Halo Produces Healthy Pet Treats
By Caroline Resnick



Halo, Purely for Pets, leading producer of holistic pet care products, announced the release of new Liv-A-Littles Healthsome TM Treats for cats and dogs. The treats include nutritional calories from lean meat proteins, whole gains, vegetables and fruit, not empty calories from corn.

With the new treats comes an introduction of Halo's first ever functional treats with benefits to address care issues. Low-Fat Veggie Pumpkin - unique, low fat, vegetarian peanut  'pumpkin biscuit.

Anti-Oxidant - made with cranberries, yogurt, pumpkin and green tea - all ingredients known for their anti-oxidants which help support a healthy immune system.

Skin and Coat - featuring Halo's signature natural food supplement DREAM COAT®, for skin and coat, made with omega oils and salmon.

The new Halo treats are budget friendly, with packages ranging from $3.99 to $5.99, available at Petco, Whole Foods, pet specialty and natural food stores and online at www.halopets.com


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