Life . . . and Every Breath You Take
Boost your immune system. Breathe easy and naturally.
Nature intended the air to be one of its best alternative medicines and healers!
By Tracy Campbell



Would you like your body to breathe as naturally as if you were standing near a cascading waterfall, in a pine forest, in the mountains, or at the beach? Would you like to know that you were boosting your immune system with every breath you take? Decades of scientific research have shown a way that we can boost our immunity by changing the quality of the air we breathe to be electrically charged the way nature intended it to be, with small negative air ions of oxygen

A Fortunate Find for me
As an individual with asthma and allergies, I searched for an alternative to conventional medicine because, despite my receiving excellent conventional medical care and treatment, my health slowly continued to worsen month by month, year by year for some ten-plus years. I was feeling terrible, as I walked through a crowded health expo in Sydney, Australia visiting various booths and exhibits. I was doing what one normally does, asking questions, picking up literature to read later. As I was reviewing materials I noticed an ad for the Elanra Ionizer.

The next day I called to talk directly with the inventor, Joshua Shaw, who turned out to be friendly, approachable and very knowledgeable about asthma and allergies. I was very skeptical as I had purchased many so-called solutions to my problems over the internet and by other means over the past two to three years, none of which had worked for me. I wanted to learn more about Ionizers. During our conversation, Joshua mentioned his “30 years of research from universities all over the world”  and said that the Elanra would definitely help with my asthma and allergies. I ended up ordering one of his Elanra Desktop MK II Ionizers which he shipped to me in Sydney. Joshua telephoned me the next day and walked me through making the necessary changes in the settings for asthma and sleep.

A Skeptic Reformed
Joshua also sent me a stack of testimonials written by his asthma and allergies customers. I read letter after letter that he had received in the mail thanking him for the benefits people with asthma, allergies and other health problems had received from his Ionizer. Some reported additional benefits from infections; improved sleep; cleared blocked sinuses; increased energy; better breathing; increased lung capacity; improved mood; decreased or complete disappearance of allergies; greatly reduced length of migraine headache (one day instead of 3 or 4); increased relaxation; decreased stress; pain records! relief (including burns and some chronic pains nothing else had helped); disappeared anxiety; and improved healing of burns. Many of these benefits were reported by people where drugs had failed. There seemed to be to be some definite benefits from following nature’s laws!

Joshua telephoned me again on Friday and I was truthfully able to report to him that I was sleeping better and that it was easier for me to breathe. In our talk, I happened to mention that my wife, Shurli, was having a terrible sinus problem from the extra pollution in downtown Sydney, due to heavy construction in that area because of the upcoming Olympics. He advised me to have Shurli take off her shoes, hold the Elanra right up next to her face, approximately one or two fingers from her nose and mouth, and breathe in Negative Ions from the Elanra for about ten minutes. As Shurli sat there holding the Elanra Ionizer, breathing in and out, her sinuses started to open and within the ten-minute period they opened up completely so she could breathe easily and normally.

I purchased an additional twelve (12) Elanra Ionizers to bring back with me to the United States where I would then have some of my family members and friends with various health problems use and test the Elanra. The results of the tests were so positive that I became a dealer for the Elanra and within the next twelve months, was able to negotiate the exclusive marketing rights to the Elanra for the United States and Canada.

All Ions Are Not Necessarily “Good” Ions
Since that initial beginning, I have learned many things from Joshua and my own personal research into and regarding Negative Ions. For example, there are many ineffective negative ionizers on the market producing large negative ions our bodies can’t absorb. They only help remove dust from the air, and are virtually useless at supplying the body with the small ingestible negatively-charged air ions of oxygen that nature intended for all of us to have and breathe. Joshua realized that none of the other negative ionizers available on the market were good enough. He wanted to copy nature, so he made a machine that could.

Negative ion concentration is measured per cubic centimeter of air. This ranges from almost zero in an air-conditioned city office to 50,000 per c.c. near a large waterfall. Over open land the normal count is between 1,000 and 2,000 per cc. The Elanra can mimic this natural ideal in your home, office, automobile and even on public transportation systems such as airplanes.

72 Different Settings — Joshua explained that people with different conditions, require different negative ion concentrations, so he designed his Ionizer to be adjustable. It has been improved and fine-tuned over the years, and now boasts 72 different settings. The Elanra also has nine (9) different frequencies including the magical “Schumann Resonance”, or the Earth’s brainwave.

Safe & Effective for All ages, Babies to Senior Citizens
Joshua Shaw’s Elanra is the product of three decades of painstaking research conducted in universities and laboratories both here and abroad. He discovered the secret of successful ionization and poured thousands of dollars into the development of this safe, effective machine.

The Elanra is completely silent while running, and is small enough to set on your work desk or bedside table. This means you can inhale the small ingestible negative ions of oxygen, which then enter your bloodstream and rebalance your body.

I bought one because I wanted to improve my personal health. Now, almost six years later I am happy to report that my asthma and allergies are greatly improved and that I once again have a strong immune system. I definitely sleep much deeper and better, which enables me to have more energy than I had in the past. I know now, from all I had read and learned in my own personal research, that nature makes air in a way that is extremely beneficial for the human body. I also discovered and found out that the Elanra Therapeutic Ionizer returns our polluted air back to the form intended by nature.

I also know and have experienced that the Elanra negative ions will: 1) Boost the immune system; 2) Increase the body’s ability to use the oxygen in the air; 3) Increase the lung’s ability to get rid of pollutants; 4) Make it feel easier to breathe; 5) Improve sleep; 6) Improve asthma, especially in children; 7) Improves and reduces sinus problems; 8) Reduce stress; 9) Increase alertness; 10) Stop migraine pain and decreases/lessens the frequency of having migraines at all; 11) Decrease platelet aggregation (blood clotting); 12) Improves general overall health; 13) Enables healthy individuals to keep and maintain their good health; 14) Reduces number of colds and or flu.

Serotonin the “Mood” Hormone
More than 100 outpatients at a mental health clinic were exposed to negative ionization for just 40 minutes per day in a 1985 European research project. After only a few sessions, normal sleep returned in 80% of insomnia patients; 75% of migraine headache patients had their pain disappear; over 50% of depressive patients reported a return to normal; and 100% of anxiety sufferers said their symptoms had disappeared.

Serotonin is an important brain chemical related to mood and stress. Many antidepressant drugs, including Prozac, alter brain metabolism. So do negative ions, without the side effects.

So what’s wrong with the air we’re already breathing? Well it’s not really a matter of right and wrong, but a matter of whether you believe we should breathe the air nature intended, or not. Basically, air conditioning, crowds, air pollution (e.g. vehicle exhausts) and dust largely use up the biologically available negative ions in the air, leaving mainly positive ions which are harmful to the human body.

Positive ions are known to have an unpleasant effect on many people, producing migraine headaches, anxiety, and depression and breathing difficulties, as many hot dry winds that occur around the world are known to do. So, too many positive ions and no negative ions means that our stress levels go up, and our immunity goes down. The air’s negative ions basically get used up by the first half hour of early morning traffic; in the Los Angeles basin this happens even faster! Peter Jennings on a six o’clock news program, stated that the air inside automobiles in the Los Angeles area was found to be ten (10) times worse than the air outside of the automobiles . . . just think about that for a minute!

The Effects of Pollution on Your Health
 It is understandable that our focus is on specific health benefits. We humans often want scientific evidence to feel reassured that something is legitimate.

The bigger picture is that we, in our high consumption throwaway society, have been polluting the planet. We have polluted our own life-breath, and we’ve had to breathe it back in. This has resulted in all sorts of physical, emotional, and mental ailments, including immune deficiency. Should we be worrying about all the different disease pattern and symptom names, or should we simply give our bodies their basic biological requirements, among which is good quality air?

Gradually we need to clean up the planet, and respect Mother Nature. She made the rules our bodies run on. If you live on the earth, these rules are about as flexible as gravity. Anyone care to jump off a cliff? Anyone care to breathe unnatural air?

Almost every day, on the television news, and in the print media, we hear about the importance of the immune system to our health. We usually hear that many people are getting sick because their immune systems are run-down, or not functioning. We’re told about so many negative influences that ruin our immune systems everyday: chlorinated fluoridated water, lack of exercise, poor diet, junk food, artificial sweeteners, pollution, stress, positive ions . . . Can we really afford not to give our immune systems every chance we can of functioning well?

It is time for us all, as a human race, to learn respect for nature’s values. It is time to comprehend and copy nature. Nature made air a certain way. We changed it and made it damage our immune systems. We can change it back before we have to breathe it in again, and boost our immune systems. Without good air we die, quickly or slowly, depending on how bad it is.

The choice is ours . . . Yours!  For testimonials from real customers, see 

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