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Dear KRS,
I am hypothyroid, have severe PMS, am chronically tired and depressed, and hypoglycemic. I have been ill-served by allopathic medicine and have decided to be proactive and find a way to regain my health. I am now suffering from information overload. I started with links connecting hypothyroidism to diet and selenium deficiency and have ended up at candida and parasites. I am finding it very hard to develop a game plan for processing and eliminating. I am asking a lot, but would be grateful for your advice.
Multiple Symptoms

Dear Multiple Symptoms,
Whenever I see this many symptoms I start with the “big picture” rather than chasing after each one of them individually. Without knowing more about your situation, I would make a guess that some aspect(s) of your life is out of balance and causing you stress.

Stress, of course, wears one down “from the inside out,” starting with the adrenal glands. The body can handle it for awhile and then it just can’t keep up any more, and that’s when you start noticing external symptoms. Everyone is different and has different genetic and psychological weaknesses, so the symptoms will vary person to person.

Since I am not a doctor, I must advise you to first get checked out by a skilled professional, preferably someone with knowledge of alternative/integrative medicine. Most importantly, be sure this professional listens to you patiently and doesn’t rush through the appointment.

Request that you talk with the doctor personally by phone before making your first appointment. Mention that this conversation will be less than 5 minutes and that you just want to be sure you feel comfortable with the doctor before you put your life in his/her hands. If the doctor is too busy to talk with you on the phone for 5 minutes, find one who will take the time.

In the interview, briefly describe your problem and see what sort of feedback you get. Don’t get caught up in being sure the doctor knows absolutely everything about your case. Don’t get lost in trying to find out the resolution to your problem in this phone interview. Your goal in to get a good feel for the doctor’s personality and knowledge-base in a few short minutes, which can be done if you conduct the interview efficiently.

Notice that I used the word “interview.” Yes, it is an interview — you are hiring this person to work for you and you are the boss, in that you have the option to hire him or not. Too many people, especially the older generation, still have a certain reverence about doctors and thus are often too intimated to ask all their questions.

My point in concentrating on the art of finding the right healer is that this person is a vital component on your road to health. The wrong healer(s) can steal months or years of your life.

I also advise you to look at your life and determine those areas that need balancing and simplification. Then, take the necessary steps to restore that balance.

Practice relaxation/meditation techniques everyday. Also do some healing visualizations. Your body wants to recover and is hungry to hear positive affirmations. Start by visualizing cleansing waters washing through your body, carrying away all toxins and stress, leaving you with clean-flowing energy.


Dear KRS,
I run about 1.5 hours everyday, six days a week. I eat a lot and get plenty of rest. I was just wondering if there are any harmless vitamins that I could be taking to give more energy. I already take vitamin C.
Can Vitamins Give Me Energy?

Dear Energy Seeker,
Energy doesn’t come from a bottle. However, what’s in the (vitamin) bottle can gradually help correct internal imbalances and strengthen your system so you will eventually have more energy.

I suggest that people take vitamins, starting with a good multi-vitamin. A good health food store generally has better variety and better quality selections than a drug store, and will be more likely to have qualified personnel to discuss your particular needs.

There are a number of good vitamin companies making quality formulas. One key thing to look for on the sometimes overwhelming list on the back of the bottle is at least 50 mg of B vitamins. It’s an easy checkpoint to determine if the company is serious about the formula.

An hour and a half is a lot of running. You might experiment with cutting down a bit and see if your energy increases.

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