You Are Worthy of Receiving Unlimited Praise!
By Shannon Peck



How much praise do you need? Lots! Even more than you can imagine! Why?

1. Praise is encouraging! We live in a culture that tends to withhold praise and positive acknowledgment. We become aware of this once we receive generous praise. It is almost shocking to realize how much praise we truly need and how much better our lives operate from praise.

2. Praise is inspiring! Each of us rises into our highest Self when we feel worthy and deserving. It energizes us to feel we're doing well.

3. Praise is empowering! We know how disempowering it is to be criticized or even insulted. It's deflating and really hard to recover. "Where did love go?" we wonder. More importantly, "How quickly can we get the feeling of love back?"

The feeling of love begins with praise and positive acknowledgment. Sometimes we find it difficult to do this for ourselves. This is when we find a loving friend who we feel totally emotionally safe with and ask them to help us feel loved. It is a privilege for a true friend to offer positive reinforcement and lavishly help bring you back to remembering your wonderful worth and value. You will get to offer the same to your friend at times as well.

There are also some things we can do for ourselves to get us back on track towards giving ourselves generous praise. Here's how.

Take all the self criticism and dump it out now. All of it! We are way too hard on ourselves. Come up for air often and let in generous praise, recalling the precious love you hold in your heart and the good it carries.  Try to stay clean of those dense, dark energies that rob us of feeling loved and worthy.

Each evening, make a list of the few things you did well. You may sit there for awhile with nothing on your list and that's okay. You're opening up to something that will begin to flow with love for yourself.

Also, identify your greatest need. Perhaps it is to become less stressed, or to be more outgoing in a positive way, or to show more overt love, to speak up and say something lovely from your heart, or to share your biggest dream and even hold the space open for its possibilities. Or perhaps you need courage to confront something difficult that you've buried and don't want to face.

It could be someone in your way who is blocking your self praise. There is a psychic energy that operates through some who are good people, but their hearts are closed shut. These people are sending out a vibration that tends to sabotage your soul, oppressing it with negative thoughts and energies.

It acts like a jail sentence to the soul. These people would pooh-pooh the idea of self praise, telling you it is egotistical and even insinuate that praise is for the weak. But you know better!

By identifying these people in your life, you can have compassion for them, but step over their dead souls and keep going forward! Know that by your awakening, it will raise their vibration as well.

Set a simple, easy goal to take one step towards realizing your dream or meeting your greatest need. One of my greatest needs lately is to stay with generous praise for myself. In this way, I stay deeply connected to myself and divine Love. And Love is the way I choose to live my life as a Love Master.

Once you take a step towards meeting your needs, go crazy with praise for yourself. Praise yourself like nobody's watching! For example, I'm filling myself with profuse praise for realizing that I need praise and positive acknowledgment so my soul feels encouraged and strong just talking to you right now!

Who you are is essential for the world. We need you at your best so you can express your gifts and flow with healing love to yourself and to us all! Copyright © 2009 by Shannon Peck

Shannon Peck is a spiritual healer and teacher of love and healing. She is the author of "Love Heals: How to Heal Everything with Love" and co-author, with Dr. Scott Peck, of several books on love and relationships. She is also Co-founder of The Love Center. To read Shannon's "Healing with Love" blog, please visit


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