Women with Wings Series: Part 8 
An Interview with Diana Von Welanetz Wentworth 
Founder of The Inside Edge and Author of “Send Me Someone” 
By Dr. Maryel McKinley 



When I received the book “Send me Someone” by Diana Von Welanetz Wentworth, I was so intrigued with the story of this amazing woman that I read it from cover to cover — twice! Then, I gave a copy to my best friend who got even more out of the book than I did, and is now a die-hard fan! Many Awareness Magazine readers are already very aware of Diana, as she is a prominent woman in Orange County, and founder of the prestigious and popular networking group, The Inside Edge. 

This book has a very healing quality, no matter where you are in your life. It deals with a Cinderella-type love story. After being financially devastated, Diana and her deceased husband Paul worked hard to make all their dreams come true, beginning with their own TV show. 

Together they then developed the Inside Edge with weekly meetings in LA, Orange County and San Diego, magically attracting some of the world’s top authors and speakers. After many years of marital bliss and financial and spiritual wealth, Diana’s husband was diagnosed with cancer and died within four months. So grab a box of tissues prior to reading this book, not for tears of sadness, but tears of joy. 

Diana’s loving husband Paul promised to send her someone after he passed. They were very spiritually connected and she truly believed this would happen. They did everything together, they were never apart. After he died, a friend allowed her to heal, staying in a beautiful home in Kauai, where she spent four months alone — for the first time in her life, she got to know who Diana was. 

Right around the same time, another knight in shining armor was dealing with the recent death of his beloved wife who also passed of cancer. She had promised to send him someone as well! One day, He decided to create a spiritual ritual to help “let her go” in peace. So he gathered white roses and went on a boat with her urn, spreading the offerings to the beautiful loving Mother Sea. 

Ironically, or rather synchronistically, Diana had felt the need to “let go” and took some beautiful white flowers from the garden in Kauai and spread them out to sea, releasing her husband and hoping he would fulfill his promise to send someone to her. That’s when Paul’s promise came true, as Diana soon met her new husband-to-be, Ted, at an Inside Edge meeting! 

When I entered their home, I could immediately feel this sacred ground was a temple of love for a miraculous couple. The meditation garden was perfect, and the view spectacular, with a peace that passes all understanding. 

Diana answered the door in a gorgeous pink silk blouse, and I just happened to be wearing a silk pink suit! Pink is the color of Divine love, and I guess this is more of the magic that seems to happen around Diana and her story! 

She immediately made me feel at home, and I realized this is a woman who has everything — not just financially, but way beyond that. She is gracious, kind, compassionate, tender, gentle, fun loving, and so sincere and authentic that I fell in love with her myself! Her giving heart is non-pretentious — a true example of the Divine Mother in all women. 

Maryel: I have never been to the Inside Edge, even though I have been invited many times. I am not really an early riser! And that was something that inspired me in your book when you spoke of your commitment to get up very early each day. That is why the Inside Edge meets at 6:30 a.m. 

Diana: It’s so energizing, you don’t even realize how much you can get done. 

Maryel: What time do you get up? 

Diana: Around 5:30 a.m. 

Maryel Do you and your husband have some kind of spiritual practice that you do on a daily basis? 

Diana: We do, we wake up between two and four a.m. We have a meditation room and meditate regularly. 

Maryel: I have heard that 4:00 a.m. is globally known to be the most powerful time to meditate. 

Diana: Well, it’s something that happened about two years ago. It’s great because when you go back to sleep you feel so rested and sleep so well that you wake up refreshed. 

Maryel: What time do you get to bed? 

Diana: 10 p.m., watch TV until 11 p.m., nap, wake up at 2, meditate, go back to sleep and feel absolutely refreshed all day! 

Maryel: What form of meditation do you do? 

Diana: Years ago Paul and I started TM and it evolved. Now Ted and I have a wonderful spiritual Master Teacher named Shree Maa. We are very drawn to the female energy. 

Maryel: I am too. I have been having some really exciting meditation experiences myself, enveloping the role of the woman as the true nurturer of love helping to heal the world. 

Diana: My husband Ted is into the feminine energy too. He has a terrific feminine side. 

Maryel: What about your former husband? 

Diana: We studied meditation together too, but it was really more my thing. Ted and I are really on the same track. 

Maryel: It’s almost like you have had two soulmates 

Diana: Two soulmates! Yes, it looks like relationships are not an issue in my life! 

Maryel: Tell me about your visit to Kauai after Paul died. 

Diana: Paul and I were always together, and when I went to Kauai, it was interesting to discover solitude, even though I still felt him around me. Paul had promised to send me someone. In Hawaii I started to figure out who I was without that companionship. 

Maryel: Just now, when you said you felt him around a lot of the time, I am intuitive and I felt a ringing in my left ear, just to let you know it was Paul letting us know he is here!

Diana: I believe that, I know Paul would have liked you! In Hawaii, there were times I missed the physical companionship in the solitude. I wasn’t yearning for anyone or looking, but I really started to wonder if he would send me someone. So, I was moved to take a plumeria flower out to the sea. Meanwhile at the same time across the Pacific Ocean, Ted took flowers from his wife’s flower bed out to Catalina and put her ashes out there. Ted felt his wife always came to him in the form of a bird. At that moment two birds came, one was cawing and the other was more patient and calm. We now believe that patient bird was Paul and the verbal bird was Ted’s wife, joining together on the other side to help us get together. Paul was very patient, and truly believed he would be able to send me someone. Whereas Ted is the exact opposite, very lively and fun loving. 

Maryel: How did you deal with the grief? 

Diana: It was so interesting to see the realm of emotions that come and go like a kaleidoscope. I kept saying, “This too shall pass.” Both husbands are so different, Ted is so entertaining, fun and exciting. Paul was more conservative and reserved. You could say I did not want to play the same movie twice, so I am twice blessed! 

Maryel: Well, our time is up unfortunately. (Her husband Ted now enters the room, and we have a fantastic and fun interaction.) I would love to interview your husband Ted next year for his new book on relationships geared towards men. In fact, I will put the two of you on my book review Public Broadcast show — you are just so cute, like two teenagers in love! It has been such a delight. 

Awareness readers will enjoy this fantastic love story — truly one of inspiration and hope. “Send Me Someone”, published by Renaissance Books, is available at local bookstores and on-line booksellers. 

Dr. Maryel McKinley is on Deepak Chopra’s faculty as the Addictions Treatment Specialist for MyPotential, as well as being a TV & radio show personality/producer for public broadcasting, and a book reviewer for Awareness Magazine and a new magazine “Optimystic Books”. You may contact her about getting your book reviewed, or for speaking engagements at (714) 396-4314, or check out her website at www.DrMaryelMcKinley.com 

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