Soul Burst 
By Scott & Shannon Peck 



Although today is characterized by many as the Information Age, this may equally be characterized as a time of massive Soul Burst! The Universe is calling it forth within each one as an imperative.

 If you have noticed yourself experiencing incredible spiritual changes along with a great and deep desire to express your Higher Self, then you are in Soul Burst. The Beloved within each of us is being called into openness. Such Soul revealing is inescapable and inevitable within each one of us -though not necessarily an easy or comfortable process.

 If we were guaranteed that, when we burst with Soul, there would be something out there to support us, many would wholeheartedly agree to allow their individual burst with Soul. But generally, we burst with Soul because we can no longer stand the confinements that limit our individual expression. Soul bursts forth at the peak of our intolerance. Our bursting to higher ground is often not in logical or sequential steps. In fact, think of what the word “burst” implies — an entirely new reality almost instantaneously! Soul Burst is often surprising and creates a huge change -like the simultaneous birth of new galaxies! 

Rather than being dismayed or resistant to your inevitable Soul Burst, accept and relax in your rising and allow your Higher Self to expand joyfully. There is no visible road map for Soul Burst, and it may feel like inner chaos, but there is a grand, divine design unfolding it. There may be no occupation dreamed up for your Soul Burst. That’s okay. You may be creating that place or occupation. For now, allow yourself to trust that something glorious is taking place and you are part of it. This is Eternity’s call for your individual divinity to come into full expression. 

The deep, spiritual reality is that the Universe is created according to divine order, is already organized for Soul bursts, and, in fact, cannot operate without it! A whole system of divine support awaits you. 

The greatest way you can participate in this universal Soul Burst is by realizing and cherishing spirituality within yourself and others in the spirit of our fundamental, divine oneness. Love yourself as you burst into Soul. And love those around you, recognizing the birth that is taking place in the inner heart of all humanity. 

Imagine Soul speaking to you, saying: “You are irreplaceable in Soul. Your total uniqueness is required for Soul Reality. You are loved just as you are. Take your place in eternity as your Highest, divine, true Self. You are needed as much as you are honored and loved. Listen to your deep longing and intuition. Come forth in full Soul shining!” 

Soul Burst takes each of us unmistakably to a higher place of Love. As you move in Soul Burst, you will discover new words to explain your greater Love awareness and actions. Your expanded sense of Love will acknowledge the awakening within all humanity of Love and Soul without borders, rules, or judgment. You will be moved by a new depth of compassion and caring as the very Presence of Love. You will look into the hearts of your children, parents, friends, co-workers, loved ones, and soon-to-be-released enemies and see Soul Burst. Welcome to the heart of Love! 

Scott & Shannon Peck are co-founders of TheLoveCenter, a non-profit educational organization dedicated to bringing all humanity into the heart of Love. This article is based on their workshop “Becoming a LoveMaster,” their 6-tape audio course, “All the Love You Could Ever Want,” and their books, “The Love You Deserve” and “Liberating Your Magnificence.” For information, visit www.TheLoveCenter.com , call TheLoveCenter at (800) 266-1525, or e-mail TheLoveCenter@aol.com . Copyright 2001 by Scott & Shannon Peck

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