By Kathy DeSantis



Living Beyond Miracles
By Deepak Chopra
and Wayne Dyer
Two modern-day pioneers in the field of self-discovery, Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer, have presented their insights in a 3-CD set called “Living Beyond Miracles.” In the set, you can hear them both talk live and share their wisdom as they have done in books over the past two decades. The CD set gives you the flexibility of hearing them in the car, on your laptop, or on your CD player while at home doing something else.

Chopra and Dyer are two of the most prominent names in the areas of self-development and holistic healthcare. They share a special magic in their relationship and have similar paths although they are from vastly different worlds. Separate journeys have led them both to recognition as world-renowned leaders in the field of personal development.

The way they came together is a perfect example of how they believe there are no accidents, and that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. After Dyer decided to contact Chopra, an endocrinologist, for advice on his wife’s thyroid condition, they met and instantly felt a kinship. Three weeks later they were on the same program together in Seattle and have since become fast friends, sharing mutual admiration and philosophies.  

It is in these CDs that they talk about the invisible “intelligence” in the universe that brings everyday miracles and instant awakenings into our lives. I recommend this CD set to anyone desiring to hear the wise words of these two best-selling authors and lecturers, and wanting to learn how to create miracles for themselves.

Published by New World Library and Amber-Allen Audio, this is available in bookstores and

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