By Maryel McKinley, PhD  



Rachel’s Radiant Light Color Therapy 
Wow, does this stuff work! I love the green aromatherapy aura cleansing/heart chakra spray the most, and use it several times a day. When I am in the mood to open my heart chakra (doing major forgiveness work on myself or others) I close the shades, turn on the green healing light bulb, cover my body with the green spray and meditate on opening my heart chakra. When I do this, I immediately get into a soothing, loving, vulnerable, yet compassionate place that makes me feel safe and loved and loving towards all, even towards those I “think” may have hurt me. 

It’s so funny because the other day I had the strongest intuition to visit The Latest Thing Metaphysical Book Store. I walked in and one of the ladies doing readings that day, radio host, Rain Morgan, came right up to me and said “Maryel, you’ve got to check out this new product, this red color is perfect for your root chakra issues!”  (Rain and I know each other as I had been asked to be on her show before and because of the meeting that day she asked me to co-host her show on children’s issues!) So don’t think she was being a pushy salesperson, she knows me and my aura, and zoomed right in on it. 

Rain brought in Rachel’s Radiant Light Color Therapy Kit and I laughed and answered with joy, “I’ve already discovered this marvelous product and have been using the green every day! I just LOVE this stuff!” So, go out and treat yourself to a great experience at an affordable price — you deserve the pampering and simple non-invasive healing this wonderful product envelopes you with. By the way, do not feel confused about all this chakra talk, the kit is extremely simple, and comes with thorough instructions. I hope you love it as much I do! 

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