Ecoventura Rolls Out First "Green" Vessel
in the Galapagos
By Sara Widness



The visionary and small ship travel company, Ecoventura, announces that one of its fleet of four superior-class motor yachts now sports a new sustainability technology heretofore applied only to small private boats.

Ecoventura's M/Y ERIC has become the first hybrid energy tour boat in the Galapagos following a $100,000 installation of 40 solar panels and two wind turbines on the upper deck. The work included replacing canvas awnings with a hard fiberglass top for structural support.

The goal is for the solar panels and wind-powered generators to provide enough power to initially support approximately 17 percent of the energy, formerly produced by two carbon fuel-based generators. This project was financed through a partnership with Toyota, a supporter of the World Wildlife Fund. The target goal is to have full fleet implementation by 2011.

"We want to give our passengers the assurance that Ecoventura has taken every measure to ensure they enjoy a safe, thrilling adventure without harming the unique wildlife or the fragile environment of the Islands. We all live in this world and breathe the same air; the least we can do is try to preserve it for our children and the generations to come," says Santiago Dunn, president and owner of Ecoventura.

"The Galapagos Islands are a fragile and threatened ecosystem. Ecoventura continues to break new ground in responsible tourism in the Galapagos with its new hybrid energy technology. It is the hope that other cruise and tour companies will see the successful results and follow suit," Dunn says.

Ecoventura is a family-owned company based in Guayaquil, Ecuador, with sales offices in Quito and Miami. In operation since 1990, the cruise company transports 4,000+ passengers annually aboard a fleet of three expedition vessels.

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