By Dr. Maryel McKinley



Hands of Faith:
Healers of Brazil
From the Profiles of Healing Series
Edited By Bradford Keeney, Ph.D.
Photographs By Kern L. Nickerson, Marcus Campos Pieri, and Bradford Keeney

“The Profiles of Healing” book series is dedicated to telling stories of the world’s greatest healers, shamans and medicine people. “Hands of Faith: Healers of Brazil” is a beautiful hardcover book including a CD with prayers and music written in Portuguese by the two legendary Brazilian healers featured in this book, João Fernandes de Carvalho and Otavia Aloes Pimental Barbosa.

A tribute to the life work of these two outstanding healers, the book includes exquisite photographs of these healers in their home environments, coupled with powerful and inspiring quotes. The book not only shares their personal stories, but includes comments from their children, friends and others who have experienced their healings.

I would consider this book a collector’s item and am grateful the editor and publisher decided to devote “Hands of Faith” to the outstanding lives of João and Otavia, two simple unassuming human beings who give all the credit for their extraordinary gifts to the glory of God, and who claim that we all have this power inherent within us if we will only ignite our faith.

A most inspiring book with poignant, healing stories. I will cherish and remember this as a true work of art and encourage all readers to purchase a copy for their personal collection.

Published by Ringing Rock Press, this book is available at your local bookstore.

Sacred Journey
of the Peaceful Warrior
By Dan Millman

If you liked Millman’s “Way of the Peaceful Warrior” you will LOVE this sequel, “Sacred Journey of the Peaceful Warrior.” The beauty of this book is that it can be read independently of the other, although if you read one, you will become hooked and absolutely have to read the other.

After training with his beloved mentor Socrates, Dan ends up seeking and finally finding the mystical Kahuna teacher in Hawaii. But enlightenment doesn’t come easily, as Dan soon finds out. His adventures toward initiation almost get him killed as he floats out to sea on a mere surfboard for days without food, water or shelter. His board faithfully takes him on the right current from Oahu to Molokai, where his new teacher Mama Chia awaits him.

This magical and enchanting story is filled with beautiful simple truths as well as sacred information on opening and aligning our chakras, and getting in tune with the world of nature and Spirit.

Another Millman classic, this captivating book has just been re-released, after its first publication in 1991, with an updated afterward by the author. A third book in the series is coming soon — which this reviewer simply can’t wait to read. Thanks for another exciting masterpiece Dan!

Published by New World Library, this book is available at your local bookstore.

Gaia Eros
Reconnecting to the Magic and Spirit of Nature
By Jesse Wolf Hardin

Internationally-renowned artist, musician and author, Jesse Wolf Hardin’s new book on earth-centered spirituality is so enlightening it will take you by storm! This in-depth work was created for the “sole purpose of helping awaken people to the inspirited earth that holds and teaches us, and to their own feelings, dreams and purpose.”

Not only does “Gaia Eros” literally reveal the sacred secrets that Mother Earth offers to us all, it does so from the perspective and experience of one who has honored the path of the Pagan for decades by walking the walk in all aspects of his life. Over 25 years ago, author Jesse Wolf Hardin founded The Earthen Spirituality Project, which is a sanctuary and teaching center. Over the last quarter of a century Hardin has been restoring and re-inhabiting an ancient place of power in New Mexico’s wild and enchanted Southwest.

“Gaia Eros” is a beautifully and thoughtfully-written account of the deep wisdom and insight he has gained throughout a lifetime as a devoted Earth lover. Everyone who reads this work of art will definitely walk away richer for the experience and your life will be touched in profound ways.

With chapters on everything under the sun including Sacred Indulgence, Anatomy of Quest, Restoration, Lessons of the Furry Buddhas, my personal favorite Pitfalls On The Spiritual Path, and many more fascinating chapters, “Gaia Eros” is filled with timeless truths that we all need to remember and reconnect with if we are to have a sane, safe and sacred planet on which to live, honor and procreate.

By celebrating our feeling centers and intuition, honoring the sacredness of Mother Earth and all beings great and small, we will learn to revel in who we truly are and develop a foundation of integrity upon which our future generations will flourish. “Gaia Eros” reminds us that relationship and interconnectedness with each other and all things are the keys to a joyous life of deep meaning, and love is our true purpose. This book will positively change your perspective and contribute to your spirit in ways too numerous to count. Highly recommended for all readers.

Published By New Page Books, this book is available at your local bookstore.

The Voice Of Knowledge
A Practical Guide To Inner Peace
By Don Miguel Ruiz
with Janet Mills
Don Miguel Ruiz, best-selling author of the unprecedented book of wisdom, “The Four Agreements,” brings us his latest masterpiece, “The Voice of Knowledge,” already on the New York Times bestsellers list .

A must read for all truth seekers, “The Voice of Knowledge” explores not only an in-depth review of the ‘Four Agreements’ (Be impeccable with your word; Don’t take anything personally; Don’t assume anything; and always Do your best), but expands on this theme by helping the reader dispose of the stories and lies we are all programmed with by society so that we might reach the core essence of who and what we are.

Ruiz shows us practical, effective and inspirational ways to quiet ‘The voice of knowledge’ that reigns in our heads and clouds our true spirits, which are inherently full of love, happiness, and enthusiasm. If we look at how little babies and children are, we realize they are pure love, and it is when we start to develop opinions and judgments about good and bad that we start the process of crushing our birthright as beings of light, love and truth.

In “The Voice of Knowledge” Ruiz reminds us that when we apply and practice “The Four Agreements” in our lives, we free up energy that has been invested in keeping our lies alive, thus giving us the courage to listen to our inner voice of integrity which will guide us to becoming our true selves. This book is an excellent resource and a must read for all truth seekers.

Published by Amber-Allen Publishing, this book is available at your local bookstore.

Prayers and Meditations of The Quero Apache
By Maria Yraceburu

“Prayers And Meditations Of The Quero Apache” is the most comprehensive book on Native American spiritual practices this reviewer has ever come across. This amazing book is packed with  sacred information including specific prayers and meditations, in addition to twenty-four prayer wheels and easy-to-follow instructions so that you may develop and hone your own personal ritual of entering the silence.

Entering the silence is the key to the Quero Apache Snake Clan’s daily ceremony, which includes a combination of meditation, breathwork and prayer with the intent of connecting to ALL THAT IS. Author Maria Yraceburu has done an outstanding job of honoring the earth-based spiritual tradition of indigenous America by passing this mystical and once secret knowledge to you, the reader.

Yraceburu is known as one of the premier medicine women of our time. She is a “Tlish Diyan ‘tsanti, a storyteller, healer, ceremonial facilitator, teacher and guardian of ancient Snake Clan knowledge that has been passed down through countless generations. She says that when performed properly, this ritual of “entering the silence” becomes a path to self-realization and energetic attunement. A must have for every library.

Published by Inner Traditions International Bear & Company, this book is available at your local bookstore.

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