Who Will Save The “Lungs” of the Earth?
I will, said John Easterling
By Mother Earth, Rain Morgan



I am the Earth. I no longer exist in the pristine order and the wondrous beauty that I once displayed to the entire universe. I am aware that this is true, as I feel the pain, deep, in nearly every inch of myself. My waters are polluted, the streams and rivers are unable to support my fishes, even in the deepest oceans, has human kind managed to spread disease.

There are great caverns torn in my soil, so that the powers of the fluids in my body may fuel the machines that destroy the air. Air, that is not only required by people and animals, but by life as a whole. The air is part of my body also. It is one component, another micro of the macro. Just as blood is a part of the body, but not the body itself, so is air a part of my whole being.

Now, like all bodies, existence is still possible after losing a part, some parts, unfortunately, air is not one of them. Like air, another essential part of my body are my forests. They literally hold creation together. My roots keep the soil up and out of the waters. My leaves produce the gases needed for all to breathe, and even when they are in a state of decay, they support life on the ground.

Well, I am not telling this story to go over what is wrong on earth; it is to tell of what is right.

We have established that things were not going well on Pan, which is what earth was called many aeons ago. (Def. aeon; one breath of the Creator) Creation was moving at breakneck speed, people were multiplying exponentially and there were “issues” developing.

The ones we are most concerned with for this story are greed, control and envy with a lust for power and wealth, to name just a few. To make matters worse it did not take long for stronger beings to learn that some of the greatest sources of wealth are contained in, and on my body. There have been gold rushes and oil rushes, rushes of every kind. Who could be the first and get the most? Something had to be done! It became quite apparent, that if Mother Earth was going to get things turned around, if She were going to survive, then a champion would be required, a person with a strong sense of heart and will, was needed to rise to the task of saving Her.

As I cruised around my body one afternoon, I stopped at the Rainforest and took a long look and a deep feel. There was big trouble in one of my most important parts. Trees were being cut, (there goes the air) and herbs and plant life of every sort, plowed under. The true healing medicines were being plundered from my earth.

 I now hurried to the Father of Creation and said, show me someone to help, there must be some human being who will come to the earth’s rescue. Several extraordinary beings came to mind, all worthy, but our story is about one, his name, John Easter-ling. “Amazon John”.

The Father and I looked at him and found him worthy to take on the immense task of balancing the situation that was occurring in the Rainforest. We saw him as strong and intelligent, with a good and kind heart. John always had an interest in the world of metaphysics, so he did not get caught up in dogma and superstition. This allowed him to see the beauty We put before him in our minerals and art works. We enticed him with wonderful things from the land where he was most needed, the great Amazonian Rainforest.

As he was growing up and becoming a young man, Spirit showed him pictures of lost cities of gold and the buried treasures of precious stones. We whispered of mysteries and legends from a long past civilization of the Incas, and even before. Goddessence, dangled the proverbial carrot before John’s mind, which was ripe with adventure and full of motivation to get “it all”. What was most important about John Easterling, as far as Mother Earth could feel, was his Heart. She had much to work with, and a plan came into being.

It was not so much a problem, to get John Easterling to the Amazon, as it was to get him noticed by the right peoples, when he arrived. How to get John, the tribes, the trees, the herbs and the issues (whew) all together, had to be decided. The answer came in the form of a tiny spotted tick. One was asked to take on the job of biting him, which would give him a terrible fever and leave him with a liver problem, and yes you guessed it, get him noticed by the tribal medicine men. There was quite a space in time, between the biting and the healing, but we all made it.

It was in the seventies, when John formed his company, The Raiders of The Lost Art. It was his dream to find the lost treasures in the Amazon, and export them back to the U.S. He did just that with great success. There were many things to choose from, each tribe had its own wealth of items which would be snapped up by people back in the states, some wanting cool things for their homes, and some wanting warm things to wear on their bodies. There was definitely a market for the plentiful art found in South America.

There was nothing different about the day Amazon John went to visit the Shapibo Indians. He was looking at painted textiles, monkey bones and the usual array of wonders that each tribe has to offer. Perhaps there was one slight difference, this time the Indians were looking back at him. They could see the state of health that John had been in for some time. Since the time of the fever, he had not felt the vitality of his old self. The energy just was not as high, and he often had a low-grade fever, with a weakness in his joints and muscles. His liver was suffering.

The tribal medicine men looked at him closely, they began to speak to him of his health. An herbal tea was concocted, and they told him to go away and drink this tea for ten days. This is when it all began, or ended, for Amazon John Easterling, he had found the true treasure of the rainforest. It was growing right under his feet, and his nose. The plants and herbs of the natural forest were growing everywhere, and so many different kinds, almost too many to number.

John’s health had not only improved, but was better than ever before. What about this tea, which John calls the Shapibo Treasure Tea. Well, it contains Una de Gato, perhaps one of the single most important immune augmenting, anti-oxidant botanicals of our time. Una de Gato, has traditionally been used successfully to treat asthma, skin problems, diabetes, prostate problems, HIV, arthritis and female hormonal problems, to name only a few. Another herb contained in the tea is Stevia, it balances blood sugar levels, and reduces cravings for sweets. Try it in your regular tea, instead of sugar or honey.

John sold his company and formed a new one. Along with a new company came a new life. He began meeting with the tribal elders all over the Rainforest, giving them a plan for saving their lands and homes. Helping them to learn how to farm and harvest the crops of herbs growing naturally on there own land. In many instances, helping them to get deeds to the lands that they have lived on for centuries. A great relationship between the indigenous people, their land, and the whole earth has formed, a bond that will ever be strong. John has played a major part in saving the rainforest from the timber companies, the cattle ranchers and all the rest who would come in to rape and plunder the great forest. In forming the Amazon Herb Company, John gave the indigenous peoples just what they needed to sustain their way of life and to become prosperous at the same time.

Is the problem totally solved? Well not yet, John is working on it.

Amazon John Easterling found more than he had gone a-treasure-hunting for. A new consciousness had arisen and the whole earth was the better for it. Now when asked what prosperity consciousness means, John’s answer is this: True prosperity comes when we love and make positive contributions to the causes of our choice. It is when we stand up and take action and responsibility, starting with ourselves. We are no longer willing to see ourselves as victims, and we do not come from the place of fear and greed. We ask the question, what can I contribute, so that I might be part of the solution, and that we might all express at our highest potential.

Amazon John, we bless you.

In John’s own words; Our objective as a company is to have positive impact on the entire Amazonian basin, and on entire indigenous groups, which at the turn of the century was approximately ten million, and has now dwindled to 200,000. Many of the tribes have been wiped out entirely, some have simply moved away. So at this point we are on a mission of empowerment going back to the Amazonian basin, because we are sitting on a treasure house of what can reverse the degenerative issues of the twenty-first century.

We see ourselves as links in a chain which facilitate two things; first, the flow of these botanical treasures that are making a huge difference in the lives of people and their health, their mental acuity and their longevity. And secondly, there is a circle of benefit going back to the Amazon so the people of indigenous communities are being empowered again for the first time, and they are now able to step up and make new choices into the twenty-first century.

Everyone knows there is a problem in the rainforest. The key is this, we can make a positive impact, and come from a place of love and contribution because we can ask this question, what makes the rainforest worth saving? The answer is what is in the forest makes it absolutely critical to the future evolution of our species. It is the triterpenes, the alkaloids, the glycosides and other things that can act on the body to reverse the aging process. Things that help boost the immune system and support the adrenals, the hypothalamus, the thyroid and the reproductive systems.

We are experiencing life based on the level of nutrition in the food we consume. When we put a higher grade of food into our bodies, we are able to do things we have not been able to do before. We can heal disease in our bodies. When people assign a value to that, then the rainforest becomes more valuable alive than dead. It is much more valuable than the lumber, or the gold, or the art.

John is asking for our help in this time to come. Help to make the Amazonian peoples the wealthiest in the world, not wealth like most people think, but wealthy because they can live on their land and do not have to sell out to whoever brings in the largest briefcase of cash.  

There are some 200,000 plant species in Amazonian rainforest, only three percent are being looked at for their medicinal qualities. The drug manufacturers study the plants to see what works naturally, and then make a synthetic version, because they cannot patent a natural plant and make billions of dollars.

Last, but by no means least, the author of this article, believes it important to note; the AMAZON HERB COMPANY’S BIO-ENERGETICS line is monitored throughout the entire process. The harvesting is done in a pure and natural environment and acquired from the indigenous peoples of the land. A botanist confirms genus and species; the botanicals are then documented, packed in sealed containers, and shipped to the U.S. The herbs are then processed according to the ancient “spagyric” principles, traditionally know as “plant alchemy”. At no time is any plant ever exposed to any chemical or irradiation. There are no colorings or flavorings, and they do not contain fillers. These products maintain their integrity and power to the last step, when they are ingested, and the whole earth is the better for it.

For more information on these products, call (800) 362-3975 or check out www.rainforestbio.com  or www.amazonherbcompany.com 

Rain Morgan also endeavors to help the earth by doing a radio show every Wednesday from 5-6 p.m. on KUCI 88.9 FM and live on the web at KUCI.ORG.  When not doing radio, she gives workshops, holds meditations on Tuesday evenings and sees clients who require healings and spiritual advice. For more information, please call (714)         .

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