Green Internet Service Provider 
Launches Worldwide 
By Lindsay Morgan 



“It’s an ISP with a purpose,” said Michael Zimmerman, author of Contesting Earth’s Future: Radical Ecology and Postmodernity. “It empowers children and adults with the resources and services they need to learn more about the environment and actively support the causes they believe in. TheEcoISP has created an entirely new resource and a gathering place for individuals, businesses and organizations concerned about the global environment.” 

As the “green” provider of comprehensive Internet services, The EcoISP makes a substantial financial commitment to environmental causes and organizations. Access through TheEcoISP will cost $15.95 a month, about five dollars less than monthly costs for traditional ISPs. Each month, 50 percent of each subscriber’s net revenue will be donated to the environmental cause of the subscriber’s choice. 

TheEcoISP portal features environmental and international news, chat rooms, e-mail accounts, live guests, child-safe site filtering, search engine powered by Excitesm, links to information about urgent environmental issues and direct links to organizations such as the Environmental Defense Fund, the Sierra Club and the Audubon Society. 

Backers of the full-service, “green” ISP say they are committed to building an online community hub dedicated to protecting the Earth and raising funds for national and global environmental organizations and causes. 

“We’ve been joined by top experts in ecology and education to create a successful ISP, and more important, one that will effect change from the smallest towns and villages to the largest cities in the world,” said Gerstenberger. “The amount of funds environmental organizations can earn is directly proportional to our membership base ? the more members we have, the larger our community grows and the greater the dollar amount of donations flowing to environmental organizations. The organizations themselves will play a huge role in determining donation levels by encouraging their members to join TheEcoISP.”

 For more information about TheEcoISP and its services or to sign-up, visit  or call (303) 786-7677.

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