Stone People Medicine
A Native American Oracle Book and Card Set 
By Manny Twofeathers 
“Stone People Medicine” is a fantastic and simple way to apply the vast wisdom of the Native American traditions into busy, stressful lives. This gift set contains a book and medicine cards, developed intuitively through dreams by Manny Two-feathers, a popular Native American author and speaker, who is an Arizona native of Aztec decent. Two-feathers was raised in the old ways of the Native American tradition, participating in Pow-Wows as a child. His first book, “The Road To Sun-dance,” became an international success. 

“Stone People Medicine” is the perfect way to learn how to get in touch with your own “medicine”. This wonderful book and card set allows one to learn an ancient craft of divinity that Twofeathers has brilliantly put together in a way everyday people can use. The set can help with our healing, prosperity, gaining confidence and courage, answering questions, helping to direct our lives and the lives of others. 

This attractive book/card set contains a series of ten cards, each with its own spirit animal and instructions on how to use them and interpret their meaning. The book is an extremely informative piece containing knowledge I have not seen in any other source to date. The cards include: Bear Medicine, Kokopelli Medicine, Wolf Medicine, Se-Eh-Ha Medicine, Buffalo Medicine, Turtle Medicine, Spider Medicine, Eagle Medicine, Snake Medicine, and Otter Medicine. 

Published by New World Publishing, this set is available at local bookstores, or by calling (800) 97-BOOKS. 

Reviewed by Maryel McKinley, PhD 


Secrets Of Native American Spirituality
A Comprehensive Guide to Native American Tradition Using Herbs and the Body/Mind/Spirit Connecting for Improving Health 
By Anthony Cichoke, DC, Ph.D. 
In this well-researched book, author Cichoke combines Native American sacred information that has been used for centuries — remedies that could very easily help or save your life! This book helps bring forth health at the core level. 

Cichoke believes that until quite recently Americans believed only prescription drugs, surgery, radiation, or some over “scientific” treatment administered and sanctioned by a medical doctor could cure illness or injury. Sadly this approach has resulted in a failing health system that is epidemic. His hope is that this new/ancient information will encourage readers to take control over their decision-making process when finding remedies and prevention for maladies. 

Anthony Cichoke is a chiropractor with a Doctorate in Nutrition. He hosts an internationally syndicated radio talk show, “The Dr. Enzyme Therapy Show” and has written several books including “The Complete Book of Enzyme Therapy”, and hundreds of articles on the subjects of nutrition and chiropractic. Cichoke lives in Port Oregon. 

As a Native American myself who practices western and alternative medicine, I strongly urge you to purchase this book and keep it as a staple part of your book collection. Also, give it as a gift— it will offer so much to your loved ones. 

Published by Avery Press, this book is available at local bookstores or can be purchased on-line at 

Reviewed by Maryel McKinley, PhD 


Sun Dancing 
A Spiritual Journey on The Red Road 
By Michael Hull 
The publishers of “Sun Dancing” describe this masterpiece as: “A profound spiritual journey into the largest and most important life-giving ceremony in the Lakota spiritual tradition, by the only white man to be confirmed as a Sun Dance Chief by traditional Lakota elders.” 

Let me start with a quote from Leonard Crow Dog, Lakota elder and spiritual leader of AIM — ”May all of you be blessed in your life by the reading of this book”. That quote says it all, for me at least. As a recovering addict myself, I really related to Hull’s personal journey on the way to his true spiritual path, the red road. But don’t think you need to be in recovery to get something out of this book. Quite the contrary, Michael Hull is the first white man to be given a Sun Dance Bundle and to be recognized as a Sun Dance Chief by traditional Lakota elders. Although his regular job is a practicing attorney in Austin, Texas, Hull has led Sun dances in Texas since 1998. 

I myself am Cherokee, mixed with German, and English. I know what an honor it is to be accepted in any indigenous culture on any level, let alone the highest honor of Chief. This truly inspiring account of Michael’s journey on the spiritual red road is empowering, enlightening, moving, unfathomable, and poignant. 

I will close with another quote by Chief Charles Chipps, Lakota elder. “I believe Michael is dedicated and devoted to preserving the culture, heritage, spirituality, and ceremonies of the indigenous people, especially the Lakota. I believe Michael did not decide for himself but rather was chosen by the Great Mystery to build a bridge between the indigenous people and others.” 

This book is definitely a bridge helping the world to take a journey that will unite us in a deeper understanding of life and our human roles within that life. 

Published by Inner Traditions Books, this book is available at local bookstores or on-line at 

Reviewed by Maryel McKinley, PhD 


By Brooke Medicine Eagle 
Directing us to look within, author Brooke Medicine Eagle in her book, “The Last Ghost Dance”, encourages us to become “Earth Mages” (Earth magicians) as a call to personal action in order to bring about a higher level of functioning for the future world. She challenges us to become the vital links in the next stage of our greater human evolution by participating in the practices of Earth magic and spiritual ascension. The book is filled with new ways to make our actions count that have been resurrected from ancient ritual forms. 

Medicine Eagle provides a detailed historical perspective and motivation to do our part in ascending to the next level of being human — that of consciously living in an evolved and heartfelt manner. An important in-spiration for her in writing the book came from a vision of the original Ghost or Spirit Dance through which Native Americans of many tribes came together to pray for the fulfillment of their vision of a harmonious, peaceful spirit-filled life on a renewed Earth. 

Do we dare hold this vision within us now? If we desire change for our planet, how do we choose wisely and create an honorable future to leave for our children and generations to come? Nuggets of inspiration fill the pages and we are brought to a deeper understanding of our powerful connection to the larger universe, thus restoring the hopes and awakening the dreams held long ago. 

Medicine Eagle’s own journey of discovery is chronicled through her from her deceased spiritual brother, Sparrow Hawk, teaching us how to confront our deepest fears, overcome resistance to change and renew our own lives and that of All Our Relations. Through unified prayer, music, spiritual dance, healing exercises and ceremonial celebration, she offers us ancient, yet new ways of creating Earth magic and co-healing Mother Earth. 

Published by Ballantine Publishing Group, this book is available at local bookstores or online at 

Reviewed by Kathy DeSantis, CMP

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