Stress, Anxiety and Depression
By Alex Strande, ND, Ph.D.



Stress can be defined as a physical, emotional or mental tension. 63% of Americans work more than 40 hours per week (according to a study done by Expedia). 40% of Americans work more than 50 hours per week (according to a study done by the National Sleep Foundation). We work 2.5 more weeks a year than the Japanese and three months more than the Europeans. No wonder we drop dead from stress! It happens via coronary disease, autoimmune diseases, cancer and long-term anxiety and depression that are typically covered up by pharmaceutical drugs.

Anxiety is a neurotic disorder characterized by apprehension, uncertainty and fear. Anxieties can be elevated to attacks of intense panic. In acute panic attacks a person experiences an alarm of terror for no obvious reason which may supercede rational thought. Somatic changes can be present with this type of anxiety including heart palpitations, chest pains, cold sweats, tremors, dizziness, nausea, diarrhea, hyperventilation, generalized fatigue, insomnia, pains, hypoglycemia and problems maintaining concentration. Anxiety can be a result of long-term unresolved stress.

Depression can be characterized by a loss of interest or pleasure in most or all of usual activities. Associated symptoms may include: feeling hopeless, decreased or increased appetite, weight loss or gain, insomnia, agitation, decreased libido or energy, feelings of guilt, inability to make a decision and repeated thoughts of death. Depression can come on suddenly or over a long period of time.

The bad news is that most people have a combination of all three rather than just one. Long term unresolved stress and emotional upheavals will eventually cause a serious disease. Is throwing pharmaceutical drugs on top of this going to resolve it? Of course not, but this is the only option offered by traditional medicine. The good news is there are alternatives that are more powerful, better lasting, actually healing and not just relieving that donít have dangerous side effects.

I use concentrated liquid botanical extracts from Australia because the environment there is so much cleaner. These concentrated liquid herbs are therapeutic, meaning they work very quickly (typically you will notice a difference within a few days) and you will not have to wait weeks or months for symptoms to subside as you would with traditional pharmaceutical drugs. I also use pre-digested proteins called amino acids, a very powerful group of nutrients. Among them you will find fat metabolizers, brain neuro-transmitter activators, energizers and sedatives. All you need to do is use them in a therapeutic manner. Most over-the-counter supplements are not what would be classified as therapeutic doses (dosages that actually work and heal), which is why people who experiment with herbs, vitamins and supplements do not get the dramatic results you would with an experienced Naturopath. The good news is stress, anxiety and depression are one of the easier conditions to successfully resolve with Naturopathy.

We actually treated many illnesses with herbs and natural remedies for hundreds of years, but since WWII we got so excited by the new antibiotic drugs that we forgot all about these natural remedies. A lot of these pharmaceutical approaches are wonderful discoveries, but we shouldnít throw out these ancient natural remedies that have been working for thousands of years.

Guess what? Herbs have been healing people without any scientific studies approved by the FDA. Who cares why they work? Herbs heal with no side effects. They were provided on earth by God to eat and heal. Itís funny how we have forgotten this. Could it be because we cannot patent it and make billions of dollars off of one type of drug that would treat stress, anxiety or depression?

If you have tried everything, either orthodox or holistic approaches, and are still not well, there is a reliable, safe and happy alternative. These concentrated liquid botanicals nourish your central nerve system, your autonomic nerve system, your adrenal glands, and take care of your stress, anxiety and depression. Since these liquid botanicals and nutrients are loaded with vitamins, minerals and micro-nutrients that are so powerful the side effects will be enhanced memory, younger looking skin, better concentration, and more energy. Now arenít these side effects you can live with?

Alex Strande, N.D., Ph.D., is a naturopath and a microbiologist. His office is in Irvine, California. He can be contacted for questions and appointments at (949) 553-1882 or you may visit his website .

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