Never Old
Tips on Keeping Mind and Body Young
By Jesse Anson Dawn


Jesse Anson Dawn (at age 60), author of the national award-winning book, Never “Old”,  plus The Rejuvenator’s Bible, speaks out about a most stirring subject: how to counteract the unwanted effects of “aging.”

Presently answering the question: “What effect does a violent culture have on the aging process?”

Dear Readers,
It seems timely and appropriate that I commence my 11th year of this column with a cultural/political viewpoint, being it’s a crucial time for that, what with the stress of facing our country’s image rapidly sinking into a tangle of decadent quicksand. Indeed, we only have to notice the aging-by-the-minute face of “Oldboy” George Bush Jr. to see the indelible detriments of spurring violent “solutions” to problems

Hopefully, the so-called “civilized solutions” of the death-faced, genocidal gang in the White House will become widely identified as symptoms of the now-named “Mad Cowboy Dis-ease” — the widespread effects of which will (again hopefully) urge enough voters to stop “repeat offenders” by not re-electing them (or any of their posse).

Maybe, to help us culturally heal, instead of a separation of  “church and state” we need a separation of church and hate. Wasn’t it back when western religion and politics got crazily entangled that they were burning people at the stake? But as we can see, getting trapped by tortuous modes of thinking causes people to burn at the stake INSIDE, a surefire way to age as quickly as a TV left in a blazing building.

Others getting visually afflicted by this now-named “Mad Cowboy Dis-ease” are the “I’m-a-rightwing-fanatic-and-this-is-television news” crew, these wearisome war-pushers who I sadly stumble into via travesties such as Fox “News” Inc. or MSNBC etc. While CNN (and occasionally CBS) seems more sensible in its approach. Note: for a wonderful exposition of rightwing news and its perpetrators read Al Franken’s best-selling book “Lies and the Liars Who Tell Them.” A great piece of delightfully told non-fiction.

The (somewhat ageless and fearless) Al Franken seems to be one example of the rejuvenating power of truth, but of course I could name dozens of others who reveal a refreshing contrast to the decadence of deception. In any case, it’s truth that truly sets us free, and it’s a fact that it’s eternally rejuvenating to get the truth off one’s chest, thereby avoiding the tangled trap of covering it up or holding it inside.

On the “Big Picture” side of this issue we have Bush/Cheney and their gang of Bushitas, ever insisting that they’re not liable for their world-damaging lie-ability. This “dynamic duo” (as Fox “News” now calls them) who keep talking about fighting “fire with fire” (even though sensible firemen will tell you it’s best to stop fires with water).

Note: water, what I call the “ultimate liquid,” is not only good for extinguishing blazes, but it also happens to be the only true moisturizer, for skin or plants or whatever. And where there’s a lack of spirit-mind-body harmony, there’s an overload of cancer, heart attacks, hospitals and prisons, coincided with a continuously “cultural” glorification of war and violence.

And as we are now (again hopefully) coming to realize, a zealous glorification of war and violence is the very definition of fascism.

All of which has prompted me to ask this: what would the truth-telling, “radical revolutionary” Christ do about the current, Armageddon-spurring situation? Come to think of it, wouldn’t real Christian kindness have more pity on harassed travelers and instead be strip-searching the White House?

Indeed, there is surely no unringing of the bell of truth, and no need to ask for whom that bell tolls, as it tolls for them and us.

Or as I say in a song called Wailoa River, a piece describing that lovely body of water and the free, riverside concerts given there (a song written for my soon-to-be-released 5th album, a CD titled “Listen Again, My Friend: Songs for the Whole Earth” by Jesse Dawn and the Kind:
Forever, forever,
we’ve got to keep our rivers clear,
forever, forever,  
we’ve got to be a clear seer,
got to keep our rivers rollin’,
got to keep our souls soulin’,
like a clearly running river,
we’ve got to be a reborn giver…
Now the Wailoa River
is a sacred place,
nothing for sale there,
cause it’s Jah-Jah space,
where the food is free
and the music too,
as our peace-and-love bubble
covers ALL of YOU…

For if we can dream, think and sing about peace, we can also live it…

For the whole self-renewal story, Jesse Dawn’s (Pulitzer Prize nominated) 258-page book, Never “Old”, can be received free of charge by purchasing his new book, “The Rejuvenator’s Bible: Working Ways to Create Perpetual Youth Naturally” (237 pages) for the retail price of $15. To receive both books for the price of one, call World Changing Books at (800) 736-3922 and order with Visa or MC, or send a check pay-able to World Changing Books, POB 5491, Hilo, HI 96720. ($15 includes books, plus free 1st class postage) Or order by e-mail at   Also check

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