Relationship S.O.S
Rev. Margaret Mohit Speaks on Love, Marriage & Sex
By Maryel McKinley



When I was browsing around the bookstore at Unity Community Church in Laguna, I came across a marvelous tape series by Rev. Margaret Mohit entitled “Love, Marriage and Sex.” As a relationships counselor and student of metaphysics, the first thing that came to my head was “This is going to be great!” — and it certainly was as it exceeded my initial expectations.

Designed to be a one-month learning process, there are four tapes in the series, one for each week with a printed worksheet enclosed giving suggestions for daily study until the next week’s cassette lesson. Week #1 is called Mars & Venus — How it all began, followed by Week #2 — What Women Wish Men Knew, Week #3 — What Men Wish Women Knew, and Week #4 — After the Honeymoon. Also included is Making Love Last. In

Week #1, Rev. Mohit draws from a book in the Bible known as the Song of Solomon, which is an entire book devoted to the love between a man and a woman. She states “Certainly scripture uses marriage and the love of man and woman as a metaphor for God’s love for us, but what is more likely is that God included this book in the scriptures to affirm beauty and sacredness of the love shared between man and woman.”

Then Rev. Margaret draws a unique inference from the Song of Solomon. We all know this poignant and beautiful passage in the Bible was written by a woman, but Rev. Mohit suggests evidence is strong that the woman who wrote it was of African descent, and that Solomon was most likely Caucasian in appearance, signifying an interracial marriage and thereby describing God’s love for all of us!

Week #2 is designed as an exercise for men. She suggests that the man sit with his partner and ask her “What can I do for you that would bless and encourage you? When do you feel closest to me? Are there things I do that push you away?” And then she encourages the man to take out his wife on a date, surprising his wife by arranging for the childcare! I’ll bet there are many readers out there right now saying WOW, I want my man to do this! The biblical reading for week two is the popular I Corinthians on LOVE — a passage many people include in their wedding vows.

Rev. Margaret then gently explains that “Men and women experience love differently. Women experience love through sharing feelings and thoughts and having a partner listen and who is interested in them.” Because of this, she suggests to the husbands that they “Call or e-mail your wife at work and let her know you were thinking of her and you love her.” She then suggests that before you go to bed “Ask her about her day, her dreams, and her thoughts. Listen to her. Turn the TV off and actually focus on her . . . don’t try to solve her problems or resolve her issues — just listen and express concern.”

Week #3 has exercises for women, so we can understand what it is men want. The first thing she suggests is to “pray for your partner, and ask God to give him a blessing each week.” Then Rev. Margaret goes on to explain that men experience love and feel closest to their wives during sexual intimacy, “especially when the partner initiates it.” In a survey done at Unity Community Church of Laguna, she discovered men appreciate a woman’s touch that is non-sexual as well as sexual. She advises that we find out ways our loved one likes to be touched — “whether it be a back rub, holding or snuggling.”

Further research showed Rev. Margaret that “For both men and women it is important to have a division of labor reflective of each partner’s time, gifts and abilities. So if there are some chores your partner usually does, why not do it for him or her, and give them a blessing straight from your heart?”

Finally, Week #4 is about “After the Honeymoon.” The reading for this week is the infamous “Sermon on the Mount.” For serious students of metaphysics there is an excellent metaphysical interpretation of The Sermon on the Mount written in a book with same name by Emmett Fox. After reading the scripture Rev. Margaret asks married couples to “Consider the meaning of these scriptures for your relationship with your partner. If you are single, consider the significance of this scripture for your life and the way you relate to others.

She closes this insightful section with a question — ask yourselves, “Have I been trying to take the speck out of your eye when I have a log in my own?” As a marriage counselor, I’ve found this to be one of the most important tools I have used since listening to the tapes and doing the work-sheet.

I highly recommend this tape series to all in a relationship, and those looking for a relationship. If you are interested in meeting Rev. Margaret Mohit in person, she gives inspiring sermons every Sunday at Unity Community Church of Laguna.

Dr. Maryel McKinley is a Doctor of Philosophy in Counseling, and has a private practice in Costa Mesa, CA. For a free counseling consultation she may be reached at (949) 887-7957. She also does telephone counseling. Or see . Rev. Margaret Mohit is the senior minister at Unity Community Church in Laguna, where all spiritual paths are honored. For information about Sunday services or weekly events call (949) 472-9230, for crisis hotline prayer requests call (949) 472-8105.

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