An Interview with Brooke Medicine Eagle 
By Kathy DeSantis, CMP Brooke 



Medicine Eagle is an American native Earthkeeper, teacher, healer songwriter, ceremonial leader, sacred ecologist, Feng Shui practitioner, catalyst for wholeness and author of the best-selling spiritual autobiography, Buffalo Woman Comes Singing.  She is dedicated to bringing forward the ancient truths concerning how to live a fully human life in harmony with All Our Relations. Her primary interest is in the renewal of ancient ritual forms for creating a beautiful and harmonious path upon Mother Earth, today and for future generations. 

Born on the Crow Indian Reservation in Montana, she has learned from medicine people and shamans, including the Northern Cheyenne medicine woman, Stands Near the Fire. An intertribal metis (mixed blood), Brooke is an exceptional synthesizer of her two cultures as well as of healing methodologies.  She has a B.A. in Mathematics and Psychology from the University of Denver, Colorado (earning election to Phi Beta Kappa), an M.S. in Counseling Psychology from Mankato State University, and an A.B.D. from the Humanistic Psychology Institute in San Francisco.  

Brooke has enhanced her academic experience and native learning with insights from non-native teachers.  She has studied with many of the finest current masters, Moshe Feldenkrais, world famous Israeli healer, with whom she did a three-year apprenticeship, and top Neuro-Linguistic programmers. 

The wisdom granted to Brooke by many teachers, shamans and elders has crystallized in her own visions, which have been published in East West Journal, The Yoga Journal, Whole Life Times, Women of Power and Shaman’s Drum. Her work has also been included in the books: “Shamanic Voices” by Joan Halifax; “Shape Shifters: Shamanic Women in Contemporary Society” by Michele Jamal; “Shaman’s Path” by Gary Doore; “Voices on the Threshold of Tomorrow” by George and Trisha Feuerstein, and many others. Brooke continues her learning about living respectfully upon Mother Earth in two beautiful places. She spends summers at her ranch home in the lovely Flathead Valley of Montana; and is also helping develop a wonderful retreat center near Austin, Texas as a place to invite students for personal work and learning during the winter. From these homes she directs her teaching and participation in international workshops and conferences; her spiritual camps in the Montana wilderness; her writing; recording and videotaping of songs and teachings. Through residential camps and vision seeking, women’s mystery work, ceremonies, retreats and workshops, Brooke invites you to heal yourself through spiritual action in service of All Our Relations. 

At her website she says, “As we move into this new time it is not about figuring out anything or even doing something different; the most important thing is to release the old and unworkable patterns at the baseline of our consciousness and to align with the heart of our truest and deepest Self. This will mean the great energies coming to Earth in the next decade can energize what we really want — what is positive and magical — rather than magnifying the past program of limitation, stress and disharmony we have been playing out.” 

“We need to choose what we want in our lives and for our children — simple things like clean water, clean air, good relationships and community.” 

Having extensively researched many cultural mythologies and prophecies, Brooke understands this current period of time, up to the year 2012, as essential to the well-being of our planet. Basically, the human condition has bottomed out. We have chosen separation, violence and destruction of the environment and not really understood that our very survival depends on our ability to live with, rather than conquer, nature. It is time to take action and choose life. In her new book, “The Last Ghost Dance,” she tells us in detail how we can take that action using the intent of our hearts as our guide. She explains how each of us can awaken our own consciousness to use our own inner wisdom to live in harmony with the planet, each of us making a difference beginning with ourselves. 

Kathy: Describe your daily spiritual practice. 

Brooke: “When I wake up, I ask my higher self to also wake up, knowing there are all kinds of possibilities for how I can behave that day. I try to step up to a higher view above my personal and ego-related state. I remind myself to have infinite compassion, yet leave judgment out of my experience knowing the larger life has much more to it than I can see with these eyes. Another thing I like to do is make an offering of tobacco and corn meal. I think we don’t do enough giving back, so I do this symbolically through the offerings. The practice of gratitude is significant. Tobacco represents communication, communion, and medicine. I offer it with a prayer to honor all life. Sometimes I have blue corn meal that was very spiritually raised — this offering is about nurturing both body and spirit. I like to do these symbolic offerings in prayer to All Our Relations as I offer my gratitude, support, remembrance and honoring of you, that we all be able to walk together through eternity and that everyone be healthy and whole.” 

Kathy: How have deep spiritual practices contributed to your teaching and wisdom? 

Brooke: “I feel like I was sent to do this and that I could hardly escape. I am in an interesting process right now as I was at my first Saturn return when I became “Medicine Eagle.” I was asked to fly high and far and carry the light from the dawn, so that is who I became, and that was the assignment I was given. Now I am in my second Saturn, and many years ago I was given the name Challisse, (chalice overflowing with light). I believe I am being called to settle down more and create a model of an ideal community, a way of being, especially when we deal with children. I believe we need to put things on the ground and start walking things into reality; experience when someone has done it, like walking into a solar house and feeling how beautiful it is without the electrical vibrations and seeing there is no electric bill — it gives you a different feeling. This is a model people can experience. I explain in the “The Last Ghost Dance” that we need to do everything we can to bring our vibration and intent as high as we possibly can, and offer that way of being and living as a model for others so they can find that way of being too. That is what I am working on now, putting these higher ways of being into reality. “One of the things I do in my daily practices is to bring my energy high and joyous so I can manifest positive energy from my heart, and that is the energy I magnify out to the world. If I am looking at something in a positive way, it is more likely that it will come to be. Let’s say there’s a problem in the rain- forest; if we get mad at “those guys” who are destroying it, we project anger and judgment; then we are putting a negative focus on things. What we need to do instead is to close our eyes and give thanks for the rain-forest and its beauty, and what it is still providing. We have to focus on the quality of energy we should send. It’s so easy to have a negative opinion when we say things like “we have to stop this destruction” but all we do is magnify the negativity. It takes practice to bring our hearts to a place of joy and beauty, bringing that forward and feeling the happiness in our heart at the same time — those are the things we want to magnify into the world.” 

Kathy: Please talk about the role of Earth Mages, what should we as Earth Mages being doing to make this world a better place? 

Brooke: “When I talk about Earth Mages I talk about doing earth magic. As we learn more about our possibilities of manifesting realities from the heart by not being in judgment, it is enormously important to let go of judgment. The universe is working things out in a larger way than we can determine so we should not get tied up into judgment because it brings negativity back into the picture. One of the practices I do when I send an image forward, I like to say “Great Spirit, this is my highest and greatest image. I ask for whatever works for the highest and greatest good for all my relations” and I carry the feeling with it. It is so important to have the heartfelt joy and pleasure that I would like to experience with whatever I am praying for. If I should leave something out, I ask the Creator to send me whatever is intended for the highest good.” 

Kathy: So you are saying that even in prayer we need to leave out lower level intentions desired by our own ego. 

Brooke: “The thing I talk to my students about is to not focus on a specific thing because that limits our thinking, but if we can let go of even our highest dream and add that we are open to receiving even greater, that’s an interesting concept. To let go of even my highest dream or images in favor of whatever is best for All Our Relations. That’s something I strive to teach Earth Mages.” 

Kathy: I feel you offer a message of hope in your book. Is there hope for humanity? If so, what can we do differently than our ancestors to bring about positive change and who will be around to see it? 

Brooke: “In order for us to join the ancestral line of Spirit Dancers and move forward with true understanding, I believe we must first go back in time to reconnect. That is precisely what my vision of dancing with the Lakotas has given me and I hope to give it to you. 

“To look back at the years of warring and immense suffering is not easy for those with ancestors on either side of the conflict between the Native Americans and the invaders. Sometimes we would rather leave behind things that have become painful. Yet true healing means we must go back and begin from where we left off, no matter which side of the conflict our people were on. This is how we integrate the lessons rather than deny them. 

“Now, happily, we are being offered the incredible power and intent that those powerfully dedicated Ghost Dancers set into the energetic pattern of Earth. We are being given this metaphor to awaken and attune our consciousness in a way that both heals the old wounds and opens us to new possibilities for children of all races and peoples. It is a remarkable opportunity for many people who are conscious of the genocide wreaked by their land-hungry European ancestors. And it is also an opportunity for Native people to step out of victimization into empowerment. Crazy Horse had the visionary ability to see that all people would get the renewed life and world they sought only when cooperation, spiritual brotherhood and unity reigned. By letting go of the outmoded “eye for an eye” kind of thinking and moving forward with White Buffalo Woman and Dawn Star in the ways of peace and unity we can bring about something wonderful for ourselves and all the coming generations. 

“Who will be awake in the Golden Age? Who will be in charge? It will be those who have lived in the Light, who have done their meditative work to transcend the material plane, who have done their emotional work of resolving old issues and traumas, who have begun walking in sacred Oneness with All Our Relations. Obvious examples are the highest masters and holy people on Earth — high spiritual people from all cultures who have attained enlightenment.” 

Kathy: “The Last Ghost Dance” is a most enlightening book, so full of practical information we can implement right now. Where can our readers learn more about your teaching? 

Brooke: “Thank you, and please visit  for an update on my current work.”

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