Voices of Hope
By Audrey Hope



“I dedicate this to my sisters and courageous friends, who made it to the other side.”

The other day, my teacher told me that on Saturday, May 18th at 8 P.M., the new divine feminine energy had hit the planet. This is energy that had not been on earth for millions of years, since the time of Atlantis, but was now allowed to spill forth, because of the amazing soul evolution of people. We had acclimated enough to accept a gift of high frequency.

Now, I don’t need to be a Californian, or a spiritual counselor to speak this language, or to know that this is true. I am a grounded New Yorker and I know that the resurgence of the woman’s power and her authentic voice has been teetering to come home for a long time. Her inner voice has been getting louder and louder, and I am happy, that she is finally seated on her throne.

We will probably notice her arrival, because the culture has tipped the balance too far in one direction. The male energy controlled the scale, and she could not climb up the mountain. But today, she is home. And she won’t try to get the kingdom back, either. The re-balancing will only make her tall enough to see others, eye to eye. She just wants what she wanted all along — peace within herself, for her children, for the world, and the man beside her.

The woman’s fight to her own power has been painful. (No, that is not true, “pain” is too light a word.) How about excruciating, and suffering like being thrown into a cage with insects, snakes, bats and rats? Does that describe it better? She had to see a lot in the mirror, and had to make many adjustments. She had to look at the past and see where she dropped her power. She had to make it known that there would be new rules for the treatment of her. She had to lose a lot. And she probably scared a lot of people. But mostly herself, because her new speech had a lion’s roar in it.

The woman had to take the “lighted” road, even if she did not want to. The divine feminine energy is serious. It asks and needs women to be who they truly are — women with power. It will not wait any longer. If this truth is avoided, more suffering will result. Life will send messages in the wind and whisper — “Look, see, be silent no more. Reclaim who you are.” And if you did not hear, I am sure they sent a Mack truck to your door. They sent a few to mine.

Is this true? Ask around. Listen to what women are saying. I work with hundreds of women, and they all have the same story to their power. I am almost thinking that it is a cultural phenomenon. We as women, have lost our voice — to find it. We gave a person or situation our power — so we could get it back. We were down- so we could get up. We used the outside world — to wander with-in. We hurt in our throats, and solarplexus, from the loudness of our quiet.

Many times, we wanted to ask others to come up the stairs with us. We wanted them to hold our hands. Some refused. Some tried to take us down the stairs. Some tried to throw us down. Some tried to confuse us, so that we wouldn’t walk. Some were supposed to supply the push. Some just told us we could never do it. And with some, with strength from the heavens, we had to say our good-byes.

It is a new time. The earth has been spinning faster and faster with the new high frequency of divine love. It is trying to take over our body. Can you feel it?  Are you spinning? Are you changing and facing old issues? Did you quit your job? Are you being forced to move? Are you dizzy? You see, this transformation is not an intellectual experience. It is forcing us into the indestructible power and essence of our hearts. Suffering blesses us to power. Are you taking the bait?

Women have heeded the call. The path of the goddess is complete. She is restored. She loves herself again. She can breathe, again. I wonder what she will do now. Perhaps, she will save the world.

And here is my prayer:
“DEAR MOTHER/FATHER GOD, I speak for many and in gratitude. Thank you for the lessons. I did not know that when I came to LA, or when I came to earth, that I was not really looking for success and fame — but it was my voice. It was my voice that I had always wanted. And many wo-men tell me that they feel the same. So thank you, Mother God, for loving us enough to bring us pain enough to move on the road to power. We are restored. It was worth all the pain. Amen “

Audrey Hope is a spiritual counselor. Please write to hopesvoice@aol.com  with stories of hope in our city.

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