Never Old
Tips on Keeping Mind and Body Young
By Jesse Anson Dawn



Jesse Anson Dawn, author of the national award-winning book, Never “Old”,  plus The Rejuvenator’s Bible, speaks out about a most stirring subject: how to counteract the unwanted effects of “aging.”

Presently answering the Question: “Along with the pineal, what is the other “master gland” which directs the body’s self-renewing power?”

Dear Readers,
Central brain-power, the key and internal starting point to true and natural rejuvenation of the body, has two master-directors: 1. the pineal, the powerful, self-renewing organ which we shed exploratory light on in the previous issue of Awareness, and 2. the controversial, bean-sized “master gland” — the phenomenal pituitary.

Yes indeed, good things do come in small packages, and this axiom surely applies to this organ which produces no less than six vital hormones, all while it rivals the pineal for mastery of the body’s re-creating power. And yet despite the pituitary’s ability to produce essential substances so powerful and uniquely complicated that science may never be able to fully duplicate them, even this “master gland” has received its share of belittlement and disrespect.

To begin with, the name “pituitary” was derived from a Latin word meaning “nasal secretion,” called that because of its location above the nasal passages, where-by they originally thought it secreted mucus. Thus they (whoever “they” are) wrongly blamed this producer of crucial hormones for no less than the common “cold.”

As again we see how “scientific” misunderstandings of vital organs can confuse and belittle their importance and effect. Most important to realize here, is the fact such organs are not merely “automatic” in their re-creating power, but largely depend on how one perceives them. This is why I continually emphasize the importance of knowing where hormones come from, and how they are creatively and naturally radiated throughout the body, rather than the unnatural, outside — in “hormone replacement” touted by the greedy gravy-train of the “whatever-makes-money” chemo-surgical empire.

Indeed, instead of falling for the old “medicine-show” scam which thrives on keeping us in the dark about how the body renews itself naturally, let’s look further into a truly powerful, inborn influence — the mighty pituitary. To begin, I’ll again refer to that excellent Oxford University text, Biology: A Human Approach (a book so thorough it even pictures and describes the long-misunderstood pineal) — a book which describes the main duties of the pituitary thusly:

1. Produces and activates human growth hormone (HGH) — a substance which, among other things, determines how tall we get by effecting bone growth, while it also influences total bodily renewal. Note: because unnatural intake of this powerful hormone can be a precursor to the abnormal cell growth now called “cancer,” I strongly disagree with recent claims that artificial ingestion of this hormone is a “safe” and “effective” rejuvenator. Indeed, I say do it the natural way, through mindpower, for mind-over-body IS the truly  safe and effective wave of the future.

2. This gland produces and activates endorphins (an internal substance more potent than morphine), a substance which, as many now know, blesses us with highly effective self-elimination of pain and discomfort. (Note: any mothers out there who feel that labor pains are the body’s way of dealing you a very low blow, you should probably know this: research reveals that the pituitary comes to the rescue, whereby its endorphin production increases tremendously during the entire process of childbirth).

3. Produces and activates follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), a hormone which, when in its natural, mind-energized state, helps stimulate hair growth.

4. Produces and activates luteinizing hormones, the ones which stimulate estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and sperm production.

5. Produces and activates ACTH, the adrenocorticotropic (now that’s a mouthful) hormone—an internal substance which effects skin condition, adrenal glands, mammary glands and the liver.

6. Produces and activates thyrotrophic hormones, the hormones which regulate calcium levels in the bloodstream.

7. Produces and activates antidiuretic hormone (ADH) — a vital ingredient which controls the water absorption of all bodily cells.

And all these functions are merely what is well-documented! Indeed, if we let the mind think about itself, we come to realize that one’s body has TWO central masters, the pituitary as the physical body maestro, and the pineal as the energy body, metaphysical maestro. AND TO UNDERSTAND THE WORKINGS OF TRUE REJUVENATION ENOUGH TO PURPOSELY ACTIVATE IT, BOTH THE PHYSICAL AND METAPHYSICAL CENTERS OF THE BODY NEED TO BE CLEARLY UNDERSTOOD AND THUS ACTIVATED.

Or else it’s like trying to operate an appliance with a negative ground minus a positive charge, thereby creating what is called (in electrical terms) a “short circuit” — KA-BLOOEY! — a malfunctioning mechanism which may need continuous repairs. For when people have minimal understanding of the human body, we are forced into paying a high price for others to understand it. But when you pay someone else to tinker with and perceive your body, a vital spark can be lost (a spark aligned with what this chapter re-minded you to take a peek at by closing your eyes) — that same spark which needs to be seen and felt  in order to be focused and activated, because—

Feeling Is Energy
I feel so good about this statement that I want to say it again with added emphasis — feeling is energy! — or as the ageless Paramhansa Yogananda put it: “The greater the will, the greater the flow of energy.” For the flow of willful energy, when it’s an effective flow, is a force that rotates, which is why wisdom from ancient India tells us that pineal/pituitary power is centered in the sixth “chakra” (“chakra” being derived from a Sanskrit word meaning “something that rotates.”) Thus the pineal/pituitary/ central-brain chakra is one’s willfully rotating  center of creative energy.

And speaking of willfully rotating, it’s time for me to rotate this article over to Awareness magazine, to you, where it can shed some valuable light on The Mystery of Mysteries: what sparks true and natural self-renewal of the human body?

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