Voices of Hope
The Original Instructions
By Audrey Hope



If you can stand in the sun, talk to the trees, listen to the voice of silence, hear the whispering wind, and know in that space — that we are all one, that life is sacred, that all you do matters, and that God is in everything — then you are in the religion of nature, and in the blessings of the Native American soul.

And when you can commune in this way, with the great mystery in the depth of your own heart, you are in the communion necessary to save the world.

Indian, is the Spanish word “indios” and it means “in god.” Never was there a more spiritual people. There were 600 different tribes in North America before the Europeans came and wiped the Indians out in the name of Christianity. When the Europeans arrived they described the land as a great wilderness, despite the fact that thousands lived here. This holocaust, the genocide of the Indians, was the forerunning plan for Hitler. We were taught that people came here for religious freedom, but they came here to get rich.

This lie, this big untruth, is catching up with us. Today we stand at the crossroads — will we choose disintegration or spirituality?  The Indian prophesies tell us that if we don’t return to the true path, align with the earth and her cries, and clean up the mess, Mother Nature will cleanse herself. And we already hear her in the wars, the earthquakes, the tornadoes, the torments of the human being.

The future is our active choice. Our ability to choose anew is the single most empowering force to grace our world. If we can change the thinking that allows the conditions to be present, we can transform any prophesy and we can heal.

No matter what we did to these beautiful people, we could not take away what they still stand for — the purity, the integrity, the honor, the grace of being human. The deep truth is that we wish we could have their honest eyes and their heart that knows how to follow the rhythms of God.

The Native American still represents what we could be, should be, might become...if we follow the original instructions — Honor the earth. Honor each other.  We are all one.

Audrey Hope is a spiritual counselor at Passages Rehab in Malibu and is the host of ‘REAL WOMEN,’ an international TV talk show dedicated to life-altering perspectives that can transform our world.  E-mail Hopesvoice@aol.com   

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