By Ralph Carpio



Have you ever had repeated or consistent failures in a specific area of life? It could be a matter of trying to lose weight, landing a better job, getting a raise, meeting a compatible mate or finishing an important project. There is a wonderful tool, a life principle I call the secret of before. This is how it works.

Imagine you are at a major-league baseball game. The batter steps up to the plate ready to score a home run. Does he stand with the bat in front of his body? No. Does he stand with it directly adjacent to his body? No.

He positions the bat behind his body in order to build momentum. He needs to back up in order to build the force required to drive the ball over the fence. The energy is built before he hits the ball.

The same principle applies when it comes to bowling. Do you stand at the foul line with your arm aside your body and toss the ball? No. You begin by standing several paces behind the point of release. Your arm is also arched behind you, again in order to build momentum. In both cases, note that there is energy built up before impact.

Metaphysically speaking, this same momentum or building of energy is needed in order to impact something into creation. This is because creating or manifesting is a two-part process. I like to call this the inside/outside process. In other words, it takes an inner force to work with the outer force.

It takes an internal energy to work with your surface action. Much like an iceberg in the ocean. The tip that you see is only a small fraction of the mountain underneath the surface. The immensity of the iceberg is not visible from the surface. It’s the same with your creative power; its immensity is not “visible” from the surface.

This is because we are not surface creatures. We are cause and effect creatures who work from a very deep level. How can you apply this in your everyday life? You identify if you are attempting to cause something from solely a surface level. Again, this can be the weight loss, pay raise, better job, etc. Your power is in aligning your thoughts, opinions and viewpoints before your surface action.

Can you see now how attempting things from solely a surface level has only been half of the equation needed?

There is an enormous mountain of energy deep within you and this energy will determine what you will or won’t manifest. With an allowing energy built up inside you, you will be amazed at how you can manifest that which has eluded you until now. The secret of before can change your life.

Ralph Carpio is the author of “The Constant Creator In You”, published by Rainbow Books. To read more about your creative power or to contact him, please visit .

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