By Manny Stamatakis



A person can go months without food, days without water, but only a few minutes without air. There is nothing more vital to our well-being than our ability to breathe oxygen fully into our lungs. Yet, most people breathe shallowly and tend to overlook this essential function of life.

Take a moment to notice how you are breathing, right now. Are you breathing as freely as you would like? If the answer is yes, acknowledge yourself! If not, then it would behoove you to become more conscious of the way you breathe.

Why do we neglect to breathe to our fullest potential? For many of us, being born into this world is a painful experience. In fact, research shows that birth trauma, the pain associated with taking our first breath as newborns, was and still is, perhaps, the single most significant factor governing our lives today.

As a result of this unpleasant birth experience, we formed a lot of negative impressions, both conscious and subconscious, about life, such as:  “The world is against me”…. ”Life is a struggle”….”I can’t make it”…. “Nobody loves me”….”I can’t get enough air”.

Since our thoughts produce results, any negative decision, formulated at birth or in early childhood, will produce a corresponding negative result. For instance, if you believe that the world is not a safe place to live, you may find it very difficult to get out of bed in the morning. If you feel that life is difficult, then you will tend to struggle with relationships, your career and your body. If you decided at birth that there wasn’t enough air, then you will also likely think that there’s not enough time, love or money.

Along with the unforgettable birth experience, the thought, “there is not enough air” has reinforced the belief that breathing is difficult. This, however, does not have to be the case. If coached properly, anyone can learn how to breathe easily and effortlessly, and, thus, produce miraculous transformation in one’s life.

With the professional guidance of a BREATH OF LIFE coach, you will be able to practice and develop a variety of connected breathing rhythms so that you can take charge of your life. By focusing and directing the energy of the breath towards experiencing more love and aliveness, as well as ease and pleasure, you will create a  “heaven on earth” consciousness.

What is THE BREATH OF LIFE? How does it work? And, what are some of the benefits one can expect to receive from applying its principles?

THE BREATH OF LIFE, also known as Rebirthing, is a loving, gentle, breathing and spiritual purification process that enhances our aliveness and empowers us to enjoy an eternal state of vibrant health, happiness and fulfillment. THE BREATH OF LIFE is a safe and pleasurable way of producing effective changes in all areas of our lives. This conscious connected breathing process integrates body, mind and spirit while also providing us with emotional support.

Since we tend to live our lives in a similar way to how we breathe, freeing ourselves from the past, through increased breath awareness, is the easiest way to revitalize our whole being. As we expand our breathing capabilities, we are then able to fully accept God’s abundant good. Liberating our breath is fun, relaxing and rewarding. It is the most natural and complete method for releasing subconscious beliefs that limit our ability to “have it all” in our lives and in our relationships.

Because the specific nature of our birth has a strong influence on the quality of our relationships, rebirthing is a most valuable tool for unraveling undesirable patterns of behavior formulated at birth. Through this profoundly simple, yet powerful breathing process, negative thoughts and emotions dissolve quickly and easily. As a result, unconditional love, innocence and high self-esteem replace fear, guilt and doubt.

Combined with the creative power of thought, breathing fully and freely can produce major transformational improvements in our physical bodies through the oxygenation and rejuvenation of our cells. Furthermore, approximately 70% of the body’s toxins are eliminated through conscious connected breathing. Rebirthing helps to increase the rate at which the body builds and maintains healthy tissue. It is a truly wonderful ‘youthing’ principal that totally replenishes and nourishes us from within.

THE BREATH OF LIFE is also a highly inspirational and motivational vehicle that allows us to discover and develop aspects in ourselves that are greater than our highest thoughts about ourselves. In taking us to the next level in our spiritual development, re-birthing opens us up to receiving the abundant and loving gifts that the universe offers us. As we relax into our divine perfection, we unite with infinite love, infinite intelligence, infinite energy, infinite manifestation and infinite creativity.

Choosing a professional rebirther is a lot of fun because it allows you to trust your intuitive process, which is also a virtue that rebirthing enhances. Selecting a professional rebirther, who is experienced and is known to produce effective results with their clients, is important. Choose someone you like, who can be a friend, a counselor, a breath coach and a personal motivator. You certainly want to feel comfortable and fully supported in the presence of your rebirther. Most professional rebirthers have these qualities and more.

A series of ten private BREATH OF LIFE sessions with the same rebirther is highly recommended so that a relationship of trust, understanding and progressive continuity can be established and maintained. Having a minimum of ten private rebirthing sessions produces highly desirable results. It also provides the client with sufficient time to gain the safety, certainty and knowledge necessary to begin learning how to rebirth oneself as a regular form of relaxation, clarity and well-being. Of course, this time period varies with each individual, as does the actual time of each rebirthing session.

Usually the ‘breathwork’ portion of each private session is preceded by a consultation of 30-45 minutes. It is followed by approximately one hour of connected breathing rhythms with the able and loving support of your breath coach. The client is, then, given 15 minutes, or longer, if necessary, to further integrate the energizing benefits of the process, time to share about their experience, ask questions, and receive any additional support from their rebirther. Therefore, an average time for a private rebirth session is two hours.

The actual breathing session will take place on a mat or comfortable surface in a safe and suitable environment. After completing a series of ‘dry’ rebirths with the loving guidance of a professional rebirther, many people also enjoy the experience of ‘wet’ rebirthing in a hot tub and other replenishing techniques.

Everyone, regardless of age, can benefit from THE BREATH OF LIFE. It attracts people from a wide range of professions and cultures, and is also totally complimentary to other self-development and healing methods.

Manny Stamatakis, certified breath coach, rebirther and relationships enrichment counselor, has produced profound results in his private practice since 1976. With his warmth, knowledge and expertise, he has inspired thousands into taking meaningful action in their lives. As Director of The Breath of Life Center, he has continued to be a catalyst for those on their spiritual path and has supported people in attaining a more balanced ‘heaven on earth’ lifestyle.

For more information, please write to The Breath of Life Center, 23251 Los Alisos Blvd., Suite 68, Lake Forest, CA 92630, call (949) 581-1062, or you may e-mail 

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