By Jenny Liu 

Good Orientation Is Not Enough


Cee lives in a large Beverly Hills condo. During the two years she has lived there with her family, they have suffered many devastating health problems. However, she explains, their financial situation is fine. Although it is hard work, they are making a good living. Nonetheless, having her family sick all the time is tiresome and a struggle day to day. Based on their birth dates, the entire family belongs to the Western Direction Pattern. 

Their condo is located on the west side of their building complex. Their main door opens facing east and is aligned to their neighbor’s door across the hall. The east door is associated to the wood element. This energy defeats their family’s earth and metal energies. Having their main door facing east and aligned directly with their neighbor’s door can bring liver problems, arm and leg injuries and arguments with others. Upon entering through the door, the powder room is on the right side and the kitchen is on the left. The right side is associated with the energies of generating income and the male’s well being. The left side is associated with the energies of saving income and the female’s well being. The toilet and stove located respectively immediately on these sides of the entry can make these energies unstable for the family. 

The living room, den and both bedrooms are located on the west side of their unit. The master bedroom spans the northwest and north sectors. The master bed located in the north sector does not match them and is highly unstable this year. Sleeping here can bring lawsuits, conflicts and ailments related to the head, blood or kidney. The master bathroom is located in the northeast sector. The bathroom has no windows for natural ventilation and lighting. Having this negative energy concentrated in the positive direction of the northeast can cause allergies, lower back pains and trouble with men outside. 

All the rooms on the west side have floor-to-ceiling windows covered by a dense growth of trees on the outside. Although the trees provide privacy, they block natural sunlight from coming into the rooms. Because tree leaves serve as a good filter and buffer for pollution, they collect dirt and dust making them a big source of allergens. Having this strong wood element located on the west side defeats the family’s earth and metal energies. It also makes their home constantly dark. Lacking natural sunlight lowers our immune system and living in darkness can cause depression and erratic behavior. So, even though the bedrooms are in the correct directions, the energies are very weak. 

Cee is very intuitive and has felt their home was problematic since they moved in. She explained to me that her husband and daughter are both bipolar. This is a neurotic disorder that has caused them to have erratic behavior and require constant medication. Her son suffers from an autoimmune disorder that has made him extremely allergic and weak. There are few things he can eat without getting sick. Simply keeping him fed and healthy is a huge responsibility. Even she has had to overcome health problems of her own. As the building manager, she is also constantly dealing with troublesome tenants, most of which she notes are men,  one threatening a lawsuit. 

Among the many adjustments to enhance their energies, Cee needed to have the trees on the west side of their unit trimmed to let in more natural lighting. It is vital for their master bed to be located in the northwest side of their bedroom so that they are no longer in the negative north sector. Every bedroom had a television placed directly in front of the bed. Chronic exposure to the television’s electromagnetic frequencies can lower our immune system and cause our minds to be fuzzy and tired. These television sets needed to be removed or unplugged prior to sleep. Covering them up or placing them in cabinets does not remove the electromagnetic frequencies. Special types of crystals that promote the family member’s different energies should be strategically placed in their bedrooms to enhance their health energies. 

Positive images that reinforce their well-being should be strategically placed throughout the house. The fire element can be used to neutralize the defeating energies of the east door. A pink colored doormat should be placed by the door. A mirror outside the powder room on the right hand side can deflect some of its negative energies. After these changes have been made, Cee should see if their family’s energy becomes more harmonized. 

If the chaos continues, the basic energy of the building is very weak and the adjustments are not enough to correct it. Cee agrees their building complex has very negative energies. The majority of the tenants in their building are constantly sick, having conflicts and are unhappy. This type of energy is difficult to overcome by adjusting only her unit. Living in a complex, there are always outside forces out of our control. In the future, she should consider selecting a single family home with good feng shui that not only matches but supports her family. 

Jenny Liu holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Design from UC Berkeley and a Master’s Degree in Architecture from UCLA. She is an expert in the 8,000-year-old Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui who also shares her knowledge through seminars, workshops, periodicals and the Internet. Ms. Liu is a fourth-generation practitioner with her own consulting firm. For more information see www.liu-fengshui.com  or call her at (909) 860-0633.

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