Feeding Starving Children Healthy Food, Self-Esteem and Dignity!
Dr. Sharon Forrest and ‘Street Urchin’
Create Universal Heart Restaurant
By Kay Walburger



“The Temple of The Sun has three hundred steps to the top! I am able to walk very long distances, but straight up step-by-step was wearing me down and taxing my determination to receive the sacred blessing waiting for me at the pinnacle,” remembers Dr. Sharon Forrest. “After huffing, puffing and perspiring, I felt these little hands on my buttocks propelling me up the steps!  I didn’t know anyone in our group ‘that well!’ I turned around to see who it was and there was a little ‘street urchin,’ literally in rags, barefoot, dirty, with big sparkling black eyes, black curly hair and flashing white teeth. He saw I was perspiring and said, “Kleenex pleez?” With such tenderness he wiped my face and opened my heart!”

“Then he pulled me all the way up to the top. Once my group was there, we meditated in all this wonderful energy. After a while I could feel someone’s eyes looking at me intently. I opened my eyes to see the boy staring at me. I asked him what was going on and he said; “You were my mother in another time, a long time ago.”

“I didn’t know if he was just saying that to get a twenty dollar tip from me, or if he really meant it. I gave it to him because my heart opened to his plight. Six months later I was drawn back to Peru — it seemed to have such a strong magnetic pull on my life.  Washington, the boy I had met earlier, showed up and said “Mama Doctor, you are back!” He told us not to pay attention to the guides, as “They don’t know as much as I do — I was here before!”  He said, “Do you know how to stop water?”

I said, “No, I know how to stop blood.” “Oh, that is nothing. Come, I will show you how to stop water.” Then he led us to a fountain with water pouring down a four-foot drop, and with his fingers he stopped the water midstream.”  

“I asked him how he stopped the water. And he said, “With the power of my mind, of course.”  Then he started it up again and showed my friend and me how to do it.  Now, I knew he wasn’t just another ‘street urchin.’”

“I had prepared a picnic lunch to eat at the base of the mountain near a stream. I asked Washington if he would like something to eat and he eagerly said, “Si, si!” I prepared a big plate of food which he began to gobble up. Then he stopped suddenly after eating only a small portion, got up and began to walk away with the plate.”

“I asked him, “Washington don’t you like the food?” He said, “Oh, I love it, it is delicious!” I asked, “Then why aren’t you eating it?”

“Oh, Mama Doctor, I must share it with the others, there are other children who are hungry!”  Then he proceeded to sit down with a slew of little kids and feed them one by one.  

“My heart was touched so deeply because here is this nine-year-old boy who was starving himself, and his thought was to help and share from his heart with others! I was awed by his loving and giving nature, so before I left I gave him some money to tide him over.”

“Six months later, I returned leading a small group, and again he found me. “Hello, Mama Doctor.” This time I took him under my wing and began to watch him. I noticed that even grown-ups gravitated to him. They came to him for advice and protection.  Wherever he went, there seemed to be a group of street urchins gathered around him, even older ones.

“I asked him, “Washington, if you could have anything in the world, what would you really want?”

He said, “I want a good education, so I can get a position of power and put an end to poverty in our country — all the people will have something to eat!”

“Remembering this was a nine-year-old boy with a huge dream for his people and his country, I swallowed hard and said, “OK, I am going to adopt you. You must stay here in this country, but I will put you in a good school, buy your clothes, and pay your expenses if you promise to do your best to get an education. I will tutor you, bring you up to your grade level, and help you realize your dreams. That was just the beginning of my ‘Odyssey’ with Washington, ‘the old soul’ in the body of a street urchin. From that day forward he called me, “Mama Sharon.”

Washington was always starting projects and a year later he asked for me to bring clothes and shoes. He was a young genius!  Another year he asked me for $150.00 to buy shoes and pencils for a Christmas party for the children. Each year, as he grew more educated, he found more and more ways we could help the people of his country, especially the children.

“Washington always amazed me by his generosity of spirit.  One year I arrived with 300 pairs of shoes because winter was coming and many of the kids were barefoot or wearing little handmade slippers. We were short 87 pairs of shoes. Washington said, “Mama, we are short, and we can not give to some and not to all.”  He was now about fourteen and took off his hat, got onto my group bus and said “We are short 87 pairs of shoes and you are 27 people — if you each put in $5.00 we could buy the 87 pairs of shoes, enough for everybody.  Thank you for giving shoes. He passed his hat — everyone gave gladly!”

“Then like the ‘Pied-Piper’ he went running off with the children, only to return a short time later with the kids screaming with delight as they tossed their first pair of shoes into the air enthusiastically. It was so heart warming!”

“I often asked myself “Who is this kid I adopted?”  He graduated tops in his class. All the Kahunas and Shamen I introduced him to revere him as a special wise one.  He is tireless in accomplishing his dream of peace and prosperity for his people.”

“Washington wanted to open a restaurant and I reminded him that I was supporting several orphanages, food lines, and students in university, how could I do more?”

He said, “We must find a new way to feed the needy. We will teach them table manners and healthy nutrition.  I want them to have dignity and begin to truly see their value to this world.” We decided to call our new venture ‘The Universal Heart Restaurant.’  He figured out all the details and took care of the red tape. Now the restaurant feeds 200 children and elderly adults every day, with a side of education and respectful counseling to help deal with their deep-seeded rage from years of neglect and abuse!”

There is much more to this story. Please go to their website  www.healingnow.com for more information.

Sharon Forrest is a pioneer in the field of ‘healing’ non-curable chronic and degenerative diseases including emotional problems.  She has assumed a leading role in the integration of complementary holistic therapies and western medicine. She also leads life enhancing Retreats, Trainings, and Sacred Journeys. For more information, call (800) 344-2750 or (949) 489-0788, or e-mail her at TheHealingHaven@aol.com


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