Your Emotional Health
By Nancy Elizabeth Brady



Cultures who live close to the earth interact with nature with an undeniable sense of the Creator’s presence. Whether it is the spirit of the land or the sun god that is being appreciated, native cultures respect the God in all life.

Not too long ago I received a powerful message that supports ancient cultural beliefs of the God-presence in all creation. A friend of mine has transitioned back to spirit, so I asked him if he could convey to me in an understandable way what God is like from his expanded perspective. I immediately received a visual and kinesthetic sense of energy coming through multiple channels converging to form a dream-like sphere here on earth. This etheric sphere contained a representation of me with energy flowing through me creating the circumstances in my life. Nature, as represented in this dream-like picture, portrayed the same energy flowing through it. In that same instant, I heard the words “God is all creation manifest.”

The strength of that feeling has stayed with me. With this visual image of all life as an expression of God, I reconnected with the phenomenal opportunity we have here on earth. Each and every moment is a chance for us to manifest God in new and different ways. But how can we manifest God clearly if we are not actively present due to the stresses of life?

Creation occurs in every instant of time, but creating with consciousness takes place when we are present. The current moment is where our empowerment lies. In fact, every thought we think is creative, moment by moment. As human beings, our path gives us opportunities to stay present in the midst of internal and external diversions. Certainly, the pace of life today offers challenges in this area. This is compounded by the very nature of our mental body that prefers to live in the past. But when we stay present through conscious intent, one step at a time, we can heal the past and lessen distracting interference. This assists us to use our essential creative energy as a tool to bring more love to the world through our own processes.

In a child meditation program I facilitated, one young girl provided a good example of this. We started out with an exercise to stretch our bodies as if we were flowers and trees reaching for the sun. This child exclaimed, “Oh, I’m a happy, pink flower and I can feel the sun shining in me.” Glowing with enthusiasm, she opened her arms to the others in the room and said, “Now I can send this sunshine to all the other flowers here.” This child was very present with her experience in the moment and instinctually knew that feeling love inside is the starting place for sharing it with others.

 It seems to me that that’s exactly what life is about. We are filled with the Creator’s love and it’s up to us to recognize it and share it with the world. Being clear with ourselves and free of hindrances from the past lets us manifest life into being with clarity and vision. Just as the native cultures of our world envisioned God in every aspect of existence, we have the capability to manifest God, as love, through our everyday lives. By doing this we can enrich and honor the God in all life, especially our own.

Nancy Elizabeth Brady is an intuitive and practitioner in the spiritual art of healing. For over 10 years, she has assisted others in healing the root cause of disorders and returning to health. She can be contacted at (949) 487-1551 or by visiting 

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