David Rubenstein
, MS, Activates Magical Mind/Body Connections
By Kay Walburger



"Neuromuscular Calibration is a process whereby the command and control structure of the body-brain is accessed and the 'higher-brain,' indigenous in human beings, diagnoses and corrects itself," explains David Rubenstein. "This is a state-of-the-art non-invasive and non-medical solution to promote lasting healing of the human body, mind and spirit. We liberate our clients from physical limitations bringing about physical freedom."

I met David at a networking meeting where he observed that I had an 'ace bandage' around my right ankle. He watched me walk. . . as my granddaughter said, "Grandma you walk like a penguin!" He noticed that my left hip was very stiff and created a limp. At that time he heard me say that even though I am a Senior Citizen, my fear was not of dying, but of 'never having lived my own life.' 

At last I was free to be me, but I required some miracles to restore me to my healthiest mind/body/emotional potential. I explained how I believe in "The Law of Attraction" and all that was required for me to live my dream would appear with divine timing.

A few days later David sent me an e-mail suggesting we talk, and we did. He explained his Neuromuscular Calibration. (two U.S. patents pending)  I enrolled in his full program and have been excited and amazed by the 'magical' results. . . as I am just about halfway through the complete protocol. The first half of the 2-hour session began with taking down my history of traumatic physical injuries starting with my birth and continuing till now. I was surprised how many there had been.

The next hour he began to "calibrate" my feet, explaining how our feet ground us and set up the entire body's balance. I was thrilled and amazed since it was painless for the most part. It was gentle, simple and funny at times.

David asked me to move my little toe on my right foot to the right. My little toe did not have a clue how to move at all. I kept staring at it and I could feel the wheels of my mind whirling trying to figure how to move it right.

David explained that my little toe had 'amnesia' and had forgotten who she was or what to do after 17 years of wearing 'orthotics' in my shoes. David showed my mind by touching the muscle which moved that toe!

At first I just stared at it but suddenly my brain found the connection, and it moved. I started to giggle as he trained my toes how to do sit-ups and push-ups, and grow stronger right before my own eyes!

Next he showed my mind how to bring my 'fallen arches' back on line. After a one-hour session I was able to eliminate my 'Ace-bandage' and my 'orthotics,' and watch the swelling in my right ankle go down and gradually recover a bit more each day until now it is almost normal.

David explained, "Brain functions are assessed through a sequence called Micro-exercise. A rapid learning curve occurs when using Micro-exercise, which perfects motion control and demonstrates calibration. The results are generally an immediate cessation of symptoms, including chronic or acute pain, inflexibility, increased strength and coordination, reliability issues, and much more."

"Neuromuscular Calibration produces a calm and restored human being. Because it addresses the root cause to musculoskeletal issues, which is located in the brain, the problem does not generally reoccur, and response is immediate during and after treatment. Follow-ups are not generally needed.

Neuromuscular Calibration Institute Is devoted to treating the following
Athletic Enhancement:
Improve Biomechanical Efficiency, Increase Performance, Increase Motivation, Injury Prevention, Injury Recovery.

Pain Management:
Chronic Pain, Intractable Pain, Acute Pain, Complex Pain Syndromes, Orthotic Elimination (foot),

Mental Focus:
Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, ADD, Anti-Psychotropics, Mild Traumatic Brain Injury, Pharmaceuticals­Reduction, Focus, Clarity, Psychological Effects ­ Calming, and Learning Disabled Improvements.

Physical Impediments:
Arthritis, Compression, Fasciitis, Inflammation, Muscle Atrophy, Post-Concussion Syndrome, Paralysis, Tendonitis, Rheumatoid Arthritis.

NCI has many amazing testimonials from a wide range of men, women and children of all ages and walks of life, including a ballet dancer, surfer, Kung Fu Master, volleyball player, freestyle swimmer, women's golf coach, racquetball player, 14-year-old baseball pitcher, golf pro/coach, doctors and podiatrists, even a 2008 Olympic Bronze Medal Winner in women's track. Like myself they are finding that "Neuromuscular Calibration is an elegant solution leading to a graceful conclusion!"

Neuromuscular Calibration is on 'The Growing Edge of Evolution' and David's greatest rewards after inventing the solution to his own constant pain and suffering is watching his clients get excited about living life without pain! He is delighted to see them enjoy their own "Magical Mind/Magical Body Connection!" They are enthusiastic about recovering their quality of life and reclaim dreams of doing activities they had abandoned long ago. The only side effect to NC is "JOY OF LIVING LIFE IN EXCITEMENT AND WONDERMENT WITH AN AWARENESS OF THEIR RENEWED SPIRITUAL BLISS!"

Help Wanted:
"I believe that there will soon be two types of people in the world. . . those who have been Calibrated and those who desire to be Calibrated!" We are looking for 1,000 people to study with us and become certified to work with us, carrying on this great gift to all humankind! Contact us if you are interested!"

David has his Master's degree in both Kinesiology and Pain Management. He has 24 years' experience and has logged over 80,000 sessions treating chronic pain, complex pain issues, injuries, and athletic enhancement issues in over twenty sports. His techniques are also sought out by individuals who seek to lower stress, anxiety and depression. He is the inventor of Neuromuscular Calibration and The Fascial Release System for which patents are filed.

As a Senior Clinical Instructor at White Memorial Medical Center in Los Angeles, he instructs staff physicians on applications of Neuromuscular Calibration to TMJ and facial pain disorders as well as the other areas of the body.

To contact or to schedule an appointment: contact David Rubenstein, Director, Neuromuscular Calibration Institute, 1501 Westcliff Drive, Suite 270, Newport Beach, CA 92660, or call (949) 722-9015. Visit:


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