Ending the Cycle of
Re-Creating the Familiar
By Kathleen Downey,  Shamanic Counselor/Past-Life Therapist



Our will to survive illness, to meet our full potential and materialize our dreams is the miracle we oftentimes pray for; yet we undermine ourselves by our emotion. Fear is the emotion that undermines our will to survive and prosper. Fear of the unknown keeps us securely held in our familiar. Fear of being unloved or accepted for who we are keeps us enslaved by beliefs and behavior patterns that may not be our own. We may unconsciously role play in every relationship that same part we have played from birth and before, throughout our past-lifetimes.

Allowing ourselves to re-create the familiar,  the “old” family until we feel love or acceptance from that familiar, is a theme we have seen in literature, as a reflection of our lives, throughout the ages. The Oedipus trilogy written by Sophocles in 441 B.C. is a potent demonstration of this. Oedipus kills his father and marries his mother. He takes his father’s identity in an effort to gain the love he has always longed for from the woman who gave birth to him.

In the ancient story of the Odyssey Odysseus was carried away by the sea meeting challenges of his ego identity for more than half his lifetime before he reached the fiery depths of the earth,  there, in a place that symbolizes the depths of his own soul,  he faced his mother’s spirit so he could release from it and her beliefs, her issues and ideas of who he was and move on, committed to his own life and new family. If we examine our relationships and the personality and energy we are drawn to in a partner, we will see that it is the personality of one of our parents. Most often it is our mother’s personality we have called for in a partner. We are re-creating the “old” family until that personality, we have called in to replace the familiar personality of one of our parents,  admits to the wrong we feel it has done us and/or finally loves us the way we believe we need to be loved.

There is a safety net involved in playing the same role we have always played, we will never have to face the inherent fear that has run throughout the family for generations causing similar generational illnesses and weakness in the body. We will never risk being ousted from the family for being “different” or “The Black Sheep” by creating our own belief systems.

Through Shamanic journey work we have an opportunity to look at the Past-Life our soul has experienced, acknowledge the role we have been playing and how it has not served us then,  most importantly, recognize the need for change. Aside from intellectual knowledge we will also experience a substantial shift in energy. This shift allows us to not only create a healthy boundary from taking on the energy and issues of others, it will also facilitate our claim to personal power. When we give ourselves permission to separate from the familiar and develop our individuality and creativity we start creating miracles, including health and prosperity, in our lives now.

Many years ago a client came to me with an issue of feeling stuck in her life. She was helped considerably with Soul Retrieval and Past-Life work. Her husband’s affection and supportiveness,  something that should have made her happy, bothered her. After discovering her present history and gaining back the energy she had lost in the present through Soul Retrieval, I found that she had brought a considerable amount of energy into this life from the past which quickly manifested in kidney malfunction. She lost one of her kidneys when she was three,  the year her brother was born. The Kidney system energies are the inherited energies that unite past, present and future and bind all three in the individual person with the roles they have played and continue to throughout their energetic/soul history. The Kidney system also has a psychological vulnerability to fear.

Through the Past-Life journey we discovered that her brother had buried her alive in the past. After research we learned that this was a common occurrence in North African/Middle Eastern desert tribes in times of war. The situation we found involved infidelity on her part in the past. She admitted that in the present she had been involved in a long-term affair while being married and had a deep and discomforting dislike of her brother from the time she was very young. We worked on this for six months after which time she became devoted to her husband and was able to release the anger for her brother which she had been projecting onto her husband. Through the healing of this energy between herself and her brother she found a dormant creative gift in art and blossomed as an artist very quickly having a successful first show within a year.

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