A Sensual Journey       
By Cindy Shuster 



Peace and Receptivity
How do you find calm out of chaos?  How do you find comfort in an uncomfortable world? How do you return to peace? You return to the breath. Breathe in to receive and accept whatever is in front of you. Accept the story, the person, place, or situation. Receive it fully. Take it into your heart. Feel it. Let yourself be moved through all of your senses. Peace is a journey of Receptivity, Sensual Discernment, and Loving Response.

Sensual Discernment and Loving Response
Let your sensuality sparkle and come alive through what you feel, sense, smell, hear, touch, taste, and just know at the deepest part of your being. Stop judging, fighting, and pushing away what life has brought to you. Stop labeling people, places, and situations with “good” or “bad,” and be a receptive observer.

Notice how you feel. Is it joy, anger, sorrow, fear, love, or some other emotion? Let yourself really receive it, discern it with all your senses, and allow your inner being to lovingly respond, rather than judge and create a Trauma Drama. As you begin to embrace this sensual, primal, instinctual part of yourself, and what is in front of you, rather than what you would like it to be, loving receptivity occurs.

Trauma Drama
As you greet all of life’s experiences with gratitude and go to the place of humility within yourself, the “Trauma Drama” of one’s life begins to lift and you return to the place of peace. Trauma Drama comes when we move away from our center, power, primal, instinctual being. Allowing  the ego mind to control us, rather than the feeling heart to guide us, and the spirit to express freely without judgment through being responsible with one’s emotions.

Trauma Drama is the incessant need to tell your story of “what happened to you” over and over to whomever is willing to listen. It is living the role of the victim. It is staying stuck and stagnant, rather than flowing creatively with the abundant nature of the spirit. We stay in Trauma Drama out of fear of movement, change, and not wanting to take responsibility for our emotions, lack of trust in ourselves and the Divine process of life.

My Surgery
I would like to share a personal experience and as you read it, I invite you to reflect two ways of seeing this situation that life brought to me. One from the place of gratitude and fully receiving, sensually discerning, and lovingly responding to the experience. The other from the place of fear, Trauma Drama, and victim.

I was teaching the class, “Communicate with your Angels and Deceased Loved Ones,” recently in Anaheim, California. A man in the audience introduced himself and said his name was Rafael. I said, “How beautiful, Archangel Rafael, the angel of healing, is with us today.” I heard a telepathic response from the angels saying, “You have no idea!” I realized this man’s presence and that particular angel of healing were about to be even more significant in my life.

By Monday I had developed severe fatigue, intense pain, and a high fever. I kept having flashbacks of my two-year-old nephew, Steven, whose appendix had burst, nearly twenty-five years ago, laying on his mother’s bed with the same symptoms, and on a deep-level knowing it was my appendix. My sensual being was speaking to me, while my head was trying to deny the reality.

Early Tuesday morning a dear friend took me to an urgent care facility. The doctor came into the room to examine me and introduced himself as Dr. Rafael Penunuri. Upon hearing his name, a deep sense of peace ran through me and I knew what I was about to experience was much more than an emergency appendectomy. It was one of the biggest spiritual lessons of my life. Being moved about in a wheelchair, I was feeling  intense pain in my body, but a deep sense of acceptance and peace washed over my spirit, as I continued to embrace this experience.

Each time fear would arise. I returned to my breath. Taking in a very deep breath, and then leaving out a sound, sigh, or noise to release the inner tension, fear, and anxiety on the physical level. Then my friend and I would simultaneously laugh and a sense of joy poured through me.

What I noticed most through this journey was how I responded through my senses, clearly, directly, and immediately as to whatever I desired or needed, and each time it was supplied to me in abundance. Most times I need not say anything and it came to me anyway, almost like telepathic magic. What follows is an e-mail message I sent out to my clients following my surgery.

Dear Friends:
On Tuesday, I lost a body part and gained immense depth of spirit. What a blessed experience this has been for me. My beloved appendix decided it was time to leave and taught me so much during my six hours waiting in the Emergency Room prior to surgery. It brings tears to my eyes to think how what you believe you are losing is truly such a gain.

I asked to touch the hand of everyone who worked on me and looked into their eyes before they started. I sensed some thought I was strange or weird, but I asked for what I needed anyway and got it. A deep sense of inner calm poured through me as I followed the guidance of my spirit. I kept returning to my breath and center and refused any pain or calming medication. I didn’t need it. It was a chance to really actualize what I teach and it works.

Friends came into my room following surgery that evening, commenting that I never looked so radiant and beautiful. It was my spirit glowing that radiated the beauty, because I allowed myself to receive all the gifts being offered to me with gratitude.

Being a person who uses only natural products in and on my body, (well, except for the hair dye)! I was freaked out as the IV bag began dripping antibiotics. I telepathically thanked them and spoke out loud any negative thoughts or judgments that came to me, allowing them to do the job they needed to do at the present moment, for God gives us everything we need.

When I was about to be put under with the anesthesia, someone said it made them sick. I immediately asked them to stop and said, “That may have been your reality, but it is not and shall not be mine.”

Guess what? I was not sick, no needle marks, no bruises, just a little cut on the right side. I chose to look at this, not as a scar that shall develop, but each time I see it, it shall signify an “Initiation of Love.” An opening of acceptance to receive all that God has to offer me without judgment and with gratitude and love.

I had surgery around 10:00 p.m. Tuesday night and returned to my home late Thursday, having taken no pain medications since the surgery. I am up, moving, and doing great. My spirit is soaring and my body is confessing to it being human, needing rest and tender, loving care. I intend to and am giving it.

Never underestimate the power that you are. The Source of all prosperity is indeed inside of you. Once you tap into it, all good comes your way easily, effortlessly, and quite beautifully. The will of Spirit is invincible. It is time to trust and let go with gratitude and receive our Initiations to Love in whatever form they come. Grace follows gratitude and God is the Source within.
 - Abundant blessings, Cindy

New Approach
Now I invite you to recall a situation in your life that could be viewed as a Trauma Drama, and how if you received what came to you, discerned through your sensual being what you needed, and lovingly responded, how you might have returned to peace sooner. This is not about judging what you did or did not do, rather being an observer and learning.

How to Find Your Answers
All the answers we search for are inside. They are not found in someone else or through a psychic, intuitive, or channel. The key is understanding how the energy body communicates to the physical, TRUSTING what you receive, and being willing to follow through with your guidance.  

How do you trust yourself?  You stop running around asking everyone what they think you should do, how you should do it, and with whom to do it. You begin to take these questions inside of yourself and ask, then notice how you feel.

I teach a method called BellyWisdom. Have a pen and paper handy. With the understanding that all the answers lie inside and come from the place of the feeling being, not the beautiful thinking mind, visualize a vibrant golden sun just behind the naval. Take a deep breath into this area and see expansion begin to take place from the front, back, sides, top, and bottom of your being.

This is the place where the soul incarnated into the physical body, and the gut instinct of your being. Take your question into the belly and ask from what you sense or feel. If the head starts to chime in, thank it and return to the breath and the feeling place in the belly.

Immediately write down whatever comes to you even if it doesn’t make any sense. You may ask “How do I make more money?” and you hear, “Clean out the garage.” On an energetic level, there may be some old “stuff” hanging around physically that needs to be removed, allowing you to let go of it from within. This is just an example to see how far out it may appear, but know your sensual being does not lie, it is you who deny.

To be sure if your information is valid, use this as a guide. Truth is the “yes” feeling in your belly that makes you feel happy, expansive, or relaxed. It is the dance of the soul. If your answer is unclear, then ask the question in another way until it feels, or you know it is right on some level. Now you have your Truth. Next you must take responsibility for it. That means to take a deep breath and follow through with your guidance.

Learning to BE
We are an energy BE-ing and physical body. The job of the energy or spirit is to continually remind us of how to BE, and how to BE who you are at the deepest level each moment, ever changing with each out breath. Ever recreating with each in breath.

My beloved friend, mentor, and teacher,  Valmai Howe Elkins, Founder of the Power Feng Shui Method and Director of the Academy of Power Feng Shui of Santa Fe, had this to say in a recent conversation with me.

Humans are intended to BE.
To Create in the NOW.
To create with love, responsibility, and playfulness from a high level and when that is achieved, it is so easy and fun. It requires commitment to the process and many are willing to settle for less. It depends on the person’s goals and how far they want to go with the process.

As Valmai spoke those words my insides began to tingle that familiar message of inner truth. The word “process” not only refers to Feng Shui, but to the process of life. We are passionate, creative, amazingly dynamic spirits living in human bodies joined together by the energy of God, the Creator, which is simply Love and Truth. When we give space to the Love and Truth by trusting what we feel, then peace is the result, because we no longer are fighting that which we are!

Guidelines of returning to PEACE
1. Receptivity. Receive what is in front of you without judgment.
2. Sensual Discernment. Discern through your sense stores, through what you feel, taste, smell, hear and know to be true for you.
3. Be Responsible for your emotions. Stop projecting, blaming, and playing the victim.
4. Lovingly respond. Respond from the place of the guidance of the heart, rather than the ego-will of the mind.
5. Be patient and allow Divine Timing to unfold.

This article is derived from Cindy Shuster’s forthcoming book, “BellyWisdom, a Sensual Journey to Peace”. She is a Spiritual Teacher and Intuitive offering Workshops, Readings, and Power Pendants. She resides in Sedona, AZ and Laguna Beach, CA and can be contacted through her business, Aura Rainbow Radiance, LLC at (949) 683-0147, (928)203-0517 or (866) 811-5560. You may also e-mail her at  

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