Tips on Keeping Mind and Body Young 
By Jesse Anson Dawn 



Jesse Anson Dawn, author of the national award-winning book, Never “Old”,  plus The Rejuvenator’s Bible, speaks out about a most stirring subject: how to counteract the unwanted effects of “aging.” 

Presently answering the question: 
Are most of the effects of “aging” natural,  or merely a programmed habit? 

Dear Reader, 
According to various dictionaries, “habits” are both a “mental make-up,” and “a manner of conducting oneself,” whereby even our face and body are habits. But is the aging habit/”mental make-up” self-controlled or ruled by circumstances beyond one’s personal command? Indeed, this “natural or habitual” question is THE question which looms at the center of the whole “aging” world-mystery. And to help answer this complicated question, I submit that if aging is mainly a persistent habit (and it is), then we should admit this fact and be open to developing creative ways to replace the habit of forever aging with the habit of forever youthing. And I use the word “forever” here to instill a sense of diligence, because to overcome any persistent habit requires ultra-persistent counteraction. Although I do admit that terms such as “always” and “forever” are quite ambiguous, terms which apply more to songs or poetry than physical reality, as with the “forever young” idea evoked by that wonderful Bob Dylan song which goes: 

“May your hands always be busy, 
may your feet always be swift, 
may you have a strong foundation, 
when the winds of changes shift, 
may your heart always be joyful, 
may your songs always be sung, 
And may you stay...forever young...” 

Yes, to acquire the habit of being “forever young” surely sounds wonderful, but of course nothing lasts forever except maybe God and spirit. And so my CE Mindpower system doesn’t naively envision “forever” youngness, but rather an amazingly durable self-renewal sparked by eternal spirit. And yet what is  spirit, and what makes it something which can perhaps last forever? 

By again looking into Webster’s dictionary, I find that “spirit” is described as something so aligned with my CE system that its definition deserves to be repeated in capital letters: “SPIRIT: AN ANIMATING VITAL PRINCIPLE HELD TO GIVE LIFE TO PHYSICAL ORGANISMS.” Take note here that it is spirit “held” which “gives life” to physical organisms, a description which suggests that the ongoing struggle for perpetual renewal is actually a spiritual  revolution. All of which brings us to the question of:  

Individual and Spiritual Rights 
Just as the American Revolution of the 1770s was about the “pursuit of happiness” and “unalienable rights” — my Rejuvenation Revolution is based on spiritual rights, based on the unalienable right to be the unrepressed beings we were meant to be from creation. 

But to evoke a spiritual revolution within oneself, the first step is to conquer the fear of being an individual. Although, unfortunately, conquering such a fear can be quite difficult, mainly due to a twisted, totalitarian notion that individuals are dysfunctional “misfits” or “losers.” But surely it wasn’t a bunch of “dysfunctional losers” who created the best books and works of art throughout history, for such works have always been created by individuals and not by groups. 

This is why, without a strong sense of individuality, there would be no Rembrandts or Picassos, no Edisons, no Mahatma Ghandis, good heavens, even Jesus himself was a man given to stand above the masses which both worshipped and sought to crucify him. But amid the philosophy of almighty compassion, even on the cross, the transcendent messiah saw fit to utter this ageless declaration: “Forgive them Lord, for they know not what they do.” Or perhaps a more Buddhist-oriented Jesus might say: “Forgive them Lord, because they don’t know THEMSELVES!”  Or perhaps a New Age Moses might say: “Forgive them Lord, because they have strayed from the ways of Creation.”  Or perhaps a musical, nature-oriented, Rasta Jesus might say: “Forgive them Lord because they don’t know how to feel naturally GOOD!” As I again wish you all perpetual youthing via the naturally feeling good path of getting to know yourself better—continuing to separate creative habits from destructive ones—steadfastly blazing that “come out, come out, wherever you are” trail which leads to true renewal… 

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