Blood of the Dragon
The Amazing Rainforest Botanical for First Aid
By Kosa Ely



Standing at the base of the Sangre de Drago tree at a botanical reserve in Peru, I peered up to admire its beautiful heart-shaped leaves. This tree, about three years old, had already reached a height of forty feet.

Known by the Latin name; croton lecheri, the Indigenous people have named this rainforest tree Sangre de Grado in Brazil, and Sangre de Drago in Peru, both which translate into English as ‘blood of the dragon.’

It is not by accident that it was given this name. Imagine a tree that ‘bleeds’ a blood-red sap. And this unusual sap or resin, when applied to wounds, stops bleeding, decreases pain and swelling immediately, and prevents infection. When taken internally, it stops hemorrhaging. When our guide took his pocketknife and made a small cut across the bark, I was surprised how easily the tree gave its sap.

One of the first white women to travel the Amazon, living with the native people, and researching the botanical secrets of the shamans was Nicole Maxwell. Back in the 1950’s Nicole first found out about this tree when she cut her leg in the jungle and her guide applied the sap to her leg. Nicole wrote, “A tree sap called Sange de drago, when applied to my leg wound, immediately relieved pain and promoted rapid healing without leaving any traces of a scar.” Nicole brought samples of the Sangre de Drago sap and bark to a pharmaceutical company in the U.S. with the hope that it would be studied and made available here in North America.

Sangre de Drago has continued to be studied by drug companies over the past fifty years, hoping to separate its active ingredients to patent drugs to treat herpes, stomach ulcers, heart disease, etc. Because of its strong anti-viral properties it is also being studied for use with hepatitis.

Classical Homeopath and Herbalist Jane Cicchetti writes “Research has shown Sangre de Drago to be a potent inhibitor of pain and inflammation. Studies at Albany Medical College in New York conducted by Dr. John Wallace demonstrated that Sangre de Drago blocks the activation of nerve fibers that relay pain signals to the brain, therefore functioning as a broad acting pain killer.

“Pain and inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract were shown to be alleviated in animal studies where the sap promoted gastrointestinal healing.

“Now science has confirmed this wisdom has been passed down through generations of shaman herbalists on the ability of the blood red sap to alleviate the pain of wounds, stings and gastrointestinal disorders.

“Several patents have been taken out by a U.S. pharmaceutical company for drugs made from isolated ingredients of the plant for the treatment of herpes, influenza and respiratory viral infection. Even though these patents show that the isolated ingredients have an effect, from a holistic and naturopathic perspective, it is much wiser to use the naturally occurring substance. The wisdom of using the natural whole substance is especially significant in this case because we have a wealth of information on its safe and effective use by indigenous people over a very long period of time.”

Noted scientist and researcher Christian Drapeau writes, “For centuries, the sap of Sangre de Drago has been put on wounds by Indigenous people to help stop bleeding, accelerate skin regeneration and healthy tissue growth. When taken internally, it maintains a healthy lining of the digestive system. Sangre de Drago also contains compounds that have been extensively studied by the scientific community. These compounds have been shown to promote respiratory and intestinal health. It is one of the strongest antioxidants and cicatrizing agents known. The dried sap of the Sangre de Drago tree contains 90% proanthocyanidins, the antioxidant found at much lower concentration in pycnogenol and grape-seed extract.”

“Sangre de Drago is a typical example of morphism. Morphism is the relationship between the utilization of an herb and its physical shape that is reminiscent of the organ it supports. Sangre de Drago is red like blood and helps stop bleeding. Furthermore, the leaves of the Sangre de Drago tree have the shape of a heart, and contain one of the strongest natural antioxidants known to support cardiac function.”

Shari Henson, with the American Botanical Council, writes, “The sap of Sangre de Drago has been used to treat various illnesses in adults, children, and infants. The result of in vitro and in vivo studies largely supports most of the ethnomedical uses of Sangre de Drago. These include the treatment of stomach ulcers; diarrhea; wounds; tumors;  herpes infection; and the itching, pain and swelling of insect bites.”

Sangre de Drago is also being used for animals. Veterinarian Dr. John Hanover uses Sangre de Drago in his clinic, both for routine treatments and for emergencies. “A dog was brought to us bleeding from a tumor in his mouth. It had been bleeding for two days. We set up for surgery. This dog was bleeding to death and was going to need a blood transfusion if its blood volume got any lower.

“I had the dog’s caretaker put Sangre de Drago on the tumor area and press for five minutes. The bleeding slowed to half. Five minutes later he put Sangre de Drago on a second time. This time the bleeding stopped. The dog didn’t have to go to the emergency clinic to have blood transfusions. Sangre de Drago saved the dog further trauma, perhaps even his life, and saved his owner thousands of dollars.”

In my household, we have happily used Sangre de Drago, internally and topically for three years. My eleven-year old son had this to share, “I use it for cuts, injuries, burns, stings, cold sores, blisters, and if I get a sore throat I squirt it my mouth. Sangre de Drago stops my wounds from bleeding pretty quickly. It seems like it makes a scab in about 30 seconds. It stings while it’s drying, but then it stops hurting altogether. I’ll put it on usually once a day and my injuries get better without getting infected.

“I like to roller blade at the Skate Station. One time I fell and split my chin open. I had to get more than 35 stitches in my chin, 3 layers deep. I didn’t care about the stitches and went swimming the next day. Thanks to Sangre de Drago my chin didn’t break open or get infected. When I got the stitches removed I continued to use the Sangre de Drago to stop it from hurting and I only got a small scar.”

After hearing my son’s report, it won’t come as a surprise to you that I keep a small bottle of San-gre de drago in my kitchen, bathroom, purse and car. I am prepared to assist any man, woman, child, or animal with a hearty squirt of Sangre de Drago for emergency first-aid. A bottle of Sangre de Drago is one of my favorite gifts to give moms, teachers, coaches, pet owners, lifeguards, paramedics, and everyone else.

If you would like Sangre de Drago for first-aid, or as a dietary supplement, it is contained in the following Amazon Herb formulas: Sangre de DragoTM, FiberzonTM, Fiberzon PlusTM, GravizonTM, and IlluminationTM. Order by calling (800) 362-3975 or at Please know that your purchase directly supports the Indigenous people and the rainforest.

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