Feng Shui Concepts
By Jenny Liu



Laura (all names changed for privacy) is an old client whose boss, Dr. Ko, is remodeling his home and getting a new office. She has worked for him for 15 years and is like an older sister who wants to help her boss get more organized, so she advised him to use feng shui to improve his life.

Dr. Ko specializes in alternative medicine and acupuncture. However, he has little knowledge of feng shui and is a bit skeptical. Nonetheless, he is open-minded and trusts Lauraís advice. Dr. Ko calls and arranges to meet me at his home after seeing his morning patients. I arrive first at Dr. Koís home which is already undergoing remodeling. After drawing the floor plan and doing the feng shui analysis, it is clear that his home has some intrinsic incompatibilities that can cause problems particularly relating to his personal relationships.

To begin with, Dr. Ko is a southwest direction earth element person categorized under the Western Direction Pattern. This means the strongest directions for him are the northwest, west, northeast and southwest. His home sits east and faces west. He enters his home from the back alley through the back door that faces east. The east direction does not match Dr. Ko and is associated to the wood element which defeats his earth element energy. His southwest earth element energy is associated to marriage, his stomach and skin. Entering in from the east door brings energies that can cause unstable relationships, digestive ailments or rashes.

His front door faces west which matches him, however, there are toilets on both sides as you enter the house. The right and left hand side of the main entry are respectively associated to the male and female as well as generating and keeping income. Having two toilets located here within his positive direction of the west sector are also a source of energy that can cause his relationships and money to be unstable. The concave street in front of his house further emphasizes this. When a street curves away from your home, the energies tend to come and go from the home making it difficult for money and relationships to stay.

There is also a large swimming pool in the northeast corner of the property. The northeast direction is associated to the earth element and having a large body of water located here brings conflicting energies together. The northeast is associated to Dr. Koís nose and back, so he may be prone to lower backaches and/or allergies. Also, since Dr. Ko is of the earth element, having water here can make him prone to being unfocused, lazy, or adulterous.

The Twenty Year Cycle Nine Star Chart for the center or heart of Dr. Koís home shows the 5, 9 and 7 stars. This combination of stars create an energy of argument and separation especially between male and females. However, this year, the center has 6, 1 and 8 which can bring positive change and progress. Thus, the remodeling and having a new office are likely to occur this year. Fortunately, for him, his master bedroom is located in the northwest corner which has the 4 and double 8 stars. Although the 4 star can bring adultery and liver or leg problems, the 8 star brings success to his career.

Dr. Ko arrives just as I am finishing up the recommendations. Upon listening to my analysis, Dr. Ko, who is a tall proprietary man, blows a low whistle and bends down to meet my eyes and says, you have just revealed my lifeís story. He tells me that he has gone through two divorces and several girlfriends in this house. He does suffer from stomach problems, allergies and a weak heel. Lastly, he says his money definitely has a pattern of coming and going. The veil of skepticism that he had on his face when he walked in to see me holding my clipboard and charts was completely erased. He eagerly asked me what to do to improve the energies of his home which would prevent the same things from happening again.

I reviewed the 42 recommendations I had made for his home interior and exterior. Fortunately, the remodeling that was being done was in his favor. The front west powder room was removed and a nook was made in place of it. His office was going to be in the existing northwest master bedroom and his new master bedroom was in the northeast corner. In addition to placing his bed and desk correctly, I also advised him on the colors, crystals and artwork he should use to promote energies for advancing his career and stabilizing his relationships.

As for the swimming pool, this large body of water located in the northeast corner which is associated to the earth element can be adjusted by using the metal element. Dr. Ko can use decorative metal chimes or sculptures in the northeast sector of his garden. He can also plant white flowers or use white or golden color stones around the pool. He should also make it a habit to enter from the west front door rather than the back east door.

Afterwards, we head to his new offices. Here, his personal office is located in the northwest corner and there is a back door in the northeast corner. Although adjustments needed to be made for the main door and waiting area which are located in the southeast direction which does not match Dr. Ko, the dominant exam rooms were located on the west side as well as the main entry into the building complex.

After reviewing how to situate his staff members and giving him the interior layout, Dr. Ko humbly thanked for me for enlightening him on feng shui. Knowing what he does, he wonders if the poor feng shui of his patients might be the cause of some of the problems they have which donít seem to improve with medicine.

Jenny Liu holds a Bachelorís Degree in Environmental Design from UC Berkeley and a Masterís Degree in Architecture from UCLA. She is an expert in the 8,000-year-old Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui who shares her knowledge through seminars, workshops, periodicals and the internet. Ms. Liu is a fourth-generation practitioner with her own consulting firm. For more information please see www.liu-fengshui.com  or call (909) 860-0633.

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