Tips on Keeping Mind and Body Young
By Jesse Anson Dawn



Jesse Anson Dawn (accurately photographed at age 65), author of the national award-winning book Never "Old," plus The Rejuvenator's Bible, speaks out about a most stirring subject: how to personally control the unwanted effects of "aging."

Presently answering the question: "How does Asian culture manifest differences in the aging process?"

Dear Readers,
This being the Awareness issue focused on "indigenous people," it's time to share some of my long-studied observations about Asian culture and the spirit-mind-body.

"Amazing Asia," some people call it, and after living in the Philippines area of Southeast Asia for over two years now, (and another two years decades ago), I'm continually amazed at how young most of these people look for their age.

For example, when my longtime mate here told me that her brother is 31, I was shocked, for I would guess that her smiling, good-natured brother is just 17 or 18. But he is typical of the Filipinos in their 30's, probably due to a minimum amount of stress and anxiety in their reasoning (which is why they so often sing or hum to themselves).

Another striking example of youthfulness here is the rarity of bald men. While in the U.S. more than half of men over 60 are bald, here I have frequently visited big towns without seeing evidence of local baldness, even in very old men.

All of which raises the question: Is baldness primarily a stress-and-societal thing or an inheritance-genes thing? Another prime example here of a lessened stress-and-fear factor occurs when (extremely frequent) major hurricanes arrive. But here, when a typhoon is imminent, local folks stay so calm about it, as if it's just another windy day. All of which seems to be due to their unshakeable trust in the mighty sky spirits (especially as a typhoon, stress and danger protector).

Indeed, more and more I've come to realize that Western Culture knows less about the spiritual world now than the Far East knew and practiced thousands of years ago. Most of our Western knowledge is still stuck in an elementary-TV-(Tube View)-"spooky-ghost" level of spirit-connection.

Here, focused on the might of GOOD SPIRITS, I have SEEN MANY hurricane-level storms suddenly turn away before causing major damage.

Indeed, last December (about a week before Christmas) was the topper, when my computer tracked a huge (Category 2, 110-mile-per-hour) hurricane close by and headed DIRECTLY for this area, a storm powerful enough to cause much damage to my Zion House and the surrounding area. And so I again prayed for the safety of this beautiful place, ominously nestled here in what seems to be "typhoon alley" (on the north coast of the Philippines).

But AGAIN there came a SUDDEN turning away of the monstrous storm, an abruptly miraculous turn that directed Typhoon Dolphin harmlessly out into the Philippine Sea. Thank you AGAIN, MIGHTY NATURE-PROTECTING HOLY SPIRITS!

And after all this, can you blame me if I now subscribe to the local Asian philosophy of: "What's the use of worry?"

Especially after witnessing that extraordinary OMEN that happened a few days ago, when I was stressing about forgetting to leave a light on at night (for security).

Like most Americans I worry about getting robbed, admittedly a bit stressed about getting my car or motorcycle stolen (especially here where most are too poor to own a vehicle, or even a TV).

So there I was at midnight, lying in my bed thinking: "I forgot to turn on the kitchen light for security. So, get up Jesse, play it smart and illuminate the house and yard with some light."

But as I looked into the pitch-black darkness outside my bedroom window, before I could even turn on a light, this IS what happened:

Suddenly, outside my window, before my eyes, my van safety-flasher-light starts flashing the tail-lights, on and off, on and off! BUT HOW COULD THIS BE HAPPENING, when the safety-flasher can only be turned on by a button inside my LOCKED van?!  

And when I went outside to check it out, no one was around, and YES, the van was securely LOCKED. Somehow, apparently as a signal of a GOOD SPIRIT'S presence, the vehicle's SAFETY-flasher had been suddenly turned ON! TRUE STORY!

Yet another example of a SPIRIT-ANGEL-PROTECTOR (even from typhoons), kindly telling me  (this time via a SAFETY-light): "Don't worry, WE ARE HERE, PROTECTING you. . ."

Yes, so many times I've witnessed such uncanny omens. Thus, like most people here in rural Southeast Asia, I try to stay somewhat worry-free, for there IS a calm invincibility about these people, a spiritual power that I first witnessed long ago, after being drafted to go to Vietnam.

And ultimately I'm learning how this phenomenon works as a mighty BODY-GOD, surely connected to the mysterious "IT" that I often write about, the spirit-linked "IT" that can create, guard, heal and renew us. . . whereby hopeless worry becomes increasingly useless, and "time" becomes increasingly timeless. . .                                  

Indeed, important studies have shown that even babies in the womb can be brain-damaged by the mother's high-blood-pressure worrying, so PLEASE don't worry, but instead be healing, uplifted and happy. . .

Jesse is presently on a sabbatical in the Philippines, thereby not readily available for his Hawaii Island seminars. He can be communicated with in Asia (to answer any questions about true rejuvenation) by emailing     


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