The Heart of Love
By Scott and Shannon Peck



One of the most challenging tasks we each face is living and staying in our Highest Self — our authentic identity.

Often, loving people are so accustomed to accommodating, pleasing, and adapting to others that they sometimes stand in confusion about who they are themselves. Many of us may, out of habit, allow ourselves to be directed or even pushed around by those close to us — family members, friends, or even strangers. In such times we tend to vacate ourselves when we most need to be our authentic selves.

We abandon ourselves, for example, whenever we feel uncomfortable about the way someone is treating us, yet we fail to speak up. Our silence not only feels bad, but also causes us to vacate our true selves. To live in a state of inner self-esteem and empowerment, it is vital that we stand in our power and occupy who we truly are and refuse to abandon ourselves. Occupy and don’t abandon your Highest Self!

In a recent yoga class we saw a demonstration of what occurs when you take a stand against opposing energy and hold your own strength and defense. In fact, try this exercise with a friend. Stand next to your friend and use your arm to push your friend off balance while your friend resists. In most cases, your partner’s resistance will prove futile and he or she will be pushed off balance by your effort.

The yoga instructor then suggested that each person who was pushed off balance now envision his or her body full of light. “Picture a column of light running from the crown of your head down through your entire body, out the feet, and continuing down to the core of the planet,” she said. Once the partner felt this vision they were to nod their heads and the pushing off-balance exercise would begin again. The resistance was amazing. People had transformed themselves into great columns of light that were now very difficult to push over. This is what occurs whenever we choose to occupy and not vacate our true selves! We can make this decision consciously every day. We can also hold this powerful vision of being a column of light for the safety, protection, defense of our country, humanity, and the global environment as well.

The Universe is calling forth each of us to take our place as our Highest Selves. You may ask, “Who is my Highest Self, anyway? Do I have a Highest Self?” The answer is “Yes!”

Your Highest Self is extraordinary. It is your inner light, love, joy, wisdom, and integrity. Your Highest Self carries all your inner knowing and has perfect self-guidance. The real you is 100% attuned to the life songs of the Universe. Your Highest Self is called forth because it truly is needed and totally belongs in an eternal purpose that unites us all.

Begin now to recognize that this greater part of you exists and is part of a grand plan, even though you may not see it clearly at present. Watch as you express your Highest Self even in the smallest ways. It begs to be seen! Feel the authentic you every single day, whether you are being challenged or having a great day. Practice being a powerful column of light, unmovable by the day’s opposing energies. Visualize your Highest Self’s light causing you to be so thoroughly grounded to the core of all being that you are a wonderful influence to all things rather than being a victim of opposing influences.

You may think it’s strange that we are offering the advice to occupy your Highest Self. Why, you may ask, would anyone willingly vacate their Highest Self if it is so great?

This is important to remember. Most of us vacate our Highest Selves every day. We think, “Who am I to be so positive and confident?” We wonder what others are thinking of us and we hide our Highest Self so we won’t be judged, criticized, or rejected. We want to fit in and feel loved.

We also sometimes get so involved in other people’s life dramas that we abandon ourselves to identify more with them — through sympathy, curiosity, or even admiration. Where did we go? Our Highest Selves have the ability to bless and carry the power of healing through our love and wisdom. What a major benefit we are to each other when we stay grounded in our true identity!

 Now that you are becoming more aware of the importance and value of your Highest Self, we hope you will stay awake to the fullness of your authentic identity. The Universe is in great need of exactly who you are. Welcome to the heart of love!

Copyright 2002 Scott & Shannon Peck

Dr. Scott Peck & Shannon Peck are co-founders of TheLoveCenter, a non-profit educational organization bringing all humanity into the heart of Love. They are authors of “The Love You Deserve: A Spiritual Guide to Genuine Love,” “Liberating Your Magnificence,” & the audio set “All the Love You Could Ever Want!”  Scott is a Love teacher with a doctorate in divinity and Shannon is a spiritual healer and teacher of healers. Please visit , e-mail , or call (800) 266-1525.

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