself to make an honest mistake and grow from it? Can you allow yourself to cancel the inner talk, “I wish I had not acted that way and now I feel shame and guilt” Of course you can! Life is about learning and growing. Ask yourself, “What have I learned?” That is your growth. This deserves self forgiveness. In fact, you can review every grievance you have about your past actions and see what you learned from each situation. Such a list is your rich wisdom of lessons learned. That is what we are here for! Congratulations! You are doing your most important work! So forgive — early, often, and again.

The miracle of forgiveness is that you are the big winner. Be generous and big in forgiving. Every effort you make to forgive yourself and forgive others frees you to live at a higher level of love because your heart is now more open, allowing your love to spill out more freely to others — and to yourself. Welcome to the heart of love!

Dr. Scott Peck & Shannon Peck are Co-founders of TheLoveCenter, a non-profit educational organization dedicated to creating & holding the space for all humanity to live in healing Love. They are authors of “The Love You Deserve,” “Liberating Your Magnificence,” & “All the Love You Could Ever Want!” (audio set). Shannon is also the author of “Love Heals: How to Heal Everything with Love” & the “Love Heals Study Guide.” For lots of love, visit, e-mail , or call (800) 266-1525.

(c) Copyright 2005 Scott & Shannon Peck

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