Wachan & Martika
Ambassadors of Ancestral Wisdom
By Donna Strong



In Peru, Mother Earth is known as Pachamama, a “living cell in the universe.” Two of Pachamama’s golden-hearted ambassadors, Wachan and Martika Bajiyoperak, have made the long journey from their beloved homeland to help fulfill the prophecy of the ancient condor spirit from the South, returning to the land of the eagle — North America.

The name given to the plentiful offerings of these two loving partners is Willkasara. Their beautiful daughter Shiqwarkenty is already an active participant in Willkasara’s offerings of healing medicine and culture.

Wachan is a keeper of understanding and knowledge passed down from the Ancient Ones. His message is clear and the deep respect he holds for Pachamama is palpable and brings healing simply from being in his presence.

One of Martika’s major missions is to help women realize more balance. While modern women have gained much, there has also been a down side to much of the momentum. Many women are juggling too many responsibilities and suffering from overwhelm. This ‘Singer of the Spirit,’ as she is called, is a wise woman embodying the giving qualities of the Great Mother in her offerings to communities.

Instead of thinking of people as many separate tribes, Wachan offers a bridging understanding that is a common path for us all to share. Like the condor, his scope of vision is as wide as the horizon. The wisdom of Wachan and Martika is to remember a natural way of living true to our nature; that we are one and all native members of the original and eternal environment; Sacred Source.

Awareness: I’d like to ask first, about the name you have chosen for your sacred work and offerings, Willkasara.

Wachan: Willkasara means sacred corn. For us, we chose that name before our journey because we feel that corn is the spirit of our ancient land, and to share this knowledge as we travel. The corn is used in our ceremonies, and it also has healing powers, besides being one of the most important elements in our daily life.

So we brought a lot of corn seeds and we have been sharing them with different ethnic people in Arizona. We have also been receiving the same gift. You know, all native people see the corn as something very sacred — a gift from God. So when you share corn with someone, you are sharing abundance, festivity, prosperity, all the good things in life.

Martika: We are also planting these seeds because nowadays people have moved far away from having a natural connection with the Earth. Part of the exchange is to help people plant their seeds and remember Mother Earth, Pachamama, because without her there is no life.

Wachan: Modern society has walked away from nature. When you put the seeds in the ground and life starts coming, you see that Mother Earth is birthing life every second. You realize Pachamama is a living cell in the universe — she is alive. We are fed on many levels through the sacred corn.

We have many special kinds of dances and songs for the corn and that’s what we have been witnessing here with the Hopi, Navajo and Apache, they still have their connection with the corn and honor it, and it’s great to be part of their ceremonies. The corn is bringing all the families, all of the races together again. That’s our belief and it is why we’re doing this.

Awareness: I’ve been doing research on community gardening and there is a resurgence happening all over, so a lot more people are having an experience of being connected to the land and seeding new life as they put their hands into Mother Earth.

Wachan: Yes, the people are coming back together again. Right now we see people are paying so much attention to eating organic and this is good, but the mind also needs to be organic. When you are eating organic food but your thoughts are not organic, it doesn’t make too much sense.

Awareness: I would agree, and for me, gardening had the effect to still the wind storm of thoughts I was used to having, so this is another blessing from being in direct contact with the Earth!

Wachan: You know Mother Earth is the source of life. She is giving us every thing, every day. Our Ancient Ones taught us to live with love, harmony and respect for the Earth. In taking care of her you will also be taking care of yourself. This is something we have forgotten in this modern age.

We have seen so very many changes. You know they are modifying the seeds and messing with life, so right now is a good opportunity for us all to realize — what is the mission of each one of us?

Through music, the sound and our family, we work to give people the gift of life through connecting to themselves first of all, and then with Pachamama, so they will see what we are talking about — unconditional love.

What native peoples are facing is very painful. Many people go into the rainforest and learn about the natural remedies, but they forget where they come from, and people are taking so much advantage. For us, there is reciprocity of giving and receiving, but now, we are a generation of great takers. We take and take to extremes and it’s time to remember, to give back to the land.

For us, being in Arizona is fulfilling the prophecy of the meeting of the condor and the eagle. There is something very strong, not personal, taking place — we see the Pachakuti, the return of the wisdom and the knowledge. It’s the awakening of humanity.

Everybody is talking about 2012, and how the Ancient Ones saw this. We believe the reason that these ancient calendars are so precise is that they worked with the natural connections through thousands of years. The Ancient Ones have been connected to God through nature.

There’s a lot of misguidance about our Ancient Ones. Most of our history has been manipulated, it was written by foreigners who never had access to the language, so they wrote speculations — talking about ancient peoples as though they did not have understanding of God or spirituality.

The cultures that built these amazing monuments were so highly developed. There are so many things, even with all the technology that we have nowadays, we still don’t understand, especially the connection with spiritual life, because spirituality is not something you can understand with your brain. Spirituality is a way of being. You understand it with your soul and your spirit.

The foreigners brought their ‘God’ to us, and with it they tried to destroy our culture. We don’t believe that God destroys. God is the giver of life. We are here now, in this time, because we have no regrets, we have forgiven everything. This is why we are here sharing what we have from our hearts. We believe that spirituality is going back to simplicity again.

Awareness: It’s so time for this.

Martika: Even though our  sacred temples are being destroyed and the lands of our elders are being taken away, our elders are still doing the work of keeping balance with Mother Earth. We realize that every thought, every decision made is affecting all of us.

Wachan: Nature is pushing us. We really need to see who we are and what our purpose is in life. We need to understand words in the right way — we are all native peoples. Native is not just for indigenous people. Native is someone who is connected with nature, no matter what color or religion you are.

We need to wake up the native inside us by connecting with nature. When you connect with Pachamama, then you will really understand what God is about. This is what we are sharing in our workshops and gatherings.

Awareness: I feel very deeply touched by what you’re saying. You’re reminding me of how true spirituality is universal.

Wachan: This is our reality.

Awareness: What is the wisdom of this cycle?

Wachan: You know, everything that starts has an end in this dimension. There are cycles, and this will be the end of one and the beginning of a new cycle. We see all good happening right now, although people get caught up in fear and think it is the end of the world. The Ancient Ones were completely aware of this and they had come to realize the perfection of how the universe works.

I feel that in this time of light, the answers are coming by themselves. Suddenly, the modern world that is so civilized is seeking ancient wisdom and knowledge. For all of us, going back to our roots is the answer for anything we are looking for in life, so that is why we see a lot of pilgrimages of humanity to the ancient and sacred places.

Awareness: Would you say that going within, as well as connecting to our roots in a way that feels authentic — to allow the light to have more access through us, is being part of the cycle?

Wachan: Definitely. When these kinds of changes or cycles would happen in ancient times, instead of being in fear, the people were more connected with the divine because they would trust. Also there was no lack, they were manifesting life everyday. Whatever you were creating right now would happen later that day or tomorrow.

That’s the power of the will and the intention. When you make the ceremonies, everything is about the intention of love, of harmony, of peace. Especially when this is a community or a whole nation praying together at the same time, you can imagine how it gets to the universe and the answers come right away. I believe that’s how our Ancient Ones connected. That’s how they handled this kind of event.

Martika: There are still people, like the elders, the kogis who live up in the Sierra Nevadas of Columbia — it’s their life to sustain the balance of our planet. We believe completely in the power of prayers and of clear intention and have reverence to our Mother Earth. We are limitless, but without knowing this, how far can we go with a very limited mind? It’s hard, very, hard.

Wachan: The vision of a shaman is to serve. We all know God is the true healer, we are just instruments. So that’s why our medicine people, the first thing they teach us is to just be humble — to your self, to nature, to everything. So right now, there’s a danger that we see.

Our ancient ceremonies are being used in many places just for greed of money and power. Our elders are still up in the mountains praying for all of humanity. If some people are misusing our ceremonies for greed, this will also affect all of us, because we are related.

Spirituality is something that we really must respect. Right now, we are specifically working with the sound because it is the universal language. We are using the tools that our ancient ones gave to us. Through the sound we will gather all the communities again. We need to realize that we all are one at this time. We all are brothers and sisters — there is no difference here.

Martika: We’re helping people open their hearts and understand that connection through the sound. We’ve witnessed a lot of changes in the people that come to the gatherings. As all native people around the world, we use sound to send our praise to connect with our Creator and make our offerings.

Wachan: We want to bring consciousness to people to be themselves. Right now, we see a big current of people that want to connect with the spiritual world. They are opening their hearts to that. You don’t need to become a shaman to understand the spiritual world.

The best way is just to be your self. When you come to be yourself, you will see that the God or Goddess is within you. But when you pretend to be something you’re not, you’ll be struggling the rest of your life. Just connecting with your self will bring happiness.

Awareness: You both have a very heart-inspiring message!

Wachan: Oh sister, thank you for opening your heart. If you see yourself as a divine manifestation everything is possible, so we need to change our perspective. Most of the time we see people saying, “I’m not perfect.” “I’m just a human being.” That looks like an excuse to just keep doing the same thing. If you really want to know who you are, you are a divine manifestation and in that, you are perfect because God is perfect.

Martika: We are trying to keep our culture alive, even with all the changes. You know we have our daughter Shiqwarkenty, and we encourage people all the time to bring their kids. If they are not a part of this, how can they one day understand the connection with Mother Earth.

Wachan: Martika has just touched on an important point of view that we have. When we do prayers and ceremonies, our daughter is never left out. Many people think when they send their kids to Disney World they are giving the best gift, but the best gift is to send them back to nature because the only way to become ourselves again is through Mother Earth, Pachamama.

Right now we are planetary creatures — Kay Pacha is the dimension where we are living, but it doesn’t mean we will be caught up here. If you would realize who you are — a creature that belongs more to the universe than this planet, you would behave differently. That is why in ancient times people were taught who they were and the mission of human beings. Who we are is Hanaq Pachama — the whole universe.

As universal creatures, your connection with the land is different. Right now we see almost everybody harming the planet. We have forgotten that the Earth doesn’t belong to us. When you have the consciousness of who you are, you are beyond an Incan or a Mayan, you are beyond that. You are a divine universal creature, as the ancient cultures believed.

Awareness: I’m smiling at you both, what you’re saying feels so right!

Wachan: Our intention with people is to share this — just be who you are, don’t pretend to be anything else and in this way, you will find a good passage in life, you will find happiness. Nowadays we are caught up in the ‘human’ part, and we need to work on our ‘being’ side. So many spiritual teachers are coming from all parts of the world and knocking on the door of our human hearts just to tell us, ‘wake up, this is who you are, take care of yourself, love yourself.’

This is nothing new, but now is a time of action. Love is not just a word — love is action. Right now we need love on our planet, we need this love for one another. We must wake up and take responsibility for our lives.

We just have to come to be ourselves again and trust, because the mother will always take care of the child. We need to trust our Pachamama right now. Whatever is happening is for the good. There is a big cleansing taking place and after that we know the good will come, the consciousness of people will come back again. We just need to go back to simplicity again, so that we will know how great life is.

Martika: As I gather with women, we are re-awakening to this feminine energy. As women, we are givers of life. We need to remember to keep the balance between men and women because without it, it’s not going to be a good place on Earth for anyone. I tell women, ‘Reconnect with yourselves, be loving, be kind, talk with each another, understand and help each other.’

There is so much jealousy and bitterness — how much more damage can we do to ourselves? We are controlled and distracted by many things, but if we can find time to sit still, be quiet and just listen to the Mother Earth speak to us, this will make a huge difference in people’s lives.

We are incredibly blessed to be here in this huge transition. We are praying here and when we are in Peru, and we know these changes are for the good of humanity. We don’t own anything but ourselves, our culture and love for the work we do.

Wachan: Sometimes it is very painful, but this is the journey of our life, we just trust, we trust God. We have to be strong on this journey. When we are traveling, our intention is to bring groups of people together to build spiritual community. We need to go back to the community again. We have been so selfish for such a long time and being selfish, you cannot go far.

When we work as a community our power is its strongest. So we need to be in community to realize that humanity is a community already. So we need to work on our hearts and to come from love. We know that the power of prayer works, so we need to pray for peace.

We have the experience that whatever you ask from the heart will have a good answer always. That’s something we have learned from the Ancient Ones who had the will to move mountains.

Our Ancient Ones built sacred sites and temples to connect us all. They did not build them with the pain and blood of others. The power they used is beyond the physical power. They moved thousands of stones with the power of the will, through their connection with the highest.

Right now it helps us to realize who we really are. We need to ground ourselves in knowing where we come from in order to know where we need to go. We all come from the same Source, all of us. It is our intention to bring this knowing to all of our brothers and sisters to share. Together, we are birthing a golden age of peace.

Wachan, Martika and Shiqwarkenty will be at the Agape Spiritual Center in Los Angeles in August. For more information visit: www.willkasara.com

Stellar Productions will lead a trip to Peru with Wachan and Martika, March 19-27, 2010. For more information, please visit: www.stellarproductionslive.com 

Donna Strong is a writer and creative catalyst. She offers creativity and calm mentoring through these times of change. Please visit www.donnastrong.com  or www.growingupgreen.la


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