Your Emotional Health
Balancing the Foundational Energies
By Nancy Elizabeth Brady



We are an exquisite combination of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies that dance together, interfacing with each other to maintain a balanced relationship of wellness. Our physical body is like the earth, the ground through which we express and live out our life. Mental energies are intellectual processors that help us systematize and translate data and are represented by the element of air.

Our emotional body is the bridge that connects our physical and non-physical selves and transports information and energy from one place to another. Emotions are fluid and are represented by water. Spirit energy is the soul of our being that gives us a comprehensive perspective, a larger vision. Like fire, it forges our path of transformation.

The world needs its four elements to manifest the entirety of its central nature, just as we also require balance of our four foundational energies in order to express our whole nature.

Balance is the result of establishing an even, internal polarity that gently progresses as we grow and change. It is a state of equilibrium, maintaining its movement and optimal functioning within a range of opposite energies. It is not a flat-line experience, but a gentle flow that dances with the changing conditions of life.

All too often, balance suffers the consequences of our hurried lives as we are caught in a trap of mental energy, traveling faster and faster in the thinking processes to keep ourselves from drowning in unrelieved emotional energies.

When we establish and maintain balance with our mental and emotional bodies, the physical and spiritual bodies will come into balance with each other easily. This is because the mental body imprints, or stores, in the physical body and the emotions are energy guides from the soul that also reside in the body.

Balancing these two connector energies, mind with emotions, enables us to access our full depth, embody this wisdom and live in a fluid process of expressing our wholeness.

Has our world recently given us a demonstration of how disembodied we have become? Centuries ago, beheadings were a macabre but established punishment, a deliberate misuse of power that denigrated the sanctity of life. Even though our culture has evolved in many ways, the shock of this event reoccurring a few weeks ago causes me to question if this courageous soul gave his life to demonstrate the extreme disembodiment from which most of our Ďadvancedí world suffers. If so, are we willing to learn from this experience that calls for reunification?

When we experience any type of trauma or significant stress, our spirit leaves our body temporarily. This is a natural survival instinct that completes its cycle when the spirit returns to the body through an honorable emotional resolution. We are subject to the learned behavior of generations of emotional repression, so restoring balance requires making a choice to do so. As long as our emotional energy, or any one of the fundamental energies, are unclaimed and unlived our equilibrium will be affected.

Our culture has dwelled in this unbalanced condition without reinstating the spirit, or honoring the emotional guidance inherent in trauma and stress, for far too long. The result is chronic imbalance that has initiated epidemic disorders in our bodies and crisis on the earth. If we learn to accept and utilize emotions as a gateway for wisdom and a bridge to spirit, we can greet and embrace our shadows, know our light and thus, reestablish balance.

To live in balance is to be authentically our self. If one aspect of our physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual self is out of balance, it will affect the others, creating imbalance in our life or health. Whether we wish to restore health to our earthy physical body, airy mental mind, watery emotional flow or fiery spiritual vision, the process is one and the same. By acknowledging the waves of life and honoring emotional guidance, we can choose with insight and guide our bodyís path to align with our soulís purpose. Balance is the result.

Nancy Elizabeth Brady facilitates healing therapy sessions and spiritually-guided consultations. She has 15 years of training and professional application. Her philosophy and methods support regaining wellness in the entire system while deepening self-love. Contact Nancy at (949) 487-1551 or you may see her website at

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