“Wings to Freedom”
Youtube Challenge!
By Daniel Kogan



Himalayan Master Yogiraj’s vision is for “Earth Peace through Self Peace.” What is peace to YOU?  Show us Your Peace for a chance to win an all-expenses-paid trip to India — Pilgrimage and Mahashivratri Yoga Retreat with Himalayan Master Yogiraj at the Hamsa Yoga Forest Ashram near Pune, India.

Videos must be of original content. Submissions can be a maximum of four minutes in length (expanded from 90 seconds previously). See youtube.com/hamsayogi for official contest promo video and rules for how to enter. Contest beings June 15 and runs for 3 months.

Master Yogiraj will be visiting Southern California July 12-27.

For more information, please contact (866) YOGI-RAJ or dan@hamsa-yoga.org. Schedule details available at hamsa-yoga.org.


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