Music Reviews
By Chuck Diliberto



Digital Bled
Tinder Records
If you are familiar with the “Rave” scene, trance-inducing music is familiar to your sensibilities. In “Caravana” a unique fusion of styles is created, carried by a steady backbeat that pulsed and throbbed with hypnotic tension. A stream of Middles-Eastern chants and rhythms formed a background of sound that was furthered and explored through street sounds and digital samples. Soundscapes flowed freely, merging the physical senses with visual imagery of exotic locales.

Digital Bled is a combination of creative disc-jockeying, fine musicianship, and well placed digital samples. The music is ambient, danceable, neo-contemporary and searching for deeper meanings. The bass sounds like a thumping heartbeat, pushing the body to move in dance-trance motion. The push is profound enough to lessen inhibitions that prevented the body from expressing itself through movement. If you allow the music to move you, the possibility of a letting go exists, transcending the limitations we place upon ourselves due to cultural obligations.

In the “Rave” scene dancing is very important to the central theme being initiated. There is no time to slow down; the body is involved in performance art, seeking new expressions and insights. “Caravana” offers the body an opportunity to do just that, dance to set your Spirit free, or in the very least, some aerobic exercise.

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Journey To The Heart
Various Artists
Domo Records
Creativity and soul are divinely precious gifts, especially when they are shared through the medium of music. “Journey to the Heart” is a collection of romantic, sensuous compositions radiating waves of feelings and quaint moods. The music slowly works its’ way into our hearts, titillating our senses by invoking an overwhelming sense of peace and well-being. Hopeless romantics take note; this music is for gentle moments of intimacy and poignancy. The interplay of a quintessential romantic evening is played out through etheric, angelic flute scenarios, and floating keyboard imagery dancing on flickering flames of passion. Soft footprints, lightly touching the stepping-stones of true love, are subtly traversing the hearts inroads. The listener is literally being led on a journey, personified by the individual talents of the various artists. Artists such as Kitaro, Shinji, and Dave Eggar have lent their immeasurable talents to this project. A Spiritual transformation beckons the openhearted listener, paving the way for love’s endless moments. Whispers and pauses yawn from the spaces between musical notes, creating an enchanted timelessness best spent floating in the clouds. Clouds of purple and blue hang effortlessly in the aura of our hearts, suspended by the magical inspirations of eternal love, breathless and free. Beautiful music is our companion as we “Journey to the Heart”, enjoy your trip.

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Didgeridoo Trance Dance
Various Artists
Music Mosaic
Techno-rock had its’ early roots in the 1980’s when Gary Newman released an androgynous, robotically paced, industrially tempered number called “Cars”. The song, if you could call it that, droned on about inanimate objects having feelings and communicating with each other. The beat was danceable and accessible, opening the door for the genesis of techno-rock and its’ eventual home in the then fledgling “Rave” scene.

In  “Didgeridoo Trance Dance”, techno-rock has been seamlessly fused with the indigenous sound and Spirit of the Australian didgeridoo. The pace is fast and furious, pushing the energy of the music into an adrenaline rush of body high. In the midst of this pulsing dance celebration, the mystical reverberating echoes of the didgeridoo lent an other-worldly pause to the incessant techno-rock beat. The result is trance-dance, a hard driving vehicle with no speed controls or physical limitations to prevent you from achieving a cathartic release. Spiritual dancing that involves the body and the soul equally, if you want to trance, you have to dance.

This CD represents techno-rock with a soul and direction. The music is invigorating and alive, vibrating at a molecular level that builds towards transcendence. Very active and bright, perfect for those with happy feet who also must feed their soul.

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Sacred Drum Visions
David & Steve Gordon
Sequoia Records
The essence of soul and the evolving journey of Spirit are often very personal experiences. In our hearts we reach for the unlimited prowess of divine guidance and insight, seeking that moment of clarity that illuminates our fears and doubts. In “Sacred Drum Visions” the Gordon brothers have compiled a list of their greatest hits, put together solely to define their experiences and to gage their journey.

Percussive instruments have always related a primal, somewhat elemental instinct that resides in our consciousness. The undulating rhythms reflect the pulse and heartbeat of unseen, yet felt, realms of consciousness. Into this realm David and Steve Gordon look to share their vision quest. The music is distinctly indigenous, relying on Native American flutes, rattles and drums to establish a grounded link to Mother Earth. Expounding this connection further, the Gordon’s have added nature sounds, synthesizer samples, etheric chanting, and moody, expressive flourishes of acoustic and electric guitars.

An interesting highlight of their music is the sensitivity and sensuality the Gordon brothers have instilled into it. Their hearts trembled in the haunting refrains of a Native American flute, quivering with the intensity of relating delicate moments, fragile in their own imaginations, fleeting in the transitions of the known with the unknown. This is music of feeling, vibrations of soul and Spirit allowing us into the personal worlds of David and Steve Gordon. Very interesting.

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Whispers Of Healing
Composed by Brian Scott Bennett
Words by Deepak Chopra, M.D.
Musik International
Well, here we go! In “Whispers of Healing” a fascinating assimilation of divine truth, cosmic insight, common sense, intuitive Spirituality, and wonderfully ponderous, relaxing music takes place. The words of Deepak Chop-ra reached deeply into the mystery pool of life and universe, striking a stark contrast of Eastern and Western thought with regards to healing. Chopra propounds a mixture of Zen wisdom combined with the experience of pranayam (breathing exercises) to facilitate a firm foundation for healing and Spiritual growth.

His words are spoken as a subliminal hymn to open the gateways of our subconscious. Focusing on stimuli and its resultant affects on the body, Chopra explored the holistic vision needed to achieve balance within and without the body. A heightened common sense plaintively arose, nudging the ears to not only hear, but to listen and feel the dynamics of the meanings underlying the words.

Brian Scott Bennett composed an emotional symphony to compliment this spoken word journey. Violins achingly expressed poignant feelings striving to get outside the envelope, cajoling the heart to open, stretching the mind beyond its’ limits of conventional thought. The music pulsed with life, vibrating with undulating rhythms, as if to carry the listener beyond the mundane to new states of consciousness.

Other times Bennett created moody musical passages, summoning up morose passion and contemplation, searching the body for release triggers. The pulse of the music arose and fell; creating a subtle wave of sound that followed a silent beat, establishing a synesthesia effect that reached beyond the normal senses. Enough said, check this out.

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Chuck Diliberto is a resident of New York state. Having written for a hometown publication that covered local and national musicians, reviewing CDs is an extension of that experience. His main interests are spiritual in nature and right living in practice.  

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