Feng Shui Concepts
Do Pets Affect Your Homeís Feng Shui?
By Jenny Liu



There are many types of pets and every kind has its own energy and will affect the residents of a home differently. If you are planning on taking in a pet and you are interested in having one that can promote your personal energies as well as that of your home, your birth chart can help you determine what type of pet is best suited to your energies. Based on your birth date, time and place, your birth chart can help you to know which elements promote you. As animals are categorized under different elements based on their type and color, you would ideally select one that matches you.

For instance, if your promoting element is water, compatible pets would include fish, turtles, and similar water living animals. However, if these types of pets are not to your liking and you prefer a cat or dog, you would do well to have a black or gray cat or dog as these are the colors associated with the water element. Having a compatible pet can enhance your energies and bring a sense of well-being. Likewise, having an incompatible pet can be disruptive and has been known to bring negative effects or events to their owner or family members.

The most common pets are cats and dogs. These pets are particularly sensitive to the energies around our home and surrounding environment. Animals have the ability to sense different levels of frequencies that humans may not be as attuned to. By observing your pet, you can gain insight to the energies of your home, your neighborhood and the people around you.

In my practice, I find that almost all cats and dogs always know what room and direction they do best in. The health and character of pets reflect the energy of the house as well the people who live within. When pets are lethargic, ill or overweight, the residents usually also suffer similar symptoms in their home.

Pets can sense spirits or people with a negative aura about them, and the frequencies of natural disasters such as earthquakes or storms. You will find they behave erratically in the presence of these energies. Pets, like feng shui masters, have the ability to tell you about the energies around you.

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Jenny Liu holds a Bachelorís Degree in Environmental Design from UC Berkeley and a Masterís Degree in Architecture from UCLA. She is an expert in the 8,000-year-old Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui who also shares her knowledge through seminars, workshops, periodicals and the internet. Awarded for her Masterís Thesis on Feng Shui, Ms. Liu is a fourth-generation practitioner with her own consulting firm. For more information, see www.liu-fengshui.com

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