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Bob Marley Day with the Kind 
Jesse Dawn and James McWhinney Independent 
Bob Marley has long been considered a prophet, his music and lyrics brought Reggae into the mainstream music culture.  Marley’s influence on Sting and “The Police” and many others is well known. This same influence has lit a fire under Jesse Dawn and his band the “Kind”. 

This CD contains sixteen songs performed live on what is billed as the annual Bob Marley Day: Reggae Hawaii Up-Rising. Jesse Dawn has carried the Marley torch in the same spirit of soul liberation and the freeing of all oppressed peoples. He also furthered the festive party atmosphere that the Reggae culture invokes. The music is very danceable and a lot of fun, while promoting poignant lyrics that shed light on sensitive issues with a glowing optimism. 

The love of Bob Marley, and the hip groove of Reggae music has infected the souls of Jesse Dawn and the “Kind”.  Each song, whether an original or a Bob Marley cover, is bursting with passion and pride. If you are a fan of Reggae music and its ideologies, Jesse Dawn has his own personal brand for you. Lots of fun. 

For more information, please call (800) 736-3922. 

Essence of Magic 
Medwyn Goodall 
New World Music 
Medwyn Goodall has never betrayed his muse. In “Essence of Magic”, his 28th release, Goodall holds true to searching for inspiration that is available to everyone, yet personal and special to his soul’s vision. Goodall’s ability to interpret the underlying Spirit and non-verbal meanings of many subjects is truly a gift. 

Goodall is also the consummate musician, usually playing all or most of the instruments on his releases. This CD represents a mixture of old and new styles with a few twists. The tempo is noticeably upbeat, displaying a rock-n-roll groove, which I might dare say is even funky. This be-bop groove is very new for Goodall, lending the music to a danceable beat. Synthesizers swirl rhythms and melodies above a contemporary pace creating a subtle tension and release. Goodall also uses the defined edge of an electric Fender Stratocaster guitar to add to the tension and gradual buildup of feelings and moods. This is Goodall’s most contemporary project to date, his musical fusion of ideas and sounds will attract a different segment of listeners. 

On the Spiritual side, “Essence of Magic” relates to the awe of the power of nature. “That spine-tingling sense one gets when you can feel a storm brewing. That tension in the air before a cloud burst or thunderstorm. To listen to a rainstorm at night. To listen to the Earth, its’ presence and life force.” This is how Goodall describes his muse, allowing the world around him to inspire and compel his creativity. This effort represents a loose spontaneity that is fearless in its’ delivery and playful in its’ intent. 

The magic of life, divine creation, and the ability to express oneself come together in the heart and soul of Medwyn Goodall. It’s nice sharing in his “Magic”. 

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Music From A Painted Cave 
Robert Mirabal 
Silver Wave Records 
Robert Mirabal speaks of his evolution as a person and a performer coming together to form his vision and direction. In the subtlety of his statement there lies a powerful message of healing and brotherhood. A cosmology of Spiritual truths, full of ironies, poignancy, intimacy, and optimism; one man’s soul soaring above and through all, and any obstacles in his path. Robert Mirabal, without betraying his Native American roots, has openly and profoundly transcended boundaries and limitations in his expression of self. 

“Music From A Painted Cave” is rich in soul and steeped in tradition. Mirabal has an intimate relationship with his flute, reverberating sound-scapes that are vibrant in color, moody in feeling, and transcendent in message. Ethereally haunting music beckons the listener to unseen depths of consciousness as contemporary rhythms, melodies, and beats support the tempo. 

Robert Mirabal is lyrically presenting a love story, and the trials and tribulations that act as the guide ropes. He is searching for love on every level, love of a woman, love of man, and the love of God. Mirabal also describes the mysteries and the fears that daunt his journey, facing them with awe and respect as he reflects on his heritage and exploration of his consciousness. He relates a natural mysticism in his search for meanings and answers. The other side of life, powerful in its’ unlimited expanse, yet near enough to touch and affect our day to day lives. Mirabal has presented an epic translation of his life and Spirit; don’t miss this one! 

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Eckart Seeber 
Mantra Music 
Eckart Seeber has a vivid musical imagination. The world’s music is his playground; the adventure of finding himself and expressing his vision is his muse. In “Ecklectica” we find a wide variety of “World Beat Music” translated in the Seeber symphonic approach. His approach is to blend traditional, classical, indigenous, and contemporary styles into a smoothly orchestrated composition. 

Seeber explored his vision through an eclectic ensemble of musical instruments. Various flutes and percussive instruments combined with Chinese gongs, Tibetan bells, guitars and keyboards set the background for voices, chants, choir and wordless vocals, such as Inuit throat-singing, to instill emotion, color, and movement. Each song finds Seeber stretching his musical imagination to frame a personal interpretation of the various styles he is furthering. Seeber has a gentle hand, the music has sustained energy and drive without an intense edge. This makes for easy listening while still keeping our attention. 

The deeper we travel through “Ecklectica” we realize Seeber has a dream. In his dream he is searching for the connective thread that combines music, culture, and Spirituality into a common ground accessible to everyone. His search for meaning and truth is developed through the symphonic tapestries he has created. Each thread represents a known or unknown quality of his vision. In this way Seeber is not missing anything along the path he is walking. The thinking man’s approach to enlightenment presented through an eclectic mix of music and ideas. 

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Sticks & Stones Music 
Michael Whipple and Mark Esakoff are the creative duo that is Chasm. These are two very talented musicians who have joined forces to create a synthesis of musical ideas. Their influences are recognizable as rock-n-roll, Jazz, folk and Latin. 

Chasm has taken a very passionate approach to their songs. Esakoff handles the guitars with a flair for flamenco style leads that jubilantly flow up and down the guitar neck. His leads bristle with sensuality and sensitivity, notes cascading in melodic statements that are both visual and aural. Esakoff is the quintessential romantic musician, creating moods and ambience that are light and airy with a tinge of seriousness. Whipple on flutes and recorders portrays the ethereal side of the music. His melodic flurries harkens to unseen realms where the notes disappear into the invisible, reappearing to add further mystery to the mix. Whipple brings the same approach to his keyboard playing, adding little flourishes that remind the listener something else is going on.  

The end result is a very pleasing mix of melodies and rhythms that are invigorating and relaxing at the same time. Chasm represents music that is made by and for musicians. There is a natural purity of sound that has nothing to prove or an ego to boost up and defend. This is the pure joy of sharing your art so that others may take pleasure in it also. Check this one out. 

For more information, please call (805) 884-9079. 

In The Pool 
Jenn Adams 
White Boxer Music 
Jenn Adams is lesser known than Shawn Colvin or Sarah McLachlan, but equally as passionate and talented. She has a creative spark that is plaintively expressed through a loose ballad format. Her heart is pounding loudly in her chest as emotions and soul stream through her voice and lyrics. 

Adams has a very distinctive vocal style, not unlike her contemporaries mentioned above. There is possibly a little bit more grit with plenty of oohs and ahs to accentuate the mood. Her vocal approach is on the commercial edge of rock-n-roll and popular music. Lyrically she relates personal experiences and worldly experiences with the ease of a storyteller. Jenn Adams has no inhibitions when it comes to expressing her feelings. There is a natural intimacy that draws the listener into her life, we know what she likes or dislikes without any doubts in between. 

The music is finely produced, percussive beats are fully pronounced as lyrics and polished professional musicians to give the music soul, and an edge of originality. Jenn Adams sits in the middle of this production, flowing evenly and seamlessly, grabbing our hearts as she ponders the state of her own heart. I stepped “In The Pool” and I’m still wet, and in no hurry to dry off. This CD is a keeper. 

For more information, please call (719) 548-9872. 

Chuck Diliberto is a resident of New York State. Having written for a hometown publication that covered local and national musicians, reviewing CDs is an extension of that experience. His main interests are spiritual in nature and right living in practice.

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