Your Hands Can Heal You
By Eric Robins, M.D.



In the often-irreverent language of the operating room, JM was “circling the drain.” Quite simply, he was going to die. A 41-year-old man who had been hospitalized for gall bladder surgery in the Los Angeles medical center where I worked, JM had developed a host of serious post-operative complications: yeast sepsis (a blood infection fatal 70 percent of the time), a blood clot in the lung (fatal nearly 60 percent of the time) and multiple enterocutaneous fistulae (openings in his abdominal wall through which intestinal fluid was leaking). In addition, he had daily fever spikes of up to 104 degrees, constant nausea, and vomiting.

Three months earlier, I had taken a class called  “Introduction to Pranic Healingsm,” an energy-medicine system that teaches people to manipulate the body’s prana, or vital force, to facilitate healing. I remembered vividly our instructor’s confidence in the system. Master Pranic Healer Stephen Co, one of the world’s top practitioners, frequently urged us to “do the practice and look for the results; don’t take my word for it that it works.”

 I had practiced, and I had produced a few results, but nothing spectacular. However, I had used it only to relax some of my patients who were nervous, stressed or anxious. I had never tried it on anyone with a substantial health problem. After watching JM languishing in the intensive care unit for months, though, and knowing that his surgeon held little hope for his survival, I decided to put Pranic Healing to a real test. I asked JM’s surgeon if I could try “something different” with his patient; he agreed.

At that time, I was making a name for myself around the hospital as an advocate for alternative healing methods alongside traditional Western scientific medicine. To be sure, my advocacy did not sit well with some of my colleagues. Although some physicians accept alternative and complementary medical treatments today, many remain skeptical. But being a board-certified urologist and surgeon with a reputation for a rigorously scientific approach to diagnosis and treatment — and having the backing of an open-minded department chief — I knew that I had the support to promote my beliefs.

If some of my more progressive physician colleagues had peeked through the curtains I drew around JM’s bed as I began his treatment, however, they might have wondered if I weren’t trying something a little too different. They would have seen me standing a few feet away from JM, moving my hands swiftly and silently in the air around his illness-ravaged body. Some of the movements I made were smooth and circular; others were sharp and angular. Every so often, I moistened my hands with a spray bottle filled with alcohol lightly scented with lavender. I waved my arms around JM like this for almost 30 minutes.

I must confess that as I left JM’s bedside, I wasn’t sure what type of results I had produced. I knew, however, that I had kept an open mind and a positive attitude, and that I had followed the instructions I had learned in the Pranic Healing class.

The next day JM’s fever and nausea were gone. The scientist in me, of course, wondered if it had been some type of spontaneous remission, because such things occasionally happen. Outwardly, I was cool and detached, the professional physician. Inside, I was tremendously excited; I couldn’t help but think that Pranic Healing did work. I also couldn’t wait to get back and apply another treatment.

To make a long story short, after one week of daily Pranic Healing treatments, JM’s pulse rate and pulmonary function stabilized. After two more weeks of Pranic Healing treatments, he strengthened visibly. Within a month, he was healthy enough to undergo a final surgery to repair his fistulae. Defying the predictions of his physicians, JM made a full recovery. Today, nearly three years later, he stops by my office occasionally just to say hello.

A miracle? To those who hold a strictly traditional Western view of medical science, perhaps. Not to me. Not now. Not after what I’ve seen accomplished with Pranic Healing.

For you to be successful at self-healing, all you need do is observe that same routine: keep an open mind, perform the routine and exercises as they are described, and practice regularly so that you are ready to use them when you need to.

If you follow this routine, you will realize what thousands of people who have learned Pranic Healing have discovered: Your hands can heal you.

Dr. Eric Robins is a board certified urologist practicing at Kaiser Permanente Hospital in the South Bay area. He and Master Stephen Co have trained over 120 doctors and nurses in the science of Pranic Healing. For more information please call: U.S. Pranic Healing Ctr. 1 (888) 4-PRANIC.

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