PlayLoveLive Creativity: 
Your Link to Intuitive Guidance 
By Deborah Briggs 



Letís imagine for a moment that you have been musing about whether to take job A or job B. You just canít make a decision. And itís not because you havenít been thinking about it! Maybe we might even say youíve been over-thinking or worrying! After all ó itís a big deal. 

What makes a problem a problem, for most people, is the unsure feeling that there might not be a satisfying or right answer ó or if there is ó they might not be able to find it! In fact, for many people, the mere idea of a problem brings up the image of being stuck. In order to get unstuck we need to start getting information that expands beyond our current limited ideas, images, or inadequate solutions. This is where intuition comes in. 

What if the answer ó the right answer for you ó already existed? If you picture your Deeper Wisdom as an ocean of information/answers/clues, available to guide you, then your intuition becomes a normal experience of that information easily popping into your conscious mind? I always think of intuition as kind of popping into your awareness because it is so frequently defined as knowing without knowing how you know. 

So, you might ask . . . if this is such a natural process why arenít we benefiting from a steady flow of intuitive information streaming into our consciousness? Constriction! A major deterrent to the flow of intuition. Think of all the emotions that make you tighten up: fear, worry, anger, efforting, confusion, and you can see how easy it would be to short-circuit the intuitive flow. Those are pretty normal feelings to have when you are dealing with a big problem. Yes ... until you learn to substitute something much more fun and effective. And the wonderful news is that once you know something you can never not know it again. Playful creativity stimulates intuition. 

We need to relax in order to foster the flow of new ideas, and game-like creative exercises are a fabulous tool to take us into a relaxed and expanded emotional and mental state. 

So . . . just for the fun of it . . . imagine closing your eyes and in a playful way allow the earth to shrink down to a size that you could hold in your hand, like a marble (that makes me smile just thinking about it). Slowly sense it rolling around, feeling the imprint of the continents on your fingertips (thatís fun). And as you relax and allow yourself to shift away from analyzing/judging, to just enjoy letting this flight of fantasy unfold . . . you might be reminded of a printing press leaving an ink stain on your palm . . . which then . . . might remind you of branding a cow (now thereís a stretch) . . . which in turn . . . might remind you of those old cowboy movies where they stick the hot branding iron into the water trough creating a huge cloud of sizzling steam ( what could this possible have to do with job A or job B?) But nonetheless ó you feel this unexpected rush of delight in looking at the steam rising off the top of the water . . . and then . . . you remember that Job B includes steam cleaning engines . . . hmmmm could it be a clue? Could it be intuitive guidance? 

Yes!! How fun!! But how in the world could you entrust something as nebulous as this kind of fantasy or a mere feeling of delight with something as important as your new job? For a lot of us, it is a whole new world. Learning to trust your intuition is actually learning to trust yourself because intuitive information registers in your body through your senses. Therefore, you may get visual images, inner sounds or dialogue, thoughts, knowings, or feelings that you canít necessarily explain but definitely turn out to be wise counsel. For example, Iím sure youíve had the experience of something just not being right or maybe a sudden and unexplainable feeling of pleasure out of context to what you are thinking about. In the past, what was so often dismissed as only your imagination can actually be intuitive guidance. 

Intuitive imaginings are also a rich right brain experience because it frequently comes in metaphor, symbols and feelings. Itís trying to tell us something important, and much like a game of charades, it will do that by using a metaphor or sounds like to lead us in a certain direction or create an association that has more meaning. You can then use your rational intellect to further decode or amplify and experiment with the information you have received. 

I used to think that creativity was just for the few gifted artistic types. I now understand creativity to be a way of thinking that can be learned. 

Simple strategies that we already know . . . like standing in the shoes of another person to gain new insights to a situation. Or long forgotten linear processes that children regularly used, like taking something apart and putting it together again in a different way to stimulate new ideas. Or intuitive exercises like the free association fantasy I lead you through earlier. How miraculous that these simple game-like exercises can provide a link to something as powerful as your intuition, the deeper wisdom that holds the answers you need for a richer and more satisfying life. So whether your question is what part can I play in healing the planet, which job would I enjoy most, or maybe just which apple is juiciest, through practice you will build up a confidence in yourself and your intuitive perceptions and have fun in the process! 

Deborah Briggs, M.S., MFT, leads workshops on Creativity and Intuition. She is a psychotherapist in private practice in Seal Beach. For speaking availability, or tapes, you can reach her at (562) 833-2000, or . For a calendar of events, including her on-going Creativity & Intuition study group, please log onto  

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